The day is almost here and your 40 weeks pregnant baby is about to arrive as soon as you go into labor. Most mothers are just waiting to cuddle their baby by this time and sometimes they face disappointment as the baby doesn’t arrive by the end of the week. It happens and there is nothing to worry about it. One thing should be kept in mind before allowing the head to be filled with negative stuffs that is only 4-5% of babies arrive at their expected date and that is very low margin. If you are facing the same problem, then there is nothing to worry. You may consider yourself among the unlucky 95-95%.

Pregnancies may be different lengths and this varies from race to race. For example, the Asian women face the most trouble and are at a greater risk compared to the white or American women if the labor is aroused even after the 41st week. According to most doctors and experts in this matter, the labor is generally induced by the 40th week and you are at that stage right now. Exciting, huh? You won’t have to wait too long. The baby will arrive time and it is expected that you have a great life ahead.

What to Think about This Week:

The mother generally thinks about the holding the baby for the first time, kissing and cuddling it. The journey has not been easy but the ending will be beautiful. Read some books regarding the initial communication with the baby. Most mothers are excited of the fact that how it will look. After all, this is probably the best day in a mother’s life. The happiness strikes some individuals so well that they plan on having another one.

A suitable portrait session should be arranged. This is generally done by the hospitals and can be availed by the patients for free (already included). It provides the baby with a soft cuddly toy for a good picture. A well-made blanket which is also added to the picture. Tops are also available for the mothers if they prefer being in the picture and lastly, the very beautiful first baby outfit which will unique.

Fetal Development:

Fetal development are basically the limb shapes, sizes, overall weight of the baby, etc and other similar matters which determines how the offspring will look when the delivery is done.

40 Weeks Pregnant Baby Weight in Kg: At this point of time, probably all mothers are really excited for the baby to come out of the womb for the first time. The mother is eager to cuddle it    but apart from all that development point should be kept in mind. The baby will be around 51cm long and will weight around 2.5 to 3.8kgs (max). This is a pretty healthy weight and generally, all babies weight around this.

Thumb Search: Your 40 weeks pregnant baby movements will increase a lot. By now, the baby has figured out the thumb finger and will be sucking it. This can be said to be one of the biggest developments in the baby and it will be suitable and has probably prepared itself for the upcoming changes.

Greasy Substance: This is something that also happens in the last weeks as well. This substance is called Vernix Caseosa and it protects the skin of the baby. By this time, the baby will be shedding a lot it and that is why, the baby will be dry when it finally arrives.

Assisting the Uterus: The baby’s head will act like a cork and assist in opening the uterus, even if the membranes are partially damaged.

Breast Food: this is something that the baby learn naturally. The baby already knows from where to get the milk and it is something that it educates itself while it was tucked in the belly. As soon as the baby is born, it should be provided with breast milk and this is one of the best ways to feed the baby during the first few months.

Skull Bones: The skull bones are separated and that is why the baby will now be easily able to pass through the birth canal. This will help both the mother and the child with labor. The baby will come out with relatively soft spots on the head and this will happen during the first year and also during birth.

Hair: The hair of the baby will be thick by now and the nails will keep growing longer.

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Symptoms and Overcoming Them:

  1. Abdominal Pain: If you are experiencing some kind of abdominal pain and stomach issues during this time, then it is quite normal. This can be reduced by the way you eat. Eating small times at certain time intervals will be better instead of eating heavy meals after long intervals. Keep the mouth running with healthy stuff in it and stay healthy.
  2. The lower Back Pains: Since, the baby is moving lower gradually and there is an increase in weight, these pains are quite common. This is one of the most common issues with the 40week pregnancy issue. Almost every woman faces this and this pain can be frustrating. Worst thing is that you will simply have to go through it. The movement of the baby also causes severe pains and since there is very little room for him to move around, the mother faces some serious problems. Sometimes a strong kick can be provided by the baby, even though there is very little room inside the belly. Doing certain yoga practices might help.
  3. Braxton Hicks: There are some contractions which are mostly irregular and these my be termed as Braxton Hicks. Women will feel as if there is a tight squeeze and these hurt a lot. Like the mother has sustained all the previous pains, this will also pass. Stay calm!
  4. Leg Pains: Due to an increase weight, the weak legs and soft bones of women will be affected. There will be pains in the joints and the muscles will becomes sore quite often. Have a watch on the food you intake as that can control it and eradicate the pain as well.
  5. Headaches: Feeling a pressure on the forehead is also common during this time. Listening to music and switching off the pregnancy vibe and indulging yourself in the normal life (as much as possible) will surely help.
  6. Body Cramps: Body cramps are also common at this time. If you are having some serious issues with your all over body muscles, then you are in the right place, as these cramps are quite common. Doing some yoga movements and taking short walks will help with these physical drawbacks and also assist with the metal condition.

