Congratulations! This week, your baby is no longer a foetus. It is now a baby and a miniature human being. Week 10 of pregnancy can be a period of importance in terms of baby growth. Wondering what happens to you and your baby this week? Well, a lot of significant changes to the baby and the mother take place in this period. Want to know more? Here is a complete 10 weeks pregnant information that will help understand your body and changes better. When you know what happens to your body, you will be more at peace and can feel relaxed. Take a look at our help below.

10 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

This week, you are in your 3rd month of pregnancy is your first trimester. You have six more months to go to see your little one. Until then, follow the first-trimester diet and stay alert to your body changes.

10 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size and Weight:

In this week, the 10th week of pregnancy, your baby will weigh 35 grams in weight and be 3.2cm in length. In this week, the tail of the embryo would have disappeared, thus becoming a fetus. Alongside this, fingerprints start to form and the cartilage are being replaced by bones.

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10 Weeks Pregnant Belly:

Baby at 10 weeks pregnant means your baby is now the size of a strawberry. Your baby’s length is about 1.2 inches and weighs about 0.14 ounces. The next week, your baby is going to get double in size.

This week, your pregnant belly will start to show a bit. The baby is growing rapidly and your body will have that little curve. 10 weeks pregnant with twins means by now you will have a considerable size belly. Time for 10 weeks pregnant bump!

10 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms:

Ten weeks pregnant symptoms will start to be evident now. Take a look below.

1. Ligament Pain:

Aches in the abdomen will now become common. Your abdomen is stretched out to accommodate the baby. This might sometimes be downright painful and is known as round ligament pain.

2. Heavy Breasts:

Growing breasts will mean your breasts will become heavy and also painful. They are getting bigger to feed your baby.

3. Mood Swings:

Blame your hormones for the recurring mood swings. This attitude is going to stick with you for a long time.

4. Morning Sickness:

Once you hit the second trimester, nausea and morning sickness are likely to fade.

5. Fatigue:

Since your body is growing, your body gets really tired. Fatigue will be common for a while now.

6. Heartburn and Indigestion:

Heartburn occurs when you eat too much at a time. Greasy and oily food can also lead to indigestion. Eating smaller meals at intervals will help a lot.

7. Bloating and Gas:

Muscles of your gastrointestinal tract relax along with your other muscles. Therefore, it is natural for you to have the urge to pass gas.

Changes in The Pregnant Body at 10 Weeks:

  • Vaginal discharge: You might see a colourless discharge now. This is because of the increased blood flow. It is also accompanied by increased oestrogen production. However, this is just the body’s way of getting rid of bacteria. So, there is no need to worry.
  • Increased fatigue will be another body change at 10 weeks. This happens because the body is growing in size to accommodate the baby.
  • Visible veins are another thing you are going to notice now. You will start noticing blue veins on your skin. These veins are just carrying increased blood to nourish the growing baby. With time, you will notice your veins becoming prominent and larger.
  • Constipation will be the next thing you will experience. Increased intake of fibrous food can help ease your bowel movement.

10 Weeks Pregnant Development: Fetal and Physical Developments of The Baby:

Just like you, the baby also grows significantly. Take a look here.

  • Eyes: Eyelids now begin to close to protect the measure.
  • Head and neck: the brain mass now starts increasing. The Head and neck start to take shape along with the structural parts of the brain.
  • Mouth: tooth sockets start to form below the gums to accommodate the teeth.
  • Pelvis and abdomen: the intestines have taken their place in the abdomen. The stomach starts producing digestive juices and the lover starts to produce bile. The kidney also starts to produce more urine. Male hormone starts to develop in a male fetus and the genitalia starts forming in the female fetus.

These are some of the changes you will see in 10 week’s pregnancy scan.

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10-Week Pregnancy Diet: What To Eat and What Not To Eat:

As a part of 10 weeks of pregnancy care, here is a diet list you need to follow.

1. Iron:

This week, increase your intake of iron. The date is an excellent source of iron. Your blood cells need a lot of iron to carry blood for your baby. This is essential for the cognitive development of the baby.

2. Vitamin C:

85mg of vitamin C is essential for pregnant women. Orange, grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli and strawberries are excellent sources of vitamin C.

3. Fibre-Rich Food:

Fibre-rich food is essential for easy digestion and bowel movement. They will also ensure your stomach is full.

4. Nuts:

They are a high source of energy and will keep you energized for a long time.

5. Fluids:

Fresh fruit juice and water are absolutely essential. Staying hydrated is a must for a pregnant body.

