Asian countries are a blend of differences between cultures and habits. The styles are unique and different from each other. But one thing binds all in common – the style statements are mesmerizing and creative. If you are the bride-to-be and are searching for such youthful looks, these Asian wedding hairstyles can be of great help.

Their fashion looks are all sleek, chic, edgy, and elegant. With various looks and styles to check out, these Asian wedding hair looks surely make a great style statement for all young women out there who are looking forward to the big day.

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Trending Asian Wedding Hairstyles 2023:

If you are an Asian and are in search of a broad range of stylish wedding hairstyles, these hair makeovers can be amazing and stunning. Have a look at our favourite wedding hairstyles for Asian hair.

1. Asian Pink Floral Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair:

The wedding hair is the most prominent part of our appearance, and how about matching the hair to the wedding outfit? This above floral Asian wedding hair look is a perfect example. The lovely long hairstyle is matched in pink colour with floral accessories to deliver a charming and stylish feminine vibe. The hairstyle is exceptionally pleasing, elegant and graceful. So do give it a try!

2. Asian Hair Updos for Weddings:

This is among the most coveted hairstyle many girls and young women love. With the charming rolled up hair bun and floral sleek hairband accessory running around the crown, we quite love how elegant and stylish this appears. Those women who love to have the princess feel feminine grandeur appearance must not miss this look.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and round face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • These edgy looks can be perfect and ideal for women who have curly and wavy hair textures.

3. Vintage Puff Hairdo:

With the classic vintage hues and the old-school style statement, this saree hairstyle is lovely and popular in India. With the puffy vintage hairdo and the style adorned with hair accessories, this sleek and chic hairstyle looks both traditional and mesmerizing. For those festivities and celebrations, try this Asian bridal hairstyle, and you are sorted.

  • Women with oval, oblong and diamond face shapes can try this hairstyle.
  • This lovely edgy look can be perfect with women of wavy hair texture and curly hair.

4. Messy Traditional Hair Bun:

Another traditional and lovely hairstyle that is popular in many Asian and South Asian countries is here. This bridal look comes with a mesmerizing messy bun and wavy hair texture around the crown. With lovely earrings, maang tikka, and other hair ornaments, this look can further enhance a stunning and trendy appearance.

  • Women with oval and oblong face shapes can look beautiful here.
  • Try this hairstyle for those with any hair texture, as this can suit everyone. If you have long hair,
  • then this Asian wedding hairstyle can fit in well.

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5. Elegant Asian Bridal Hairstyle:

The easy and quick bridal hairstyle is here. With the half hair taken from both sides pinned at the back, we have rest half down with a wavy texture. Although this is a casual and simple hairstyle to try, adding hair accessories, pins and bands can enhance and upscale the stylish appearance effortlessly.

  • Women with diamond, heart, and oval face shape can try this out.
  • This lovely look can be perfect if you have a wavy hair texture or curly hair.

6. Bridal Braided Hairstyle:

The braid hairstyle is popular all around Asian regions and countries. This is the most sought after bridal look, for those who want a traditional and yet mesmerizing style statement. This messy braided look is adorned with beautiful white flowers, and paired with a bridal lehenga. You can also add artificial floral hair attachments and accessories to the look, depending on your choice.

  • This hairstyle can be ideal and versatile for women with any face shape.
  • Wavy and straight hair texture can be a perfect match to try this one out.

7. Bridal Neat Hair Hun:

The elegant hairdo is among the most famous yet timeless ever. For those brides who prefer to have edgy looks in bridal receptions or even Christian weddings, this updo can be amazing. With neat hair brushed and hair bun, floral attachments surrounded, this is lovely and yet amazing and simple. These kinds of hairstyles can be ideal for long dresses.

  • Women with any face shape can try this lovely Asian hair updos for weddings.
  • If you have smooth, straight or wavy hair texture, this hairdo can be an apt and good match.

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8. Messy Half Braided and Half Hair Down:

With several braided messy hairstyle variants going across the fashion world trends, we love how elegant and feminine this half braided hairstyle with half hair down can appear. With the messy look and overall sparkling trendy style statement, try this one out. Just like earlier hair makeovers, we have discussed, adding hair accessories and clippings even to this one can enhance the overall appearance. If you are searching for a bridal look for a wedding party, these Asian hairstyles can be the perfect choice.