Week Activity:

Your lifestyle has changed a lot. You have come a long way from that fast food-craving and weekend-alcoholic to the healthy eater and all has been done for the sake of the baby. So there might be some last minute changes in your weekly activity, which will be good for the baby as well. Try getting some serious sleep, as the days of sleepless nights are on the way. Have a proper watch on the diet and eat only the healthy stuffs. Take short walks, as the next couple of days will be at the hospital.

Week Diet and Exercise:

During the past few weeks, you have been eating only the good stuff prescribed by the doctors. Eating certain foods can induce labor and certain such foods have been discussed below.

  • Curry: If you are Asian, then this will be one of the most suitable foods for you to induce labor, since Curry is a     famous food in most Asian countries, especially India. One thing should be kept in mind that eating too much spicy foods can cause heartburn.
  • Pineapple: If you can avail pineapple, then it can help with labor. Fresh pineapple has many benefits, when it comes to child birth. The fruit comes with enzyme bromelain will soften the cervix.
  • Avoid Certain Foods: You should avoid foods that upset the stomach. Cause, at this point you don’t want to take any kind of risks like that. It will be too much for the baby as well and might case some issues during the delivery as well.

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There are certain exercises that will assist with reducing the pain and aches that you are having for the past few days.

  • Walking always comes in handy during these situations. Without producing excess stress, try walking and this will prove to be one of the simplest and effective movements that will allow you to relax behave comfortably.
  • Swimming is another awesome exercise that assist with reducing the aches by stretching the muscles and keeping the mind relaxed. Swimming during the 40th week of pregnancy can surely prove to be really helpful.
  • Yoga also helps during this time. It relaxes the belly and the mind as well. All these will come in handy, when you go into labor.

Sex During this Week:

By this time, you are probably tired of trying stuffs that will induce labor and thus sex is probably the only option left. It can be claimed to be safe but to a certain extent. Don’t rush! Never rush. Rushing will always ruin the fun, especially at this point of time. Don’t worry about the baby. You won’t hurt the baby in any way. It might lead to labor. In certain case, intercourse did help in inducing labor. The feelings will be a little different compared to the usual intercourse practices. Why? Well, hello! You are pregnant now and are almost about to deliver a live baby.

Tips to Overcome Stress:

Stress is one of the most common problems at this time stress is generated due the change in lifestyle and also due to the rapid physical changes. Excessive stress can be harmful and it might affect the baby as well. There are certain ways to reduce the stress.

  • Stop Smoking: Avoid smoking totally during this time. Smoking has been proven to trigger stress and this can be really bad for both the mother and her baby.
  • Talk to Friends: Excessive emotional abuse and recalling foul events can trigger stress as well. If you are having such feelings that consult a friend. You are with your partner all the time and too much love can lead to suffocation. That is why you will need to go out and talk to friend. When will friends come in handy.
  • No wine for you: Avoid all kinds of drinks that come with alcohol content. Even red wine should be avoided at this point of time. Just a few more days and you will be able to see your baby. Thus, it won’t be a bad decision so say no to your alcohol cravings.
  • Try some Meditation: Meditation always helps with relaxing the mind and reducing stress effectively. Even the doctors suggests going through some kind meditation for reducing the stress during the last weeks, which is quite natural.

Medical Treatment and Regular Checkup:

A doctor or a practitioner will come to check on the movement and growth of the child. This will your regular checkup.

If you have a medical condition during the last week, then this can be a problem. So it should be taken care as soon as possible. A lot of women face serious headache during this time. For the 40week pregnant woman, some natural remedies should be suitable. There are other issues regarding fungal infections, depression, acidity, and cough. For reducing those medical conditions, Diflucan, Paroxetine, Mylanta, and Allegra can be availed.

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Weeks Tips and Precautions:

Proper care should be take during this time. Watch for signs of labor and don’t ignore them. Keep your partner alert that anything can happen during this week. Keep in touch with the female friends, especially with those who are mothers. They can suggest something important while you are giving birth.

It is time! The baby will come out any moment and this will be a great step ahead to a new life. You will have to keep a watch on the signs of labor. Never ignore pains of any sort. While you may discard them as false alarm, chances are that they could be real delivery pains. It’s always better to keep your baby bag ready with all the essentials and be ready to visit the hospital. Always make sure you are with someone around who can drive you down even in the middle of night.If you need some information on signs of labor then do consult the experts and the friends who are mothers as well.


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