9 Beautiful New Bridal Hairstyles

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The big day is here and you have already slipped on into your lace detailed white gown. You wait patiently as your makeup is being done. Your heart is beating faster and faster with every split second and you’re wondering what to do and how to look the best for your big day.

new bridal hairstyle

At such a point of time, settling for a wrong hairstyle would ruin not only the look for the day but also the personality factor. But looking for the right kind of hairstyle during a tightly packed wedding day can be tough so always feel welcomed to take a cue or two from here.

Latest and Magnificent New Bridal Hairstyles:

Let we have to look at the top 9 new bridal hairstyle.

The veiled Bun:

New bridal hairstyles 1

A bridal look is not complete without the veil they say and just to please your grandma, this time listen to her and go for the veil. The veil adds a touch of personal feeling while the soft low bun hanging behind it adds a touch of flavor to the wedding girl’s already precious look.

The Vintage Swirls:


This is a rather new touch to your already satin gown you will be sashaying in. For this you might need professional help. With the help of a roller or a curler create the vintage swirl on one side clear and prominent. For the other side, create a smaller less distinguished swirl. Now leave the rest into a tie or a bun.

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The Buffed Pin ups:


With a sweetheart neckline and a bunch of white roses in your hand this is the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. Start by sectioning your hair in two. The lower section ends up in a low pony. For the upper section, leave equal locks on the front and tease the rest of the hair properly. Now loop it within the pony. The side locks will then be rolled and pinned along with the pony for the look.

The Side Bun:

The side bun is a classic go to hairstyle for all the quirky brides out there. Here you have to start by segregating individual locks for the bun. Use a soft front touch to the front locks with a loosened lock pinned properly. Now take the individual locks and roll up them up to form a bun. Use proper pins to avoid mishaps.

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Keeping it Free:

new hairstyle2

Now a good set of hair always does not have to be tied up, prim and proper. You can easily use the bump it form or the teasing for the crown to add volume to your look. Tease only the mid section of your hair and then pin the front locks at the back of the head. Now gather the front section and tie it into a messy bun.

The Under veil:


Now veil is the family norm but you want to showcase the beauty of your hairdo. Let’s settle for a mutual decision where the veil and the hairdo both slays. Use a big matted head of bun at your back and then very carefully introduce the veil underneath for better hair.

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The High Bun:


Here is a great taste of hairstyle that you can opt for in your wedding look. Brush your hair thoroughly and tie it in a high pony. Now roll up the hair to form smooth curls and then tie it into a bun.

The Embellished Look:

new hairstyle8

This time try for a rather beautiful braid with beautiful spiral embellishments that would go great with your beautiful white gown. You can even try using soft laces to cover up for the embellishments.

The Chic Bun:

new hairstyle

Here is an easy hairstyle for a wedding day. If extravagance is not your thing try opting for this simple yet chic bouffant pony.

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