29 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The world is a beautiful place when you have been given a chance at turning a beautiful flesh into a beating heart. For a greater portion, a women’s struggle to turn pregnancy into a beautiful feeling is unfathomable. Pregnancy is a very simple gesture that takes months to perfect itself, that takes up an undauntingly courageable woman to dedicate the best nine months of her life to go through the sleek and slender rules cut to perfection before the perfection itself is welcomed to the world.

29 Weeks of Pregnancy

A pregnancy is a matter of time, the thin line when a woman steps into motherhood. She stands on the edge of these two roles and with the passing of every month she takes yet another step towards being a mother. However no matter how much pure and quintessential it might be, the perils of pregnancy are always set on the difficult level especially if this is your first time trying for babies. Hence predicted, it takes the two to make a decision of it.

Once decided there is a short span of time when the sperm collides with the egg fertilizing it as it starts to form a blastocyst, which is an egg fertilized for a few days. This egg now travels through the fallopian tubes and drops into the ovary. Unless this blastocyst attaches itself to the placenta, the pregnancy process does not really kick start. The next set of events unfolds the embryo stage which is now basically a muddled form of alien flesh with an irregular shape. Then the embryo starts taking shape into a big headed fetus.

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Eventually the body levels out to the proper size and after a hard working nine months the little ball of sunshine stares at you with cute little button eyes. Before this there are nights of no sleep and morning sickness compiled with strong emotions and increasing appetite. For some mothers there might be skin conditions like acne or spots which are popularly known as the mask of pregnancy. However with time the mother eases into her new body and she relaxes into her new gown of motherhood.

The nine month span is in medical term counted as 40 weeks. This is to ensure the regular monitoring of the baby is done accordingly. These 40 weeks are grouped into the first second and third trimesters each trimester dealing with the baby and the mother. The first trimester deals with the baby’s formation and the second and third deals with the development. This way the baby slowly grows and nourishes itself inside of the mother until the final day approaches.

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Biting News:

At around this time the baby’s teeth buds to her future permanent teeth set is developing slowly. This is the highlight news of week 29 when the teeth buds finally start growing. Now you can easily make dream about your baby’s little pearly whites and how he will look in it. However the teeth formation is not yet seen and it is known to take some good amount of time. These buds are still sensitive and soft as cotton but this is the baby step to a strong gum later.


By now the baby has learned to hiccup which is really cool for an unborn inside your stomach. Her internals are developing which is the cause of her reflex actions like blinking or hiccupping. This is however not a discomfort for either the mother or the child.


By the 29th week the formations of genitals have already becoming prominent and distinct. For a boy his testicles by now has slithered down to the scrotum which by now is complete and waiting for the testicles. For a girl her clitoris is perfectly visible now which is because of the lack of labia lips which are yet to form.

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By the 29th week your baby is 39 cm in length with a proper three pound weight. Since the ovaries can expand just so much, the baby now feels a little cramped. He is now grown in his body and his mind has developed enough to make him feel stuffed inside the decreasing space. This is why the baby is now showing a lot of movements which you can feel inside. There might be occasional kicks and punches and slight taps which is the baby craving for more space.

Adrenal Glands:

The 29th week marks the baby’s adrenal gland production and along with it starts the hormone productions. These hormones especially the androgen and estrogen stimulate milk production in the mother’s body. The mother at around this time goes through changes too.

Eat Right:

The baby’s nutritional needs are growing with time and now he consumes more and more from you. With his growing needs this is the time the nutrition absorbs in him so be extra careful as to what goes in your stomach. This is the perfect time for you to eat the right nutrition and in more quantity.

Heart Burn:

At around this time some of your old friends heart burn and constipation. This is a simple pregnancy deal and has nothing to do with the baby. It is just the body’s hormonal productions that need to be controlled. Along with this might come the slow indigestion problem which is because of the pregnancy hormone progesterone  which relaxes the muscle tissues, the reason why indigestion might set in.

Hypotensive Syndrome:

At around this time a certain woman may feel a condition called hypotensive syndrome. Your blood pressure varies either high or low complied with a bad back ache. Hemorrhoids are common too since your lower abdomen goes through a lot of pressure.

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