30 Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair With Pictures

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Love the wavy haircuts, don’t we? It’s between the naughty curls and the straight Jane look, but who doesn’t want to be wild yet innocent at the same time, maybe once in a while. So lets have fun with the frizzy and wavy hair, and make the crown look glorious, earning accolades from the men-folk around and the envy from women too.

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Best Haircuts For Wavy Hair With Images:

Here are our best 30 Wavy Hairstyles along with pictures for you to try out and rock the day. Take a look and get working on them.

1. Different Wave Curls For Women:

Keep the hair falling straight on your sides and the back, and use your curling iron for an added effect at various lengths. Take a few cute clips and pins to secure the sides, and blow dry the hair for a little volume at minimum temperature. The innocent long flowing wavy hairstyles would resemble the waterfalls in slow motion.

2. Long Curly Hairstyle For Wavy Hair:

best Wavy hairstyles 2

You could even comb all your hair to one side, and have a large butterfly clip placed on the other. The hair that falls on one side, could be left as it is, go for the messy look and that saves you from a bad hair day too. This is one of the very simple hairstyles for wavy hair with long length hair that is perfectly suitable for girls.

3. Side Parted Wavy Hairstyle:

best Wavy hairstyles 3

The waves can be controlled further when you tie it into a high end pony tail. From the noose of the pony tail knot, make ten different sections and curl them up. You may blow dry them or leave it for ten minutes to take a shape of its own. Remember, wavy hair has a mind of its own and it will bring around a style which you can name as you like. In the end, the curls would fall from the noose, and you have a brand new style statement too.

4. Simple Back Waves:

bestWavy hairstyles 4

Make a high end pony tail and culminate all the hair into a bun. Now the loose ends that remain can be played with. Use tiny clips in various colours to accessorize around the bun, and place a small fresh flower in the middle. The loose ends now can be combed flat to fall across the back of the head. You can wear this type of wavy hairstyles for all type of functions with any type of dressing styles.

5. Wavy Buffon Hairstyle:

Take your hair into three separate parts, the front, the mid and the back. The front can be ironed out for flatness, while you take the hair in the middle and style it with mousse to give it volume, a la Buffon created. Now the back is what you should curl upwards and pin it under the Buffon. It gives the head a large volume and the waves in the middle resembles a mini nest, which can be accessorized accordingly.

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6. Easy Curls With Wavy Hairstyle:

best Wavy hairstyles 6

This is the simplest hairstyle for wavy hair. For the quick wavy look, comb your hair with a middle portioning. On both sides use curlers at various lengths and blow dry for a minute. Remove the curlers and brush once, and then leave them to fall free. Waves on either side guaranteed, chic and trendy too.

7. Wavy Hairstyle For Medium Hair:

Fed up of the long hair in front, chop it off and make a fringe or bangs if you please. Let the sides remain as it is and the behind long. Crimp the hair with styling gel on the sides and behind, and let them fall free. Quick and easy look for a Sunday morning to church or an event this evening. This is one of the most popular haircuts for wavy hair with medium hair that looks awesome.

8. High Hairstyle With Wavy Hair:

best Wavy hairstyles 8

This is one of the different hairstyles for wavy hair that is perfectly suitable for middle age women with medium length hair.Gather all your hair to the right or the left, and let the waves fall. The beginning which would be the root to the mid of the hair should be crimped, while the rest should be messy and unkempt. The perfect look for a night out at the bar with the girls.

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9. Wavy Hairstyle With Bangs:

Fringe and fall with the hair in bangs over your forehead and left loose on the sides and the back. This makes a casual look over a cup of hot brew. Accessorize the mid section with a bow or a few pins in varied colours and shapes.

10. Wavy Hairstyle For Short Hair:

Play Jedi for the evening. Gather your hair on either sides and make two plats. You can circle the plats on either sides and use mini planes or jets as clips. Makes a futuristic look come alive in a matter of minutes. To keep the hair in place, water with a little gel works wonders. This is one of the very simple and easy haircuts for wavy hair with very short hair that is more alluring.

11. Different Wavy Hairstyles With Curls:

The corporate event demands high styling. For this you could spare the iron rods and curling irons, go natural. What you could do is condition your hair well with an egg for volume and allow it to dry naturally. With your fingers take a little leave on conditioner and crimp the hair at various lengths, throwing either a side parting or a middle one for extra sexiness.

12. Simple Wavy Straight Hairstyles:

Gather your curling irons and make twenty sections of your hair, from the front to the back. Place each section in the iron for two minutes and not more, and then let them loose. Easy and nonchalant curls would form, yet they wouldn’t be curled enough or in ringlets. However, the look would be loud and party types.

13. Back Frizzes For Wavy Hair:

best Wavy hairstyles 13

Place curling irons across every section of your hair for two minutes, and not more. Once the hair is loosened one at a time, let the ringlets fall all over, allow the hair in front to stay wavy and unkempt for the school girl look. No doubt you can make this type of simple hairstyles for wavy hair with back curls at home easily with out hard preparation.

14. Short Wavy Curling Hair:

Brush your hair while dividing it front to back and on the sides. Use a straightening iron from the roots to the mid, and then allow the rest of the hair to get crimped. This hairstyle for wavy hair is so sexy and cool would be the look.

