Planning for the much awaited honeymoon? Why tread across the continent when you can find a mesmerizing romantic honeymoon places in kodaikanal escape, right here in the country? Kodaikanal (located in the Palani Hills in the Western Ghats) is a tempting honeymoon destination, to say the least. Majestically grand peaks, mysterious natural caves, glittering waterfalls, luxurious resorts and dainty terraced gardens – Kodaikanal is perfect to get lost in nature with your person for life! Berijam Lake, Chattiar Park, Kurinjiandavar Temple and Coaker’s walk and many more sightseeing locations to enjoy. The town itself is built around a man-made star-shaped Kodaikanal lake at 2000 meters above sea level. Imagine lush green hillslopes to roll on to, forest explorations amongst an abode of evergreen trees, cycling in the beautiful Bryant Park with your partner and admiring the stunning mountain views from a hired rowing boat on the tranquil lake waters.

This breathtakingly beautiful place offers you temperate cool climate all around the year, which coupled with the serenity of the environment attracts people from all over the globe, especially couples. However the best seasons to visit this beauty that is also known as the ‘princess of hill stations’ is April to June (24 – 36-degree Celsius) and September to October (20-30 degree Celsius). Carry light woollens for summers and warmer ones if going during winters. More, or less, Kodai is quite a safe place however, one must avoid being on the road at very late hours since fog and mist might create issues for transport and travel.

Here are the best 15 honeymoon places in Kodaikanal to sort you out and get you started planning already!

Go Romantic At These 15 Honeymoon Places in Kodaikanal:

1. Hotel Villa Retreat:

Among the favourite of tourists especially couples, Hotel Villa Retreat is one of the best honeymoon places in Kodaikanal. This is the favourite pick of the visitors among the hotels. They provide honeymoon packages at a very meagre amount and hence you can enjoy your quality time with your partner. Beautiful relaxing lounge with Wi-Fi and fireplace is present, 24 hours hot water, LCD TVs, 24 hours power backups etc. are some of the amazing facilities provided to the visitors.

2. Guna Cave:

Located in the Pillar Rocks Road of Kodaikanal, its one of the beautiful honeymoon spots in Kodaikanal and is an attractive and scenic place to spend time with your loved one while appreciating the beauty of the place. Full of greenery and beautiful view of hills, this place is a must one time visit. Its local name is Devil’s Kitchen, these caves are mysterious and attractive. It is believed that a deep bat infested chamber between three naturally arranged imposing boulder is present. This place was earlier called Devil’s Kitchen but due to it becoming famous because of a Tamil movie it was later renamed as Guna Cave.

3. Bear Shola Falls:

Honeymoon destinations in Kodaikanal also include this beautiful waterfall situated at a distance of 2 kilometres from Kodaikanal lake. It is believed that in earlier days, bears used to come to this fall for drinking water and hence the fall got its name Bear Shola Falls. The best times to visit is during the rainy season, the beauty of the falls is at its fullest. You can click lots of beautiful photographs and make up your memories to cherish later on.

4. Perumal Peak:

Best honeymoon places in Kodaikanal is Perumal Peak or Perumal Malai Peak which is a high peak situated in Kodaikanal in the Perumelmalai hills that are also a part of Western Ghats. If you and your partner have love or cravings for adventure, then this is an ideal place for such activities as you can enjoy trekking and other activities here with the picturesque view of scenery around and natural beauty.

5. The Carlton Kodaikanal:

Set amidst virgin hills of Kodaikanal, this is a beautiful 5-star hotel and a popular holiday destination. One of the most pampering honeymoon spots in kodaikanal, it provides good luxury and charm with its colonial architecture which is complete with wooden floorings and high ceilings. Enjoy a good stay at the hotel and a beautiful scenic view visible from the hotel. Also, you can indulge in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. There are also relaxation, health and beauty services made available to pamper you.

6. Dolmen Circle:

Located near the Apple Research Station, near Fairy Fall Road, this is a beautiful place to enjoy quality time with your partner. What can be more soothing and charming than being with your loved one at such a beautiful place? Enjoy the romantic time with your loved one and this is a beautiful heritage of ancient life. It is one of the leading anthropological sites and a good place to enjoy the view and ancient richness of the place. Thus it should surely make it to your list of places to visit in kodaikanal for honeymoon when in the town.

