The 16th week of pregnancy is rather an exciting phase. The mother now experiences a host of changes that were not seen before. In fact, now you can even feel the movement of the baby! Isn’t that exciting? The baby also begins to grow significantly, and the growth rate increases at least by an inch every week. 16 weeks pregnant fetal development is rather significant. Take a look at the other things you need to know when in this phase.

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Which Month and Trimester is it at 16 Weeks Pregnant? What is its Weight?

16 weeks pregnant baby size is about the size of an avocado! You are three months and three weeks pregnant. You are in the second trimester. The second trimester will last up to 28 weeks. Your baby will be about 4.6 inches long and will weigh 3.5 ounces.

What to Think About This Week:

It is hard for you to believe that you are into the 16th week of your happy pregnancy. From this month on, you will find your little one moving inside your womb. Besides this, you can also experience more ticklish feeling from their new growing hair and the sac expanding. This week you will think about the weeks that you have crossed with such expertise. Besides, you will also look back and feel happy about your child’s progress and the way everything is looking up. Checkups and the wait for reports will keep your mind occupied as well. All in all, your step into the second trimester so far is going well, and you can expect better times to come.


Fetal Development of the Baby:

This week is important for the baby in the context of the baby’s weight. This week, the baby starts to gain weight finally and is gaining weight. This is not a bad thing as long as the baby is not overweight. The body of your baby will now start being a lot more reliant on itself; therefore aiding in development that is unique to this week.

There are significant increases in the baby’s development during this week, and some of these developments are quite unique; some of these developments are-

1. Size:

Your baby at 16 weeks will be almost 4-1/2 inches long and weighs almost 4 ounces. That is double the size compared to 4th and 5th week of pregnancy. This is a significant growth where your baby is now big enough to move around in the belly freely as most of their limbs have developed completely by this time. At the end of pregnancy, your baby will be a proper size of exactly around 6-1/2 inches long, and the miracle is that the baby will grow significantly after the few weeks of their birth.

2. Genitals:

You can ask the doctor to check to see whether the fetus is either a boy or a girl because, at this point, the genitals are fully developed allowing the doctor to determine the gender of your baby. The genitals allow for a perfect urination system, also allowing the baby to have a fully functioning kidney system. The genitals are the most important development in the 16th week.

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3. Lungs:

The baby can now breathe on its own, inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid around them. The lung developments are also a great development in regards to the 16th week of pregnancy. The lungs are the most important parts of the body in line with the heart and the brain. No matter what we all need, our lungs heart and brain to survive; thus, lung development is of great importance during this week.

4. Eye:

The visual sensors of baby likewise enhance this week, making the baby gently touchy to light. Ultrasounds show the baby covering its eyes with its hands when there is too much light. Babies become uncomfortable because of strong light as visual sensors are still developing. As the eyes are medium through which your baby can see the universe; thus, the development of visual sensors is equally important.

5. Movement:

During the first 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, the movement of baby is natural, and if you feel your baby’s early movement during this stage, then you are lucky. As the baby grows they move, thus growth makes them push on the space walling them in, therefore the movement.

6. Fat:

Also during this week, your baby starts developing fat under the skin which acts as some kind of insulation system keeping the baby safe and warm. It also acts as a source of nutrition and strength for the baby as they grow every day. Though the fat increase in your baby’s body will make you feel uncomfortable, understand that because of this, your baby is now going to be stronger than ever.


Sixteen Weeks Pregnant: Signs and Symptoms

A host of new changes happen to both the mother and the baby at this point in time. Here is what happens to the mother, both physical and physiological.

1. Increase in Breast Size:

During this week, the breast size will increase as the milk glands will start production, and blood flow will also increase, causing the veins to pop up where they were not visible before. Your breasts are now growing to support the active milk glands, which shall be the only source of nutrition for your baby when they are born. To keep everything working well for you and overcome stretch marks, wear a comfortable bra, that allows your breasts to breathe. Do make sure you keep olive oil or Vitamin E around for massage. The veins of your breasts show up as well, making your pregnancy more obvious, but then again, this one is absolutely normal as well, and you do not need to stress yourself at all. Although the symptoms usually tend to go away on their own, the best way to reduce the pain is to apply ice packs and cooling bags. Drinking lots of water help the soreness as well. A loose bra should help relax the breast tissues and give them more room to breathe, relaxing the soreness.

