Top 26 Blonde Hairstyles

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“Blonde hair, don’t care” is a popular saying. With blonde hair coming into fashion with the advent of Marilyn Monroe, it has grown increasingly popular over the ages. With dyes becoming more and more common, this hair color shade is the hot pick of the season. The types of blondes that are most common are- platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, ash blonde, dirty blonde, golden blonde and streaked blonde. Of these, platinum blonde is extremely rare. Pick the any of the hairstyle that best suits you and improve your personal style with your blonde hairs.

Blonde hairstyles Main

Blonde Hairstyles:

This article lists the top 26 blonde hairstyles that are trending this season.

1. The Short Graduated Blonde Layers Look:

This look is best meant for those that have strawberry blonde to platinum blonde hair. This hair is a short crop that is almost pixie like in nature and highlights the sharp features of the face. The graduated layers make the hair look longer in front although it gets shorter at the back.

2. The Uncombed Straight Blonde Hair Look:

This look has been popularised by actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz. This hairstyle suits all types of blonde hair. For those with long straight hair, this uncombed caressed blonde hair look is one that is chic, yet looks formal.

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3. The Side Braid Blonde Hair Look:

Side Braid Blonde Hair

This is a look that was all the rage in high school. This hairstyle is easy to maintain. To achieve this look, make braids on the sides of the head, near the temples, and draw them out back, attaching them in one place at the back. This is easy to maintain and barely takes a few minutes to make. It looks classy and stylish.

4. The Blonde Messy Curls Beach Look:

Blonde hairstyles 4

This look is for those with naturally curly hair. This look has been popularized through shows like Baywatch and 90210. This look can be achieved by showering and letting the hair dry. It gives a messy loose curls look that is reminiscent of beaches.

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5. The Simple Straight Blonde Ponytail:

Blonde hairstyles 5

For those with straight blonde hair that is long, this look is the easiest. The hair can be simply tied up into a high ponytail to get this look. This keeps the hair off the face yet keeping the look stylish.

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6. The Blonde French Plait With A Puff:

This hairdo is a little complicated compared to the others. This one is best for high profile parties. To get this look, brush the hair in front, and part into 3 sections. Slowly and lightly, back brush the three sections of the hair, one by one, and clip them at the back. Then take the three sections and make a French plait with them. And your look is complete!

7. The Sixties Posh Blonde Look:

Blonde hairstyles 7

This look was extremely popular in the sixties. This look is best meant for blonde hair. This is best meant for hair that has volume. To get this look, the hair needs to be cut into layers in front and kept straight at the back. The forehead is hidden behind irregular bangs. Very chic!

8. The Party Style Blonde High Knot:

This is a very stylish hairdo. This is best got done at the parlor than at home. To get this look, take the entire rope of hair and twist it. Then curl it on the crown of your head in the shape of a bow.

9. The French Knot Blonde Hairstyles:

This is an easy look. Just bunch up all the hair at the back and tie it loosely into a French knot!

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10. The Schoolmistress Bun Blonde Hairstyles:

This hairdo is consisting of hair that is carefully back brushed and drawn into a tight bun. Very easy to maintain!

11. Neck Length Waves Blonde Hairstyles:


The neck length blonde waves are very popular hair styles. The best thing about this style is that you do not need to think a lot about your hairstyle style. Just apply a few drops of hair serum, let you hair waves free and you will be all set to go out. The hairstyle looks more beautiful with natural hair waves.

12. Teased Blonde Hairstyles:


If you like the voluminous blonde hairstyles, then this teased hairstyle is the best choice for you. It gives a high volume to the hair which makes you look more attractive. You can choose this style with the side bang to add some extra effectiveness in your personality.

13. Stylish Bun On The Crown Blonde Hairstyles:


Buns are very versatile style in the category of blonde hairstyle. The stylish messy bun on the crown add a classy touch to you appearance. The messy bun on the crown works well with the all types of outfits.