  • Try this hairstyle if you have a round, heart, and oval face shape.
  • This edgy look can be tried out by any hair texture easily and effortlessly.

9. Afro Inspired Bridal Hairstyle:

African American also inspires Asian bridal hairstyle looks, especially the new-gen women who love contemporary and innovative looks prefer this one. If you are one among such, you can try this simple braided short hairstyle out. What do you think of it? This is an amazing and modern Asian wedding hairstyle for short hair.

  • Women with round and diamond or oblong face shapes can try this Asian wedding hairstyle.
  • Those with curly hair texture can be ideal and perfect in this look.

10. Asian Bridal Hair Updo with Pearl Accessories:

This bridal updo hairstyle with lovely hair accessories with pearl and band looks mesmerizing. For the new-gen women who love to have such drastic bridal transformation and heavy looks, the neat bun with hair attachments and matching jewelry can do the magic. The bun can be made thick and denser through hair extensions for better looks.

  • Women with oval, diamond and round face shapes can try this look
  • Wear this style for those with wavy and straight hair texture for better style.

11. Long & Simple:

Firstly, people like to go for a simple look. Hence we have brought you the simplest of all Asian hairstyles for wedding ceremonies which is the best also. This is a simple clasped long hairstyle that is almost suitable for all women. Long hair is the only necessity for this hairstyle. However, if your hair lacks length you can use extensions. Numerous bridal accessories can also be used to increase the beauty of this look.

12. Loose Updo Style:

Asians want their hair to be perfect on any occasion. When it comes to weddings, they love to have this updo look. Compared to other hairstyles this looks more sophisticated and adjusts the angles of the face. There is nothing better than an updo hairstyle styled in a classic manner.

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13. The Imperfect Up-do:

This hairstyle is a masterpiece and it needs time and patience to be styled. Though it looks rugged and shaggy, it takes a lot of effort to style the hair in this manner. This traditional bridal hairstyle looks great on women with long faces and thick-quality hair.

14. Textured Full Up-do:

This updo hairstyle is comparatively more textured than the previous ones and can be styled easily. The main trick is keeping the hair well clasped and intact as in this style the hair has a tendency to fall apart. You might also add a little touch of wavy layers to the hair to make it look even more beautiful.

15. Side Swept Bride Hair:

In this hairstyle, a part of the hair is brushed towards the right side (in the image). It can be a left side-swept hair as well. This look is simple and suitable for all face types. It can be easily maintained and styled.

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16. Veil And Tiara Hairstyle:

Veil and tiara are a must for giving an Indian woman the perfect bridal look. In this look, the mask and the headband capture the spotlight.

17. Long Curly Wedding Hair:

Curly hair on a wedding day will undoubtedly turn heads. In this hairstyle, long hair is a necessity. The hair grows into heavenly curls at the end and makes the whole wedding hairstyle for curly hair look magnificent.

18. Hairstyle With Flowers:

This is the second version of the flowery hairstyle. It has only a minute difference from the previous one. Here the flowers are attached on the back, while most of the hair is braided in a fashionable manner. This style is considered one of the best among South Indian wedding hairstyles.

19. Hairstyle With Flowers:

This hairstyle comes with cute pink flowers attached to the hair. The flowers are actually floral accessories. This adorable hairstyle will look good on all women with all hair types.

20. Curly Hair Bun Bridal Hairdo:

Finally, this lovely hair bun for those with curly hair is nothing less than amazing. Even with a frizzy or rough hair texture, you can make an amazing hairdo and add white floral accessories to it. Women who prefer to look minimal yet elegant in their style and trend mostly prefer this kind of hairstyle.

  • If you have an oval and oblong or diamond face shape, try this look.
  • Wear this style for any woman with curly and wavy or frizzy hair texture.

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For those women in Asian countries looking for those mesmerizing wedding hairstyles, these Asian wedding hairstyles and hairdos are inspiring and lovely. The bridal looks are versatile, and women across preferences can find their favourite one easily.


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