2. Increasing Waistline:

Because of the growth of baby, your waistline will further grow this week. The small baby bump is now a significant bulge and makes you analyze that your baby is growing. The waistline just develops to keep the baby comfortable while it grows. Due to the uneasy feeling in its legs, the baby might start kicking. At this time the baby’s arms have grown long to the extent of their body it is just a short time that the legs get up to speed. It is absolutely impossible you can prevent from your pants not fitting you any longer, however investing in some maternity garments immediately, since that will keep your necessities tended to for the following couple of months to come.

3. Back Pain:

An increase in back pain is also another symptom of the 16th week of pregnancy. Back pains occur daily and are caused primarily by the increasing waistline. The increasing waistline causing a strain on your backbone that in turn causes unwanted back pain. At this point, the back pain will make you feel tired and lethargic. While it sure can irritate you, a moderate amount of exercise will keep you going.

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4. Stretch Marks:

The sixteen pregnancy symptoms become more apparent with the stretch marks that you will start to develop. The uterine walls stretching capacity comes, and the baby bump grows beyond the tolerance limit, and hence it has to conform itself, i.e. extend itself to fit the baby inside growing every day. However, the body not being good to this kind of outrageous adjustment subjects to wear and regularly tear, resulting in stretch marks in the lower mid-region. You can use Aloe Vera and other vitamin A supplements to keep your skin hydrated. This will keep away the stretch marks even.

5. Increase in Appetite:

This period of time makes you literally hungry most of the time and leaves you craving for food. You literally develop the powers of gulping down every food in sight. However, overeating can be a major health issue as you are now feeding for two, and also it might make you gain weight like crazy. However, you can easily curb this desire of eating by keeping a big box of nuts around since they can add nutrition to your diet whilst filling your appetite requirements. Keeping yourself busy in a variety of activities might also provide a healthy distraction.


16th Week Activities:

For the 16th week, you have begun the second trimester well. This week activities might make it seem like everything is in place. A few things, however, that will define your ongoing activities will be medical tests, those to keep your health and your baby’s development in check should be bookmarked or noted down. Aside from that, the constant change in weight and pressure in your case should be kept in check throughout. Now that your baby is growing, his heartbeat and your overall health will be checked as well.

Baby Position in 16 Weeks Pregnant Belly:

At this stage, your baby can hold its head upright. Its legs are much developed, and the eyes and ears are in place. His/her head will also be more erect than earlier times.


Diet and Exercise for the 16th Week:


1. Water:

Strange as it may seem, you need water to help keep your bowel movements in check. Now that your baby bump is showing, you need more of that to keep both you and your little one hydrated. If you fear to bloat, you can obviously binge on fruits like watermelon, which are high on their liquid content and equally helpful as water for your body.

2. Protein:

Indulging in protein-rich food will only lead to health benefits that you want to involve yourself with. Protein in your diet includes meat, eggs, lentils, nuts, to name a few.

3. Raw Fruits and Vegetables:

Raw fruits and vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, and beets should be included in your diet. As they are rich in fibre and fatty acids, sodium content products should be avoided, such as pickles and olives.

4. Iron:

To develop your little one, you require a lot of red blood cells; thus, foods rich in iron like spinach, lean meat, pulses, and banana should be included in your diet. Avoid drinking tea or coffee right after having a food rich in iron as they absorb iron from your body.

5. Smoothies:

If you are fed up with eating a whole meal and feeling tired, then drink juices and smoothies of various fruits like kiwis, oranges, etc.



1. Pelvic Stretches:

To have a normal delivery, nothing works better than pelvic stretches. They keep your flexibility maintained and give you more reasons to keep that high horse of a smooth pregnancy up.

2. Squat:

Squats are the second most popular exercise among pregnant women. You can use support to squat and relax the pelvic and thigh muscles in turn.

