33 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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Lord has granted us woman the gift of being the responsible one to bring a new life to formation and while the ones with experience execute his orders without a scratch, for the first timers we know how the battlefield is. The sleepless nights and the increasing tension with every waking moment; the judicious lifestyle with a lot of hunger; the depression and the happiness- it is a mixed jungle that with passing time clears away.

Soon the mother to be would find herself in a deep connection with the fetus she has carried all this time. With the growing days, the child inside understands the problems his mother faces and complies with it. In a month of nine, the entire process is segregated into weeks for better treatment and monitoring. This is where the week plays come. On an entire of 40 weeks, the 33rd week is the final drawing and here are the highlights for the week.

33 Weeks of Pregnancy

Reflex Actions:

With the 33rd week rolling in now the fetus is more and more acting like a baby with the traits matching up to one with every passing day. The reflexes once dull have now matured. The very first of the reflex nerves that starts acting up is the yawning. The baby now has perfected the yawning along with sleeping. Ultrasound might catch him sleeping and the best part is he may even sport a favorite position. The next reflex action that he has perfected by now is the sensitivity to light which by now he has gotten used to. The hearing and reciprocating accordingly might also act up.


By the 33rd week, the baby would clearly receive your voice or a particular type of noise that he has been accustomed to listening all this while. This may include music or a tone, a certain voice like yours or a certain story that has been read over and over again. The highlight of this week is that now your baby will respond to that familiar noise since she can now recognize it. Later doctor’s say this very tone or musical note might help you to calm down your little one.

Weight Gain:

By now the baby has gained some considerable amount of weight and so have you but half of the baby’s gained weight is the layers of fat now almost formed underneath his skin. The gap between the muscles and the skin has now filled doing away with the baby’s skeletal structure and wrinkled saggy skin.

Amniotic Fluid:

By now the ultrasound and urine sample tests would reveal that your baby has been drinking a pint of the amniotic fluid every day the reason why the fluid level goes down slowly and slowly. The same amount of amniotic fluid is later pushed out of his system through urine which then mixes with the mother’s and finally let out of the body. In fact statistics say that the baby just might be inhaling a little bit of that amniotic fluid which is just a practice demo for his lungs.

Skin Care:

The lanugos by the end of this week will clear away completely revealing the baby soft skin of your fetus. With the decreasing amniotic fluid, the cheese like waxy white substance, the vernix caseosa will wear away too.

Nail Care:

The nails of the baby, the toe and the fingers would by now be up to the tip and may even grow beyond that the reason why he might need a little trimming after birth.

So far the baby’s developments were noted but a good nine month brings changes into the mother’s body too. The entire of the 40 weeks is strategically categorized into three segments. The first trimester, the second trimester and the third trimester; This is why the following are the changes in the mother’s body.

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Pregnancy Spots:

At around this time, the jolly good glow in the glossy pregnant ladies in the magazines would make you jealous since the mask of pregnancy will be veiling you with certain unwanted elements. The excess production of female hormones is to be blamed for the deal. Unwanted facial hair, spots and freckles, splotches and blotches are some of the irregularities you might have to deal with.

The déjà vu:

Remember the sleepless nights and the frequent need to relief yourself in the oddest of times that you faced in the early weeks of pregnancy. With the final time rolling in, chances are that some of those same feelings would be haunting you back. The frequent urination is a common symptom piled by monster appetite. The fear of the process not going as you dreamed in your head might be a strong paranoia which might lead to other emotions depression like. The sleepless nights soon roll in. however there would be no worry regarding the morning sickness since that is done with.

Numbness and Ache:

With the days passing soon you will find yourself waddle and with the extra pressure of the now four pound you are carrying around do not be surprised if you feel a little of the ache in your feet or wrists. At times often probably because of the excess pressure the mother might even feel numbing in certain parts of the body. This is a common symptoms so do not fret. The best thing to do is keep the membership to the pregnant exercise classes and labor tutorials.

Braxton Hick’s Contractions:

These are sort of mock contractions that you might be feeling during this time. This is your body’s way of letting you know that the preparations are in process. This contractions are usually not painful but they do offer some discomfort along with a firsthand experience of the labor days.