25 Best Asian Hairstyles with Pictures

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Asian hairstyles are a popular form of hairstyles in the world. From fashion shows to celebrities and from movies to TV shows Asian hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity each day.

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Best Asian Hairstyles With Images:

Here are our 25 best Asian hairstyles that you may like to sport which are exactly suitable all functions and other  fashion trends also.

1. The Short Bob School Girl Look:

Best Asian Hairstyles with Pictures1

This is a short bob hairstyle. These types of Asian hairstyles are very common among Chinese and Japanese girls. You can try some loose bangs at the sides which are uneven. Sport hairstyles like this for the winter. This is a low maintenance and trendy hairstyle done with a very simple haircut.

2. Sleek Hairstyle:

Best Asian Hairstyles with Pictures2

Chinese and other Asian people love sporting sleek hairstyles. From Kung Fu movies to other Asian TV shows, if one hairstyle you will often come across, that is the sleek Asian hairstyle with traditional front even edged bangs. You can too give this a try. Hair straightener is the key to your prayers for a sleek hairstyle.

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3. The Messy Bun With Bangs:

Asian hairstyles 3

If sleek hairstyles are in, so are the bun hairstyles. Asian bun hairstyles are very different from normal bun hairstyles. The bangs are not common for other forms of bun hairstyles. Asian hairstyles give a touch of their tradition with the front bangs. A bit more of modern touch is added to an Asian bun hairstyles when the bangs become a bit sassy. Ask your stylist to give you wispy and graduated bangs.

4. The Asian Punk Look:

Asian hairstyles 4

Asians are not left far behind when it comes to going a bit off the traditional hairstyles. In fact with the increasing number of popularity of Asian pop music, more and younger Asian boys and girls like to showcase funky hairstyles which are very ultra modern. You can also sport something like the one above. Ask your stylist to give you edged bangs coming from crown to the eye brow edge. This will also enhance your eyes. Asians generally have smaller eyes for which frontal short bangs are a good way to enhance their look.

5. Short Funky Asian Hairstyle With Long Front Bangs:

Best Asian Hairstyles with Pictures5

A funky Asian hairstyle like this one can be perfect for you if you are a bit boyish. Boyish hairstyles with a bit of girls twist are a big trend these days. You will see even celebrities are sporting hairstyles like this. The cut is a form of Asian bob hairstyle which is short at the back. This will be a good hairstyle for summers with bangs and it will not let you sweat. For the front a longer than back bang will be a touch of added style. This is different from any boring bob hairstyle.

6. Loose Curls:

Best Asian Hairstyles with Pictures6

Curls are a favourite all over the globe. If you like dressing up in a girly look then curls are definitely something you can try. These are easy to achieve and easier to sport. This goes good with almost any form of outfit that you might have. You can try this Asian hairstyle for your parties and other functions also.

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7. Funky Wispy Hairstyle:

Try out a funky wispy Asian girls hairstyle with those trendy clothes of yours. You will love how the messy undone look suits your bright clothes. You can try out a Asian hairstyle like this even with your jumpsuits. So it is always not right to say that you cannot sport a trendy hairstyle if you are running short on time. Make this Asian hairstyle your inspiration and try sporting it to notice the difference.

8. The Colourful Sleek Asian Hairstyle:

Colourful Sleek Asian Hairstyle

The sleek hairstyle is a popular all time favourite of the Asians. With added gorgeous reds or purples this Asian hairstyle becomes even more pronounced. Would you dare to try a hairstyle like this one?

9. The Color Chic Wavy Hair And Blunt Bangs:

Chic wavy hair and blunt bangs

Asians like to experiment with flirty hair colours. They like to create various funky hairstyles using bright colours on their hair. But if you are a teenager or a school going girl and stay under strict restrictions or decorum then you may not want to do temporary or permanent funky colouring to your hair. You can try out false colourful hair extensions.

10. Long Layered Bangs:

Asian Hairstyles 10

Bangs can easily be a great choice when your hair is naturally straight and you don’t need to waste time and get them right. Featured here are blunt bangs that bring the focus straight to your eyes which is good for women with oval faces.

11. Soft Bob:

Asian Hairstyles 11

The next hairstyle that you see here is very refreshing to look at. It makes you look younger of age and hence more innocent. It has an appealing look to give off and does so the traditional way. Popular among Asian teenage girls, this hairstyle will come in handy for you when you want to add volume to your hair and maintain the look in a cool and nice way. This is one of the best hairstyles for short hair with side waves.

