38 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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The entire pregnancy process of nine whole months is based on a 40 week format where the baby’s monitoring and development is done on a weekly basis. By the 38th week, the final mark has already been reached. In two mere weeks your life is about to change. In two week’s notice you would be considered more than just a woman. A mother; but to all who  don’t yet know the days of your pregnancy, this process is not always soft and sweet even though it has its fair moments.

38 Weeks of Pregnancy

The first few months are turmoil followed by the next few months of adjusting into your new responsibility. The last few months again see the turmoil when amidst the freckles in your skin and the bowl of salads in your hand, there lays a new life ready to venture out in the world alone clever and strong.

Put Some Weights On:

Initially the process starts with the little fellow trying to make his body function just like a proper human being and therefore, at the beginning it is all about a skeletal structure making the internal organs creating it on the go as his body perfects himself for the outside world. In the 38th week, his main motto is to add the pounds to him since within a simple two week he has to venture out to the world alone. Now the mother starts feeling the weight on her body while the little one steadily develops those fat layers underneath his skin.

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The lungs on the little thing by this week, have perfected themselves with the two little sacs already pulling in air of its own and converting them to carbon dioxide. By now the baby no longer requires the mother’s cord to let oxygen in his system since his lungs pump and pass on the oxygen of his own. Soon within a fortnight he would have to use the ones of his won. There is often an element present in betwixt the lungs called the surfactant which prevents the lungs from sticking on to each other or the diaphragm and therefore the development of it has already been put to action.

The Skin Care Routine:

The first days would find her skin covered with vernix caseosa, a white cheese like soft waxy element that would cover her skin as she floats in her amniotic fluid. This was present to prevent the bay’s skin from crumpling or wrinkling. But now in the third last week of the process ending, the baby’s vernix starts shedding off making her amniotic fluid creamy and white. The presence of soft hair called the lanugos starts fading too.

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Gulp it Down:

By the end of this week, you would realize the level of the amniotic fluid has gone down and it has been reduced to just a liter now. This is because your baby has been taking seeps from the fluid which would be stored in his body and after being processed with bile would come out as your baby’s first bowel. By the end of the process the amniotic fluid would be reduced to a mere 4 or 5 cups.

Precise Perfection:

The main internal and external frame has been sorted out but the precision is still in process. by the end of this week, the nails on the feet and hands would be perfectly aligned and maybe even a bit longer than required. The hair follicles would be prominent if not a head full of soft fine hair. Facial hair like the eyebrow and eyelashes too look good.

Positioned to Place:

Even before hitting this time frame the baby has been working on its position and by now you would see her upside down with her head facing her cervical entrance as she is ready to leave. This however is not an uncomfortable position for her since your pear shaped ovary gives her the perfect head rest.

The mother along with the baby goes through changes too. The 40 weeks are usually categorized into three trimesters, the first, the second and the third and within this period here are some of the changes the mother has to be worried about.

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The Mask of Pregnancy:

With the ongoing process, some mothers to be shine in a golden halo with a flawless skin. But for the majority of us, we suffer from the imminent innumerous freckles and patches and brown spots and splotches. However this is a common symptom of pregnancy which you cannot hide and thus have to live with it. There is always assurance knowing they will fade once the process is over.

The Stretch Marks:

By now your baby weighs almost seven and a half pounds with almost 20 inches in measurement. At such a point, you can feel the pressure in your body grow more and more. As your uterine and abdominal walls stretch out loud, now you can see the stretch marks form in your stomach. The skin now not being able to expand any more cracks and splices and this is why at around this time you might feel a soft itch here and there.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks:

Now that the baby has positioned himself to the core of your cervix and wants to move out, you would feel additional pressure in your bladder now. This pressure would be enough for you to not hold in additional urine pressure in your bladder and thus now you have to run to the bathroom more frequently.


Your body feels your need to practice for the final day and even though your labor classes have given you the tips to the procedure, your body would now be intensifying the small contractions you have been feeling for the past weeks. These are called Braxton Hick’s contractions after their founder and are mock contractions that prepare your ovarian walls for the upcoming event. By now the frequency and intensity would increase.

Mucus Production:

At this stage, the body will be shedding mucus at a vast rate and this is quite natural and there is nothing much to worry about it, since you are not the only one facing. Even your mother has faced it and passed through that stage. The cervix softens during this time and it makes preparation for going into labor. It is fascinating how our body can change automatically according to the given situations. This is one of the main symptoms during this time and sadly, there is no way you can avoid it. You can stay clean and take proper care of your body but there is no avoiding this situation.


Besides stretch marks, there is something else that will last even after giving birth. Swelling in the foot and the upper portions of the legs are quite natural during this time. One thing you an do about this is take the pressure of the legs. Do less walking and offer more rest to the legs. This will help to reduce the swelling in the feet and this has proved to be one of the most natural ways to reduce the swelling. Yes! There are always painkillers available that will assist in reducing the aches in the legs. This is probably one of the most unhealthy ways tor reduce the aching. As, you will have to take a lot of them on a daily basis to reduce the regular swelling and that is not healthy for you. Thus taking the pressure off the legs by walking less can prove to be helpful.