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15. Stand Up Hairstyle For Wavy Hair Girls:

best Wavy hairstyles 15

Play with flowers, make a bun and use a hair piece to start out from the high end bun. The front should be flat while the sides should be gathered along with the hair on the back for a bun. From the bun the hair piece should fall out. It could be straight hair or wavy curls, your wish. Accessorize the falling hair with clips and bands of varied colours.

16. Knotted Haircut For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 16

Who you see here is the ever perfect Nina Dobrev making her appearance at the People’s Choice Awards. The up do is intricate even though it doesn’t look like it. The braiding passes through the middle and her hairstyle is wavy with twists that will easily arouse your interest. It is one of those wavy hairstyles perfect for medium length hair, ranging from wavy to curly all the way.

17. Retro Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 17

The flawless chic style that you see here is another of the retro flair that you will love, particularly if you are to wear it for special occasions like weddings, proms, theme parties and so on. We can almost imagine you in an evening length long gown to match your look. You don’t even need any special styling skills for this one. It is already perfected and the cold waves take it to another level.

18. Bouncy Waves Hairstyle:

Wavy Hairstyles 18

When you want easy hairstyles for wavy hair, this one is a classic that has won the hearts of many, including teenagers and young adults alike. The bouncy touch to the curls are absolutely flattering for literally all facial shapes, except the broad ones, who would and should want to avoid the excessive volume on the sides. The curls are very feminine and appealing at the same time and you love what you see here.

19. Side Fishtail Hairstyle For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 19

The hairstyle for wavy hair women that you see here is exceptionally great, particularly when you want a beachy vibe to your hair. It will not only add flare to your locks, but also allow you to add natural beauty to your hair. Try a fishtail braid and then the rest is easy. You just have to pin it back like the girl in the picture has. That small change is all that makes the difference in the end.

20. Curly Ponytail Side Braided Hair Style:

Wavy Hairstyles 20

When you are looking for simple hairstyles for wavy hair, this one will suffice for sure, even so if your hair is more inclined towards the curly texture. While curls themselves are beautiful, but hard to maintain, and at times like that, you can guarantee yourself a good makeover that will keep your strands in place with this braided hairstyle. Even the longest day won’t wear this hairstyle out.

21. Bob Haircut For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 21

The trick when it comes to bob haircuts for wavy hair are reducing the overall bulk and making your hair look thinner. This hair style is perfect and easy and leaves behind a bouncy effect to your hair. This is one of the best choices for everyone who wishes to look great even with the thickest of hair in the light. Some hair spray and crunching added to that will do justice to this wavy hairstyle and for good.

22. Side Swept Bangs:

Wavy Hairstyles 22

The hairstyle that you see here is very easy to do, even when you are sitting idle at home or when you are running out of time. Few minutes in front of the mirror and you will be done with this hairstyle. To start, twist your hair to the back and pin it up. Allow your face to be covered up by the bangs, so that it looks perfect without trying too hard. Short hair people will love this style of wavy bangs, since it is so easy to work with.

23. Side Braid Hairstyle:

Wavy Hairstyles 23

If the previous wavy hairstyle brought to light a more ‘on your face’ look, this one here aims to put out a very cute long wavy hairstyle out on the stands, with the braids stealing the show. This is one of the evergreen wavy hairstyles for girls with medium hair that is more alluring.

24. Half Twist Hairstyles For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 24

Hairstyles for wavy hair women involve this one next, the layers first on the sections to reduce the thickening volume appearance of your strands and then the right length parting to allow your curls to stay in place. This one is a fun hairstyle to rush to, no matter what the occasion for the day.

25. Messy Bun With Waves:

Wavy Hairstyles 25

You might be in love with your original natural texture, but when you need a break from all that styling, and curls get exhausting to manage and keep up with, this style will save you from all the frizz fighting and hassle. The bun is not just classy, but also stays in place because of your messy hairstyle.

26. Pompadour Bangs For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 26

Wavy haircuts are all around and if you have bangs but you can’t manage them anymore, then you know this hairstyle is for you. When they are hard to blend in, this style, by pulling them all backwards is a perfect idea for the situation.

27. Shaggy Bob Haircut For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 27

This is one of the best and finest haircuts for wavy hair with medium length hair which is more beautiful. Medium bob cuts don’t always need to be boring and the same old exhausting ones. This hairstyle is a clear standing example of the same. Dry your locks once you wash them, thereafter, texture the strands with some mousse while your hair is damp. Add some highlights if you will to add texture and dimension to your locks.

28. Wavy Milkmaid Braid:

Wavy Hairstyles 28

Take a hint from Vanessa Hudgens, who has left us in awe with those tresses and locks and is rocking the sloppy braid like a pro. Quite the trend the ombre along with with the braid is, so her whole look should be an encouragement to you.

29. Vintage Up Do For Wavy Hair:

Wavy Hairstyles 29

Thick hair is perfect for this messy touch vintage up do. You can add curls if you want to enhance the whole look, but overall it is very simple to implement and the looser, the better.

30. Wavy Short Hair Cut:

Wavy Hairstyles 30

This one can be an ideal prom hairstyle if you have wavy strands. The hair is beachy and wavy, mixed with chic and casual at the same time together.

While you love your long curls leaving them open is quite a mess, isn’t it? With these 30 best hairstyles for wavy hair, not anymore! We hope you found these simple wavy styles interesting. Do share with us your style mantras as well; sharing is caring, isn’t it!!