What Not To Eat:

  • Avoid caffeine. Limit your intake of caffeine to a cup every day or every alternate day.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco. They can cause a larger negative impact on the baby’s cognitive abilities.
  • Avoid greasy and oily food. These both have the tendency to trigger heartburn and indigestion.

Exercises To Do at 10 Weeks Pregnant:

1. Pilates:

Pilates will help relieve your lower back pain. They build core muscles with the help of floor exercises. Once the strength is built, there are exercises to challenge the strength.

2. Yoga:

Yoga builds your balance and strength. It also reduces blood pressure and can help you with breathing rhythms.

3. Walking:

Walking is a great exercise and is necessary to keep you fit and active throughout the day. This will help you build upper body strength.

4. Aerobics and Swimming:

Talk to an expert to understand what swimming pose and aerobics will suit you.

5. Running:

Safe running is acceptable if you have been practising running before pregnancy. Talk to your doctor to understand better.

Pains and Health Issues To Face in 10 Weeks of Pregnancy:

1. Round Ligament Pain:

This is the most common one to face. This pain happens in your muscles and can ache a lot.

2. Cramps:

Abdomen cramps are common at this time. Cramps are an indication that the uterus is expanding to accommodate the baby.

10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound:

At ten weeks pregnant, you will see your baby’s moving arms. Cartilage and bones start to form and the organs are fully developed. They will start functioning as well. 10 weeks pregnant scan will also show your fingernails and hair growth. By now, the baby will practice swallowing and will slowly begin to kick as well.

What to do and What Not to do at 10 Weeks Pregnant:

  • Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is extremely important. You can also hydrate your body with a lot of fresh juice.
  • Do some sort of physical activity to keep yourself engaged and active throughout the day.
  • Do things you like to do. Pursue your hobbies. This will be an effective way to keep yourself relaxed and stress-free. Being relaxed and stress-free is important so as to maintain good mental health.

What Not to Do:

  • Do not indulge in tobacco or alcohol.
  • Try to avoid oily and greasy food.

Additional Tips During 10 Weeks Pregnancy:

  • Vitamin D is necessary now. Fatty fish, dairy products and eggs are rich sources of vitamin D. Talk to your doctor about the intake and quantity.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. A complete breakfast is a must for a healthy diet. Try to include oatmeal and DHA-enriched eggs. They will make your meal complete.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and active. Supplement your body with a lot of fruit juice.

Precautions and Care at 10 Weeks Pregnant:

  • Watch what you eat. Eating balanced and healthy food is essential, as what you eat will also affect your baby.
  • Watch for any extreme cramps that you are unable to bear. They need medical attention.
  • Indulge in exercises only after consulting your doctor.

Necessary Checklist in the Tenth Week of Pregnancy:

  • Buy comfortable maternity wear. This includes underwear and a bra.
  • Time to plan a vacation. In about a week, you will enter the second trimester. This period is called the honeymoon period.

Sometimes, pregnancy can be challenging and can tax you down. Remember this is not going to last a long time. The best way to feel good at 10 weeks pregnant is to do things you like and enjoy them. Body changes at 10 weeks pregnant can also be a lot. Grappling with them comes with understanding your body in and out. Let that begin today.

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Q1. Can You Show 10 Weeks Pregnant?

Ans: Wondering what 10 weeks pregnant looks like? Well, a small baby bump will start showing now. The baby bump, however, will show even more prominently if you are pregnant with twins.

Q2. Sex During 10 Weeks Pregnancy Safe or Not?

Ans: Yes, sex during 10 weeks is absolutely okay. However, do not try any pose that makes you uncomfortable or suffocated. Talk to your partner to understand this better.

Q3. What Are The Chances of Miscarriage at 10 Weeks Pregnancy?

Ans: The chances are not much. If you are on a healthy diet and following the doctor’s advice sincerely, the chances of miscarriage are really less.

Q4. Are Cramps at 10 Weeks Pregnant Normal?

Ans: Yes, cramps are natural now. As your uterus expands to make space for the growing fetus, it puts pressure on your abdominal muscles too. This invokes cramps in pregnant women.

Q5. When Should You Consult a Doctor in Ten Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ans: You need to visit your doctor for your ultrasound and scan. If you experience any serious cramps and pain, it is best to visit your doctor.

Q6. Travelling Safe or Not in 10 Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ans: Travelling is safe in the 10th week of pregnancy. Carry all the essentials when you travel and go smoothly on that bumpy road. Too many jerks are not good for pregnant women.


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