Pregnancy is an essential phase of many woman’s life, they want to cherish every moment of it and eventually also make the most out of these nine months of constant change they experience in their life and body. During pregnancy you notice some of the other kind of change in the body every week, while some weeks the changes can be minimal there are weeks such as the fifth week of pregnancy when signs and symptoms are more noticeable. Let’s find out more about the developments in a woman’s body in the 5th week pregnancy.

How To Know If You Are Five Weeks Pregnant?

When weeks pregnant the body makes you aware of the situation by putting an end to your period circle. It’s not one or two weeks for you to think about them being irregular, five weeks and no PMSing is a very clear indication of being pregnant along with urinating more frequently and feeling tired.

How To Do A Pregnancy Test At Home For Five Week Pregnant?

A pregnancy test at home can be taken once you have made a list of all the signs your body is expressing. A pregnancy test kit is available at drugstores that are used to test and determine if you are pregnant or not. All you have to do is follow the instructions, a few minutes later the stick will show if you are pregnant or not, or if it was unable to determine.

Months Indicated At 5th Week Pregnancy:

At five weeks of pregnancy the baby is in the second month of its development phase. The mother as well as the baby are in the first trimester of pregnancy, a very crucial stage of pregnancy when the mother needs to pay good attention to all that they eat and avoid getting stressed as the baby is still too small.

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What Is The Size Of The Baby At Fifth Week Pregnancy?

At five weeks of pregnancy the size of the baby is very small, nearly the size of a sesame seed. It is still very early for the baby to start showing or seeing any kind of baby bump.

Symptoms Of 5 Weeks Pregnant:

At about five weeks of pregnancy the body starts reacting to all significant changes. That it is going through because of a new being growing inside. These signs are not to be missed in case a woman is still not aware about being pregnant or thinks that she could be pregnant. But isn’t completely sure about the same. Let’s discuss and find out about some of the most evident five weeks pregnant symptoms.

1. Fatigue :

Since the body is now catering to the sudden needs of another living being. The change in hormones and everything will leave you often feeling extremely exhausted.

2. Change In Breasts :

The shape of your breasts will start looking a bit different, some may see a certain amount of heaviness too. Your breasts are going through the changes essential for lactation.

3. An Uncontrollable Urine Journey Starts:

You will now frequently feel the need to use the washroom, you are often excusing yourself in middle of conversations because you need to urinate. It is one of the most common symptoms.

4. You Can Smell Everything :

Yes, the power of smelling indeed becomes higher in most cases. Women have and can have problems with the smell of anything being cooked, boiling milk, or even a perfume for that matter.

5. Morning Sickness :

waking up in the morning the sudden urge to rush to the washroom and just throw up is a part of pregnancy that most women go through. There are women who haven’t had morning sickness issues but more than often they do feel the urge to puke in the morning after they have woken up from their sleep.

6. Stomach Cramps :

Similar to when you are in your periods, you may experience abdominal cramps in the fifth week of pregnancy. Well your body is going through a lot and trying to fit in a baby inside while making sure it grows perfectly while your health too remains stable so having cramps is very obvious, once again there are chances of not every woman getting constant cramps.

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What Does A Five-Weeks Pregnant Belly Look Like?

Many women may think that they have already started showing in the 5 weeks pregnant belly. But the truth is that at this stage the fetus/baby is still just the size of a sesame seed. Which is nearly impossible to show through your stomach. The tummy growth you may see is due to bloating which is a common sighting in the early stages of pregnancy.

What Are The Changes That Take Place In A Pregnant Body At Five Weeks?

At 5th week pregnancy the body shows changes that cannot be ignored anymore. Some of the changes that one can notice in a pregnant body at five weeks are,

A) Sore Breasts :

By the fifth week of pregnancy an expecting mother starts feeling a slight pain and soreness in her breasts, this can start occurring in the fourth week itself.

B) Mood Swings :

Now this isn’t exactly a physical change but can lead to changes as due to constant mood swings you may either it too much at times or too little.

C) Smell Sensitive :

Since you can probably get a whiff of any and everything around you, even the slightest smell will seem extremely strong and even repulsive at times.

The Common Fetal & Physical Developments Of The Baby At 5th Week Pregnancy:

The body of a mother starts showing a lot of changes at five weeks of pregnancy because the fetus has already started developing into a baby at this stage. Some of the common fetal & physical developments of the baby at 5 weeks pregnant are,

  • Development Of Neural Tube :

It is the neural tube through which the brain, backbone, nerves and spinal cord will bud through, indirectly the most important part of the development of a human body.

  • Supply Of Oxygen And Nutrients :

While the neural tube is still in the process of development, the primitive placenta and umbilical cord are already doing the job of supplying the baby with the regular inflow of oxygen and all the necessary nutrients.

The Perfect 5th Week Pregnancy Diet – What To Eat And What Not To Eat?