14. Low Pony Blonde Hairstyle:


It is one of the very easy to do hairstyles. The low pony blonde hairstyle gives you a very cute and pretty look. One can do this hairstyle with the side parting or with the center parting. One can use the hair accessories like – ribbon or laces to decorate the base of you pony tail.

15. Wavy Ponytail With A Braided Flower:


The Low pony tail always gives a classy look to a woman. The flower braided ponytail looks very unique and beautiful. Divide your hair horizontally in to two parts, make a low pony tail of the mower part of the hair and swirl the top part into a flower. Complete your look by keeping the lower waves loose.

16. Blonde Bun With Two Braids:


The traditional old style up do is complemented with the two beautiful braids. You can do the both braids on one side or can choose to keep the one on each side. The blonde bun with two braids will be enough to give you a sophisticated look to your personality.

17. Floral Up do Blonde Hairstyles:


The classy blonde up do can be easily complemented with the floral hair accessories. As it features the beauty of your blonde hair shades and as well the waves and curls of your hairs.

18. Long Fishtail Blonde Hairstyles:


The long fishtail braid looks very cute on the long blonde hair shades. To give a complete fishtail shape keeps the braid loose and messy.

19. Half Up Fishtail Blonde Hairstyles:


The half up fishtail braid gives you a look of a stylish diva. To do this hairstyle, simply divide your hair in two sections and make a fishtail braid of the top section and let the lower section of the hair free on your back.

20. Half Braided Bun Blonde Hairstyles:


Half up styles are very popular among the all woman’s can do this with the various styles. Do the braid of the half part of the hair, wrap and roll the braid in the bun, while set the half section of the hair flowing with the natural waves.

21. Bouncy Highlight Blonde Waves:


Whatever your age is, curls are always perfect for the any age group of woman. Curls never go out of fashion and the best part about this style is that they works with the hair of any length. To do this hairstyle, simply gather the hair bangs and pull them back with the long spiral curls.

22. Braided Seashell Up do Blonde Hairstyles:


Braids are never fading away, and that is the reason we can style them with the different ways. The braided seashell up do is very cute and beautiful. There is lots of option to do the braids and can style them according to your outfit. The cute braided seashell up do can add a bling to your personality.

23. Top Knot Blonde Hairstyles:


The top knot blonde hairstyle is something to do creative with your bun. The top knot hairstyle can be done with the tight bun or with the messy bun also. Give yourself some unique look with this top knot bun.

24. Side-Swept Blonde Hairstyle:


Side swept blonde hairstyle is very famous among the young girls specially. The hairstyle works best with the sleek straight blonde color hairs but it also goes well the wavy hairs also. The side-swept hairstyle is very easy to do and perfect for the any event.

25. Blonde Layered Hairstyle With Bangs:


The Layered blonde hairstyles with the bangs are in great demand in these days. When you want to show off you long waves, try out the layered hairstyle with your blonde hair color shades. Let the bangs fall on your face that can make you to look pretty in your ensemble.

26. A-Line Bob Blonde Hairstyles:


The blonde A-Line Bob is the most popular hairstyle nowadays and the best part about this is that is never goes out of the fashion. The A-line bob gives a voluminous effect to your hairs. You can do this with the layers and waves of your hairs. The hairstyle is very classy that can enhance your natural appearance.

Blonde hair looks very attractive and is the easiest to style, as light colored hair is very adaptable. Try out these looks at home and watch heads turn! Blonde color hairs are perfect to do the hairstyle experiments. There a lots of styles for the long blonde hairs. They do get a lot of consideration. One can look beautifully different with the latest stylish hairstyle. Whether you have the short hair or long curly blonde hairs a perfect hairstyle can make you to stand out from the crowd. If you have the long hair but don’t want to alter your style then you can give a try to these trendy hairstyles. There are lots of stylish and trendy hairstyles options to do with the blonde hair color shades, which can gives you an elegant appeal and make you to get the appreciations for your beautiful hairs

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