100 Inspiring Easy Hairstyles for Girls to Look Cute

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Hairstyle is an important part of every women personality. We have special girls hairstyles and day to day wear hairstyles also. Most of us have only medium or short length hairs only, but very few lucky women have long hairs too.

Different Hairstyles for girls top 100

We can consider them lucky as most of the girls don’t possess long hairs now a day. It is easy to do hair styling in long hairs in spite of short or medium length hair. Long hairstyles always stood in the first row in fashion world as they are not out of fashion anytime.

Different hairstyles for girls our top 100

100 Recommended Simple Hairstyles for Girls with Long and Short Hair:

Whether you do a braid styling, bun styling or leave your hair open in a wavy style it always looks elegant. Some people follow fashion styling. Some have their own style and some follow the local style. So let’s begin.

  • Buns With Loose Sections.
  • Puffed Bun Hair Dos.
  • Front Fringes.
  • Fishtail Hairdos.
  • Rolled Up Dos.
  • Crown Braids.
  • Retro Touch Haircuts.
  • Low Bumped Hairstyles.
  • Bubbled Ponytails.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls with Long and Short Hair

If you are try to change your hair look totally different from past days, then you are come in right place. Here we present 100 latest looks in hairstyles for girls with long, medium and short length hairs. You can choose your favorite style as per your requirement of occasions and festivals.

1. Curly Long Hairstyles for Girls:

Different hairstyles for girls 1

Long hairs along with curls are usually less to see. We can say that the women who possess long curly hairs are brave and bold one. This hair do is more suitable for round shape faces. The long hairs always give you a scope to experiment your hair with much hair style. To execute this simple hairstyle in grace, you might need a curler around, so it’s best if you avoid this look if you are afraid of the damage that heat would do to your hair.

2. Ponytail Girl Hairstyles for Curly Hair:

Ponytail Hairstyles for curly hair

To make this different hairstyle for girls you have to straighten your hairs at the top of the head. Grab all the curly hairs like a pony and tie them up with a bobby pins up to the end of straiten hair. The front bangs are all stacked up together neatly so it doesn’t fall on your face, therefore this is a good hair style for girls in the hot summers where bangs are a mess.

3. Short Hairdo Hair style for Girls:

Short Hairdo Hairstyles

This is the easiest and simplest way to carry a stylish hairdo  girls hairstyle for those who want to make it short and crisp. In this hairdo, hairs have been cut around the neck and keep some long hair then straiten the hair. This is an impressive hairstyle in girls fashion. Before opting for this  hairstyle you must also consider you face cut. There are side bangs, but they are of considerable length, resulting in a beautiful hairstyle. You don’t need to worry about your hair being all over the place at all with this beautiful hairstyle.

4. Long Curly Hairdo Hairstyles for Teenage Girls:

Long Curly Hairdo Hairstyle

One who have long curly hair it is one of the most recommended and glamorous hairdo. To get your define curls brush one side of the hair and apply some amount of mousse on your hair. This is one of the best girls hairstyle suitable to who have long hair. The hair clip on top is essential to keep the bangs in place, while letting the curls rule in grace and give the look a total chic vibe.

5. Straight Long Girl Hairstyles for Round Faces:

Long Girl Hairstyles5

To have this kind of hairstyle you have to first completely straiten your hairs. Keep the edges of your hair iron. It is mostly suitable for round faces. In all perfection, if Kareena Kapoor Khan looks like this with the simple hairstyle that this is, you can guess how perfect she must be. So, you need to check your face type first, although straight hairs suit one and all.

6. Cute Curled Bun Haircut for Girls:

Different Hairstyles for girls 6

This hairdo is best suited for v shape face to get accurate curled bun hairstyle first straighten the hair on the top of the head. After that take all the curled section hair by using elastic band. This one is ideal for days when you wake up and realize you have a party to attend, but forgot to book an appointment with the parlor. The bun is easy to make, but only if you have a curler, so plan accordingly.

7. Cute Loose Long Hair Styles:

Loose Long Hairstyle

Take the top layer of the hair and all the hair from the both sides of the ears tie them up with the help of with bobby pins. Leave the rest of the hair open. The tiara in place makes this one a beautiful pick for the bride on her wedding day, although it is equally suitable for bridesmaids who want to flaunt their style in perfection.

8. Long Braided Hairstyles for Girls:

Different hairstyles for girls 8

Long braided hairstyles are quite simple and elegant as well as famous for all occasions. The braid is wrapped up with flowers of two colors, giving the look a very casual look. So, if you are off to the beach later, this is one hairstyle you can pick.

9. Plait Hairstyles for Long Hair Girls:

Steckfrisur mit Blüten

The long and plait hairstyle is very popular on fashion weeks. It has been extend across the red carpet. This hairstyle is followed by celebrities and popular models. This one might seem difficult, but we hate to break it to you, it is a little hassle involving. So, keep your stylist or parlor appointment planned ahead to get the look perfectly

10. Half Up and Half Down Curly Hair Styles for Girl:

Half up and Half down Curly Hairstyle

We have different types of hairstyles for girls in those it is a half up and half down hairstyle with curly hair. Just clutch all the curly hair of the top layer of hair and tied with bobbed pins. You can define curls on top of the head. You can also design the hair with small clips. This is simply attractive and suitable for all the types of the faces. While the look is made for the bride, the tiara and veil in place are the two things that is keeping the look from becoming a perfect beach-y one.

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