7. Lilly’S Valley Resort:

It was the very first resort that was built in Kodaikanal in 1982 is a beautiful honeymoon spot in Kodaikanal and is a uniquely beautiful resort set amid terraced gardens and ringed by eucalyptus trees. It has traditional stone cottages which were constructed in British style with detailed handcrafted work. You can enjoy the complete privacy of romantic suites and beautiful views of natural beauty.

8. Bryant Park:

This is a beautiful park, especially for couples. It is a wonderful place with a huge area, it has beautiful eye-catching views for photography and for couples to spend some good time together. It is also good for nature lovers and photo fanatics which is a horticulture garden set up by the British. This garden has a beautiful glasshouse that has a wide variety of plants including ferns, flowers and ornamental plants. Enjoy the charming moments with your partner at this beautiful place at least for once.

9. Vattakanal Falls:

This is one of the most charming and attractive honeymoon places in Kodaikanal. It is a beautiful fall with a lush green area around it and chilled water with heavy flow. You can enjoy the beautiful water falling down, cool breeze and the soothing environment present around. There are dense forests around the waterfall which provide stunning view for the visitors. With your partner, you can visit this place and enjoy some romantic moments to add to the list of your memories.

10. Poombarai Village View:

Another amazing one in the honeymoon places in Kodaikanal! This beautiful village located in the heart of Palani Hills near the Kodaikanal is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Kodaikanal. Very beautiful and pleasant place to visit which provides the scenic view and there are amazing houses built like steps which are great to watch and you can click some cool and beautiful pictures with your partner. It is the most recommended place for couples to visit at least once for enjoying some time together.

11. Pillar Rocks:

This attractive and beautiful place is to best visit around morning as it provides a scenic and breathtaking view to the visitors. It is a set of three giant rock pillars about 122metres in height and gives a stunning look to the place. This place is worth going for at least once as you can enjoy the amazing view of the valley.

12. Surya Holidays Kodaikanal:

This resort in Kodaikanal is a beautiful boutique resort for premium homestay and makes it a beautiful and well-suited place to spend your time during your honeymoon. These are beautiful cottages with well luxurious facilities. You can feel at home and also spend your time relaxing and enjoying romantic moments with your partner. Enjoy the breathtaking views and involve yourself in various activities.

13. Pine Forest:

Enjoy the greenery and spend time close to nature with your partner. It is a beautiful place worth to visit once. As one walks down the path surrounded on both sides by pine trees, and then the gradual decrease of temperature will definitely give you shiver over your spine and you can enjoy the breathtaking and stunning views of the forest. The beauty of these forests is adorable and should be visited at least once.

14. Thalaiyar Falls:

One of the best honeymoon places in Kodaikanal! Also known as Rat Tail Falls is located in Palani Hills, it is a beautiful place to visit with your partner. It is the 6th highest waterfall in India. It appears across the valley as a long thin white strip of Cascading Water on a background of a black rock cliff face that juts out of the foothills. You can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with your loved one and cherish the moments. You can have a long walk along the waterfall and it is good for nature lovers as it is full of greenery and scenic spots.

15. Coaker’s Walk:

It is a beautiful narrow pedestrian path which was built by Lt. Coaker in 1872. It is a 1kilometre mountain road which runs along the edge of steep slopes on the southern side of Kodai Road. A beautiful place which is famous for its fascinating phenomenon of “Brachem Spectre”. If you are lucky enough you can enjoy this rare phenomenon with your loved one and also get lots of photographs to make memories.

So get set for one of the most amazing trips you shall be going on in your life. Perfect for getting rid of all the wedding stress and manic – rejuvenate and refresh yourselves at this absolute stunner of a place. Scenic and inspiring –Kodaikanal shall not leave you disappointed. Do share with us your views on the article and also the place in general. We love hearing back from our readers. We wish you the happiest of travels and hope that you shall discover more warmth and love on this new beautiful journey you’re embarking on as a couple.


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