12. Textured Bob With Bangs:

Asian Hairstyles 12

When you want a beautiful bob with bangs, this Asian hairstyle will do the trick. It is wispy and gets the whole style to look way better than the conventional ones meticulously arranged on the forehead.

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13. Long Hair:

Asian Hairstyles 13

The Asian hairstyle for girls that you see here is a very trendy shade of copper that will easily give off vibes of the Little Mermaid. You need to shampoo less frequently though to keep the copper color of the hair as it is. The shade is itself vibrant, so switch to a sulfate free hair care cosmetic instead and choose cold water always.

14. Hair With Neat Asian Bangs:

Asian Hairstyles 14

Many Korean celebrities love this look and even though the bangs that you see here are sweet, what adds to the ultimate feminine detail is the facial feature of the look. The cut shows how the rest of the hair should be as well, for you to take note of. This simple and easy Asian hairstyle is perfectly suitable for round face girls.

15. Square Bob With Bangs:

Asian Hairstyles 15

Look at the model here sporting this look. She looks young and elevated in a good way, doesn’t she? Well, the textured ends in the end, makes this a definitive choice for bold women who love the tons of volume on their head. The style is still fresh, so you can experiment with it for a while. But, we can assure you, it is one of the easiest Asian girls’ hairstyle on this list.

16. Pink Bob:

Asian Hairstyles 16

This one is multi toned and the coloring process might get difficult and costly with all that bleaching, so seek assistance from a professional who knows his job. The color itself is very bold and blends into the hair well. You can expect to sport this Asian hairstyle at fun parties where you need to stand out and look different.

17. Rainbow Hair:

Asian Hairstyles 17

This one will probably have the longest description because we can go and on about how funky this hairstyle is. It is basically an ombre contrast, put beautifully with a natural color and that easily saves you time from working on what hair color works best for you. The process here is damage free and only temporary and with the advent of the temporary hair colors, you have nothing to worry about. You can use wet hair chalks or hair sprays.

18. Boy Cut Bob:

Asian Hairstyles 18

Among cute Asian hairstyles, this style plans to mix on a grown up lad’s haircut with a feminine detail to texture the whole look. There are framing bangs and it messily determines the fashionista in you. With this haircut, you can literally just roll out of bed and go for a run, because with short hair as this, who needs to style it right? The haircut is essentially best suited for young girls because of the fun loving charm.

19. Rich Girl Hair:

Asian Hairstyles 19

If you want to get inspired, this subtle styling idea that features an Asian hairstyle for women should be your look. The trend here is marked by the advent of your long hair, often followed by middle parting and natural wavy hair. If you aren’t a super rich celebrity, that should not stop you from brushing out your hair in style and pass off as one. Keep your curling iron around for those low curls.

20. Almost Center Bangs:

Asian Hairstyles 20

This one is an Asian bridal hairstyle for long hair that has been on the trends since the 1970s. It suits facial shapes of all sorts, and is ideal for a casual look for the day, particularly for situations where you do not have many guests to dress up for.

21. Long Hair Curled Ends:

Asian Hairstyles 21

This one is for those silky haired women who just can’t stop flaunting their curls. Take the curly end and emphasize on perfecting it to make the look appear right. Do not overheat your hair. Curling rags are welcome.

22. Undercut Hair:

Asian Hairstyles 22

This hair is a bold style and a rather new one, and draws all the attention to your face. Women with an undercut might find it difficult to style their hair, So here’s an Asian way to let them grow in peace. This is one of the best Asian haircuts for girls.

23. Smart Look Bangs:

Asian Hairstyles 23

When your hair is all light and nice, you can try this hairstyle on and the bangs can be kept brushed to one side as shown here. Avoid light colored clothes though, you do not want to destroy the whole look and get all that color on your outfits.

24. Asymmetric Punk Style:

Asian Hairstyles 24

The hairstyle that you see here is ideal if you want to come across as a rebel but not too much of a pushover. For women with light skin tones, coloring their hair a darker shade will mean more chances at standing out without looking all worn out and blunt because of the essence of the shade. This is one of the latest Asian hairstyles in 2018.

25. Layered Pink On Brunette:

Asian Hairstyles 25

This cute Asian hairstyle is very stylish and practical to wear without clips or any additional hair product. It will flatter your look just the right way. This is one of the moderate Asian hairstyles which is very alluring and beautiful also. This is best Asian hairstyles for girls.

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