Week Activity of 38th Weeks of Pregnancy:

You are definitely in the position that some restrictions are to be exercises on your daily activities. Like discussed earlier, there should be less walking as that can be risky for the rapidly evolving baby. There should be some movement inside which can be accepted. But excess movement with the unborn child in the stomach cannot be tolerated, especially, during this period. There can be refreshments walks in the evening and there should be some restrictions on the diet as well, which you should follow to the word. Talking and sharing the feelings can be done as that will easily reduce the mental stress. If you are working on some routine like meditation that allows to reduce the stress, then put some extra effort into that as that will come in handy.

Promoting mental health is always appreciated and one cannot just pass through this particular stage easily as it. But don’t worry! With the help of such mental strength and good advice, you will be out of this stressful situation in no time. Have faith.

38weeks Pregnant Week Diet and Exercise:

Diet and exercise is the wonderful combination that can make the body healthy from the core. One of the best ways to make the body agile and to keep in a state of performance proper intake of vitamins and minerals are required. Here are some of the best foods that you will need to stay healthy and fit.

  • Chicken Tikka: this is a spicy choice to protein. If you are having proper proportions of lean meat and chicken, then your body will stay healthy. Hopefully, a lot of women will be craving for this particular snack, after going through a lot of food restrictions for the past few months.
  • Baked Banana Chips: this is a good and tasty source of iron. Who doesn’t love this. With the right seasoning this is probably one of the most refreshing snacks of all time. If you are looking for this particular food in the market, then that will be a bad choice, since they can be mixed with processed stuffs. You should be making them at home.If you are into beverages, then are some refreshing cold fruit drinks and juices that always keeps the body healthy and the mind relaxed. This is one of the finest ways to fitness, believe it or not. Following are some of the best home-made fruit juices that comes in handy.
  • Tomato-Apple Juice: this is a tasty way to stay healthy. If you are looking for some of the best foods out there, then this is probably one of the finest ones that you can avail during pregnancy. This particular comes with the goodness of nature and can be claimed to be one of the finest things during this period of pregnancy, which will be perfectly suitable for your health.
  • Fresh Mixed Fruit Juice: apart from a combination of just two fruits, there are also many other foods, that you can have during pregnancy. A fresh glass of mixed fruit juice along with some small cubes of ice will be required during this time to stay healthy and refreshed all the day.
  • Mango Juice: the evenings are really frustrating. As you will have to sleep early and wake up the next day and repeat the same routine. Having a glass of chilled mango juice won’t hurt. Rather, it will make the evening more exciting.
  • Exercise: there are some basic exercises that will help with cervix issues and also with the adjustment of the baby. Here are some of the best exercises that can be done when you are a 38weeks pregnant woman.
  • Walking: This is one of the best exercises that everyone can get involved in. It is one of the prime stuffs out there and you will be facing some issues during this time, if you are not walking. Involving in some movement that allows proper movement of the legs and some stress on the lower abdomen can make you lazy from the core and this might the soul reasons for some serious emerging issues during pregnancy.
  • Sitting on the medicine ball: the medicine ball will come in some use during this time. The ball which was used for stabilizing the core and doing crunches, will be used for just sitting now. Just simply sit on the ball and lean the back forward. This will help with the adjustment of the baby’s body and sitting on the medicine ball is also recommended by experts.

Tips for Overcoming Stress:

Stress is one of the most common problems during this time and you will be depressed throughout the day, if you cannot deal with the mental stress within the right time.

  • Talk to People: sometimes the person dealing with the stress cannot track the prime reason behind the stress. Talking to people about the problem does help in brig the problem in front of your eyes and you will easily be able to solve the stress that time. Stress is probably one of those prime issues that should be reduced during this time asap.
  • Friend Circle Discussion: talking to strangers will be less beneficial than taking to friends. You literally don’t have to go for a night out with your friends. Rather, it will be better if you keep the circle limited to people who know you well enough. They will listen and surely come up with some solutions that will prove to be helpful. Even the experts recommend their clients with the friend circle discussion technique for dealing with stress during pregnancy.
  • Exercise Daily: daily exercise has tons of benefits and it surprisingly helps you during pregnancy as well. If you are someone that loves to exercise daily, then this won’t be really hard for you. But during pregnancy exercise seems to be too hard. But just do the above-discussed techniques to deal with the upcoming problems that you will be facing during birth time. Squats should also be done during this time but with a pillow at the bottom. These will be more like freehand box squats.

Medical Treatment and Regular Checkup:

  • Regular checkup is probably one of the best things that will assist in tracking the movement of the baby during this time. Checkups are something that remind you of your health and what improvements should be made.
  • When it comes to symptoms, there are certain medical conditions that almost all pregnant women face during pregnancy and there are obviously, medications available for those conditions, which are discussed below.
  • For painkillers to deal with aches and swelling, you can take Acetaminophen. It is one of the best medications for pregnant women for dealing with pregnancy.
  • Constipation can be removed with the help of Dulcolax. This is one of the best things out there that is capable enough to reduce the bowel issues during 38weeks of pregnancy stage.
  • If you are dealing with indigestion and other issues, then Pepcid will be really good for you. This is one of the most widely availed medicines by pregnant women. Milk of Magnesia is also quite good during this time.

Tips and Precautions:

  • You should avoid eating unhealthy stuffs.
  • Keep your diet limited to the things recommended by the doctors.
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol, if you are still living on them.

In this article, some of the best facts regarding the 38th week of pregnancy have been discussed. If you are dealing with some serious pregnancy issues, then medications are also discussed above that will provide you with widespread relief.

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