Week five is part of the first trimester of the pregnancy. At this stage the baby has started accepting oxygen and nutrient supply. So eating food rich in nutrients is very important at this stage. Let’s check out the must haves and must not have of pregnancy diet.

a) Green Vegetables :

Eating spinach, kale and other green vegetables is a must as these vegetables contain a lot of minerals.

b) Dairy Products :

It is a well-known fact that dairy products are rich in calcium, proteins, folic acids and other nutrients. Thus including dairy products is important for 5 weeks pregnant care.

c) Nuts And Seeds :

Nuts and seeds are a quick and easy source of proteins, vitamins and nutrients that can be eaten on the go, a very good alternative always to keep handy.

d) Fruits And Other Vegetables :

All fruits and vegetables be it cooked or raw are very essential for our health. Because they consist of everything our body needs to survive.

e) Eggs And Poultry :

Eggs and poultry are other enriching sources of minerals and nutrients that can be consumed during the fifth week of pregnancy to give your body all it needs along with other notable sources.

Best Exercises To Indulge In At 5th Week Pregnancy:

In the fifth week of pregnancy it is important to have established a regular daily exercise regime, the aim is to make sure that you exercise regularly, but none of these exercises should be high-impact. You are exercising to stay fit and healthy and not to develop muscles or abs at this stage, so it is important to keep this fact in mind,

  • Water aerobics as they ensure you are not pressurizing your body too much yet having flexibility and exercising.
  • Swimming as yet again it is a good way to stay fit without any hardcore workout
  • Walking, brisk walking will also enlighten your mood. Getting out of the house and strolling in a park is very healthy.
  • Yoga! Yoga is undoubtedly one of the best ways to stay fit not just during pregnancy but also before and after pregnancy.

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Activities To Avoid And Indulge In At 5th Week Pregnancy:

It is important to consult a doctor and maintain a checklist of everything you can and can’t do during five weeks of pregnancy. Make sure you avoid any kind of hard impact exercises or activities, avoid any kind of stressful topics that can make your mood go sour in seconds.

Make sure to stay as happy and jovial as possible, surround yourself with good and healthy food. Indulge in regular low impact exercising. Stay stress-free and manage work at a low stressful pace.

Additional Tips For 5th Week Pregnancy:

While you are surely taking the best care of yourself at 5 weeks pregnancy, here are a few more tips to keep in mind to ensure you are in the best state and so is the baby,

  • Indulge in a hobby or activity that keeps you happy as that will help keep your mind stable when you go through any kind of mood swings.
  • Keep nuts or fruits in your bag always for your hunger pangs as these are better to indulge in instead of street food.
  • Always keep water along with you.
  • Travel to places where you can easily access the washroom.
  • Don’t run or rush to do anything no matter how important it the work maybe.

What Precautions And Tips Can Be Followed For 5th Week Pregnancy Abortion?

If you are planning to abort in the fifth week of pregnancy then you must consult the doctor for precautions to be taken thereafter, here are a few things that you can do,

  • Don’t indulge in any sexual activities after abortion to avoid the risk of infections as there is some bleeding.
  • If you feel to upset or low for a long period of time it is advised to visit a counsellor.
  • You can take painkillers advised by the doctors to manage the pain and cramps in your lower abdomen.

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The Necessary Check – list To Maintain In The Fifth Week Pregnancy:

Here is the last and utmost important thing to do in the 5th week of pregnancy, maintaining a check-list. Let’s find out everything that needs to be included in this list.

  • Make sure to take your vitamins and nutrition tablets regularly.
  • Find a doctor that you will be consulting throughout your pregnancy.
  • Avoid any food items you are allergic towards.
  • Exercise regularly and eat home cooked as much as possible.

Become a mother is a heavenly feeling, but this feeling comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your body is now not just yours, but also the carrier of your little one. So eats for two people instead of just one. Increase your food intake and exercise regularly. The baby is in a crucial phase of development so don’t miss out on any nutrients in the weeks pregnant.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

1. Is Sex During 5 Weeks Pregnancy Safe Or Not?

In most cases and for most women with uncomplicated pregnancies, it is safe to have sex at any stage of pregnancy as the baby is well cushioned in the amniotic sac which is guards against any infections. Still, it is advisable to take an opinion of the doctor.

2. Can I Travel During 5th Week Pregnancy? Is It Safe Or Not?

If there are no high-risk factors in your pregnancy, it is deemed completely safe to travel, especially air travel when weeks pregnant. The other modes of travelling such as train can be considered too if you are healthy and fir with an uncomplicated pregnancy.

3. How Should I Prepare Myself For My First Doctor’s Appointment?

You can consult a family physician or a gynae as that can help with eliminating any awkwardness as well as there are higher chances of them knowing your past health records. If you are consulting a new doctor, make sure you carry any health records that are essential for the doctor to know such as allergies or any side effects, you can face because of certain medicines. Go along with your partner, friend or relative as they will keep you company and entertained.

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