A honeymoon is one of the most essential events in your life, and if you are planning one then what can be better than a trip to the center most state of India, Madhya Pradesh. Replete with many tourist attractions, it also has a very rich cultural heritage and history associated with it. Moreover, urbanization has created a unique blend of the old and the new which adds to the flavor. Madhya Pradesh is a safe place for newlywed couples to visit as it offers many surprises and amazing packages. Be it a romantic candlelight dinner at hilltop, or an evening walk in the fort, Madhya Pradesh has everything that you are looking for. These are some of the best spots you can visit while you are enjoying your honeymoon with your sweetheart in the heart of India!

Best Honeymoon Places In Madhya Pradesh:

1. Bhopal:

With the right mix of history and urbanization, Bhopal is one of the best honeymoon spots in Madhya Pradesh. It is deeply influenced by 19th-century Muslim rulers. The city has been divided into two parts by two really beautiful lakes. Couples can visit historical monuments like Jama Masjid or visit the MP Tourism boat club. Moreover, one shouldn’t miss the toy-train look-alike bus Bhopal on wheels.

2. Mandu:

The perfect spot for history aficionados, Mandu is also known as Hampi of Central India. It is surrounded by architectural grandeur’s from different eras, built by different rulers. Apart from these, couples shouldn’t miss the sunset from Rupmati’s Pavilion, which provides an ultimately breathtaking view.

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3. Indore:

Located on the southern edge of the Malwa Plateau, Indore is famous for its commercial vibe for tourists. Right from palaces to the museums and from temples like Omkareshwar to beautiful planned parks, Indore has it all! A bit crowded, but when it comes to shopping on your honeymoon, you can’t afford to miss Indore!

4. Jabalpur:

With unparalleled scenery and numerous tourist spots, Jabalpur is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Madhya Pradesh. Surrounded by granite and sandstone hills, it’s famous for its Marble and the proximity of Kanha National Park to the town. Adorned by the river Narmada, this is a no-miss!

5. Chhatarpur:

Another amazing place to visit in MP, Chhatarpur is a beautiful historical town. Couples seeking both peace and beauty, along with a keen interest in history should definitely visit Chhatarpur. The beautiful natural sceneries provide peace of mind, away from all the urban hustle. The majestic Pandav Falls are a must-visit.

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6. Pachmarhi:

One of the most popular honeymoon places in Madhya Pradesh, this beautiful hill station is famous for its cave paintings in the forest, viewpoints, waterfalls and a lake. The sunset from Sunset Point, the Orchestra in Cantonment and the captivating lake put together, make this place an unforgettable visit for couples.

7. Rewa:

Big things come in small packages. There is no better description for the small town of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. Famous for its museum, waterfalls and historical villages, this is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of nature. The palaces and forts further enhance the beauty of this place. A visit to the Keonti Waterfalls, Rewa and Govindgarh Fort and exploration of Venkat Bhavan are some of the must-dos in Rewa.

8. Amarkantak:

Located at the confluence of Vindhya and Satpura forests, Amarkantak is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Madhya Pradesh. The flow in different directions of Narmada and Sone, make it all the more eye pleasing. Famous as a pilgrimage site as well, the lakes, waterfalls and the beautiful springs make it a perfect honeymoon destination.

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9. Kanha National Park:

This has to be the best tourist attraction in Madhya Pradesh, thanks to its widely varied flora and fauna. Covering a vast area of 1,940-sq-km, it is most famous for helping the species of Barasinga (Swamp Deer) from going extinct in India. The thick flora comprises of Sal, Bamboo and infamous Mahua trees, and a flora which boasts of animals like Tiger, Blackbuck and Peacock. This place is also a paradise for bird watchers. Kanha National Park is nature at its very best.

The article says it all and there shouldn’t be any second thoughts about visiting this beautiful state for your honeymoon! There are many amazing tour packages and offers that welcomes newly married couples to Madhya Pradesh. Be it an adventurous ride through the National Park or a romantic cozy retreat in the hill station, Madhya Pradesh welcomes with all its warmth and love. If you know any other locations other than this, then please do share your suggestions and feedback with us.


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