9 Best Honeymoon Places In Haryana With Images

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Haryana is popular and vast state in the norther part of India and is densely populated including a number of historic sites, temples, hotels, etc. It is one of the best developed states in the country and the beauty and modern vibe of this state attracts people from all around the country and from outside India a well. Haryana has got some awesome honeymoon destinations which will keep you busy and occupied. One can easily find a lot of historical sites and good hotels and honeymoon spots in Haryana.This article will provide you with the 9 best and wonderful honeymoon destinations in Haryana along with pictures.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Haryana With Images :

1. Gurgaon :


Gurgaon is one of the best developed cities in Haryana and has tons of thins to offer the visitors. There are wonderful sites which will amaze you. Along with that, there are many tourist destinations which offer fantastic views of the whole city and the historically rich places in Gurgaon. The city is densely populated and the traffic is often a big problem when it comes to traveling. Still, you will have a great time this city. After all, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Haryana.

2. Kurukshetra :


Here, we have a beautiful historic site in India which is popular throughout the world as well. It is one of the most popular pilgrim destinations in the world and is famous for the statues and the beautifully described tales of the famous battle which took place on this very land. People are fascinated by the historical facts about this land and this is one of the reasons behind the allure of this place. It is one of the many great honeymoon places in Haryana.

3. Panipat – A Place For Honeymoon In Haryana :

Honeymoon Places In Haryana

Haryana is full of historically rich locations. But there are some heavy economic sites here as well. You must have heard about the Panipat refinery. The word Panipat dates back to the tales of Mahabharata which is a battle took place including the five brother, Pandavas. The place sis of immense importance to the local people and some of them consider it a worship site as well. The place is also filled with many beautiful malls and hotels which makes it one of the best honeymoon places in Haryana.

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4. Ambala :


Among all the old cities in Haryana, Ambala is the most important one. It was inhabited by people even in the Paleolithic age and was one of the most important places during the British rule in India. A lot of tourists come here to learn about the important and exciting history of this city. Ambala is one of the most popular spots in India and is in the top 3 position among all the honeymoon places in India.

5. Hisar :


If you’re visiting Haryana, then don’t forget to visit Hisar. Among all the sites in Haryana that dates back or relates to the rich history of this country, Hisar is one of them. The place sports amazing monuments and is rated as one of the best honeymoon spots in Haryana.

6. Karnal :


Karnal fort, Karnal lake, etc are the famous attractions of Karnal which is yet another inclusion in this list of the best 9 honeymoon destinations in Haryana.

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7. Pinjore Great Honeymoon Place In Haryana For Couples :


This is town situated about 1900 feet above the sea level. It is really high and offer wonderful views of the whole state and the surrounding cities. One cannot just admire this place enough. The beauty of this site attracts young couples and this feature of Pinjore makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Haryana.

8. Panchkula :


It is a renowned city in Haryana and is also the satellite city of Chandigarh. There are famous attraction spots which are located nearby this place such as Kalka, Pinjore, Mohali Stadium, etc.

9. Sonipat :


Last one is Sonipat which also dates back to history and is one of the best honeymoon spots in Haryana.

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Haryana being one of the most developed places in India is extremely well maintained. There are numerous honeymoon destinations in Haryana among which the 9 best ones are discussed above. One will be amazed by the various beautiful sites in these destinations. If you want to make your honeymoon a grand success, then it is recommend that you visit these places when you go to Haryana

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