3. Yoga:

Yoga is at least somewhat safe as it upgrades your body flexibility and enhances your power, thus keeping your mind and body stable when the delivery time comes.

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4. Pelvic Rest:

Use a cushion to balance your centre of gravity. This exercise gives your pelvic area the rest it needs, thus giving you better flexibility overall.

5. Walking:

When there is pregnancy, most women swear by the benefits of walking. To stop gaining fat and to become more flexible start walking in lawns or the parks.


Sex during Pregnancy in 16th Week:

Your sexual life can undergo a complete change after your pregnancy; however, know this- sex is still safe even standing on the mark of 16th week. You might happen to lose interest in intimacy owing to your unusual symptoms and worrying about the risk, but know this that there is nothing to worry about at this stage.

What are the Precautions to Take During 16 Weeks Pregnancy?

  • You are vulnerable still as a new mom-to-be and need all the rest and support while you still can.
  • Be fully aware of the bodily changes that might happen to you. Make peace with it. Also, stress can take over you at any point. Prep yourself up now.
  • Everyone’s pregnancy is different. Do not let anyone’s symptoms stress you out. Talk to your doctor about what is bothering you instead to clear the air better.
  • Start shopping for your little one as it makes you stress-free from the responsibilities of deciding the name.
  • Aim for about 30 minutes of exercise every day. It would help to consult your doctor and work out an exercise routine for you.
  • Your morning sickness by now would have gone. Thus, you can focus on eating healthy.
  • You may also have sweet cravings often. Grab for fruit or yogurt instead of your regular candy bar.


What are the Risks to Face During 16 Weeks Pregnancy?

  1. Ideally, you should feel the movement of your baby at as sixteen weeks of pregnancy symptoms. If you do not feel any movement even after 12 hours, it is time you go to a doctor.
  2. Your risk of miscarriage is much lower in the second trimester. However, if you notice spotting or bleeding, do not ignore it. Rush to a doctor.
  3. You may also be a victim of nose bleed at 16 weeks pregnant. They are however harmless, but it you think it occurs often, you need to consult your doctor.


Medical Treatments and Checkup:

This week, there will be a call for an ultrasound to determine if everything is safe and sound; you might also have to take a test for information about chromosomal issues in your child. One of the most important tests that are carried out in the 16th week is amniocentesis. This is to determine if your child has Down’s syndrome. Apart from that, the usual symptoms from the previous month may follow. Hence, a few medicines to keep by your bedside are:

  • Aches and pains- Acetaminophen. Steer clear of ibuprofen and naproxen.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and loratadine. Avoid pseudoephedrine and decongestants like phenylephrine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan and guaifenesin.
  • Constipation- Metamucil and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  • Heartburn- Antacids and famotidine.


16 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect in Ultrasound?

Your baby at 16 weeks will be fully mobile with its joints and limbs. You will notice that it starts to make purposeful movements around the belly. Their reflexes would be developing and probably in a position to even suck its thumb. While their eyelids may be shut, their eyes will fully work.

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Checklists During 16th Week Pregnancy:

  1. If you have not started sleeping on your side, it is time you do so. This is good for the baby and you.
  2. This is the time you go for a babymoon! Ensure you have a good time. Take a trip with your partner or friends. The main idea is to feel relaxed and stress-free. So choose a destination accordingly.
  3. It is time you talk to your health care expert about the alpha-fetoprotein test.

16 weeks pregnant with twins means that each of your babies will measure about 12cm and head to bottom. Their bodies will grow faster than their heads. Remember to consume a lot of water and stay hydrated.


Tips for 16 Weeks Pregnant:

  • There might be rashes this week because of the changes in your body so far. They are manageable, provided something is done from the very start.
  • Choose soft cotton clothes like your maternity fabric for the coming weeks.
  • Continue with the stretching and exercise since they are a great way to relax.
  • Talk to your partner about each progress so that he feels involved.
  • This would be the right week to begin communicating with your little one.


Your morning sickness would have gone by now, and you should make use of the time to eat something healthy. You will also see an increase in your energy. However, changes in your moods may be apparent now. Remember to go with the flow and stay on the healthier side. This way, you and the baby will have a journey to remember.


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