How about diving straight into the clouds for your honeymoon? Yes, meaning ‘the abode of clouds in Sanskrit-, the state of Meghalaya has alluring locations with the perfect weather year-round. Its several romantically scenic tourist sites make it an attractive honeymoon destination. Imagine buzzing through an urban yet unique Shillong city while taking in the British influences left behind since their Raj. British style architecture and remnants of British colonialization in the city make it even more enchanting and insightful to explore.

What’s more? The backdrop of numerous hillocks and lakes have rendered this place a stature as the ‘Scotland of the East’. Are you and your partner the real adventure junkies? Head to the Umiam Lake for water sports and cherrapunji (one of the wettest regions in the world) for hiking/treks. How about a cultural exploration into the cleanest village of Asia? Yes, the Mawlynnong village in the state is one of its kind experience that you shall cherish forever, together as a couple. Wood carving, love for music and traditional craftsmanship are plentiful in the history and culture of the locals here.

What’s most attractive about the state is the beautifully pleasant and cool weather the state enjoys throughout the year. Covered with rainfall and clouds, the atmosphere is romantic for couples to enjoy at all times. However, it’s an area sensitive to political tension and also quite distinct in its local customs and ethnicity. Thus it is advised to research the state’s position and prepare for local habits and food before planning your trip.

Here is a list of the nine best and romantic honeymoon places in Meghalaya with images for you.

Best Honeymoon Destinations In Meghalaya With Pictures:

1. Shillong:

Before the formation of Meghalaya, this used to be the capital of the whole of Assam. Now it enjoys that position for the state of Meghalaya. A peaceful and beautiful town, it is the perfect place for a romantic retreat. Beadon and Bishop falls are quiet, picturesque spots that allow newlywed couples to enjoy their company in a peaceful setting. Shillong also has one of Asia’s longest golf courses.

2. Shillong Peak:

Shillong Peak is located a few kilometres away from the town of Shillong. Its high degree of elevation above the ground makes it a spot with the most splendid views. Perfect weather and solitude also make it romantic. It is no doubt one of the best honeymoon places in Meghalaya.

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3. Mawlynnong:

This small town, more of a village actually, is renowned in Asia for its cleanliness! Yes, there is a place in India known for its hygienic living conditions. A visit to this small village will shock you in far more ways than this simple statement. It is a must-visit when on a honeymoon in Meghalaya.

4. Cherrapunji‎:

Cherrapunji is another small town in Meghalaya known for its panoramic vistas and peaceful location. Ensconced with the natural greenery, characteristic of the state of Meghalaya, this small town is perfect even though it doesn’t have much to offer in touristy locations. Or maybe that’s why it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Meghalaya.

5. Living Root Bridge:

Meghalaya is known for these contraptions that are a complex combination of nature and man’s ability to control it. Live aerial roots are twisted and weaved in a complicated fashion to form hanging bridges. They are not only sturdy but also look beautiful. When in Meghalaya, you must visit at least one living root bridge.

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6. Elephant Falls:

The elephant falls comprise two sets of falls – Wei Laplam and Wir Phang. Located close to the city of Shillong, this place can be reached by a car drive of a few hours. A car ride along the long winding mountain roads, with this beautiful cascade waiting for you at the end, is a road trip you’ll remember all your life. This is one of the most perfect honeymoon spots in Meghalaya.

7. Umiam Lake:

A reservoir, this lake is located close to Shillong and has some of the most beautiful views of Meghalaya. You must visit this Lake when on your honeymoon because it is one of the best honeymoon destinations available in Meghalaya.

8. Dawki:

This small town is located on the border of India and Bangladesh. While it doesn’t have many interesting locations that you can visit, I’d suggest you take out a day’s time to roam the streets of this town and visit its famous bridge hanging over the Umngot river. The tranquillity in the air surrounding this place is something that can only be provided by a homey small town such as Dawki.

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9. Mawsmai Cave Road:

The Mawsmai Caves or the Mawsmai Cave roads are a must-visit. It’s the best place to see nature work its magic. These limestone deposits over the years have compressed themselves into undulating structures that even the best of sculptors couldn’t mimic. As you stand before this grand structure and enter its depths, you’ll find yourself wondering how you’d never noticed that nature is such a wonderful artist before. It is one of the best honeymoon spots in Meghalaya state for your wonderful trip.

Glittering waterfalls, enchanting caves, wettest areas on the planet, Watersports, hillocks covered with clouds, lush green landscapes and culturally interesting local customs. The state is one for the romantics with so much beauty to take in together also activities to indulge in. So why tread across the globe when you can find your taste of stunning Scotland right here in this Indian state? Meghalaya has several other tourist attractions too. But its key selling point as a honeymoon location is its solitary and peaceful environment. Follow the above romantic bucket list when in Meghalaya and you shall not be disappointed. Do share your thoughts with us, we love hearing back from you, and the feedback from our readers make all the difference. Happy travels and may you make many beautiful memories together on this new journey.


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