Bangladesh has been attracted honeymoon place since years. The place carries a nostalgia being an old country. The place is much updated with latest facilities then before. People are enjoying a vast change. The honeymoon places are very attractive for spending quality times. Thousands of luxury hotels are built in the heart of the city with latest amenities for honeymoon couple.

Best Honeymoon Places in Bangladesh:

1. Chittagong :

The city is the lap the green mountains. The colourful flowers different shapes of tress have enlighten the charming beauty of nature. Thus the place is much romantic for honeymoon couple. Hotels do have good views of mountains which are very pleasurably. The mountains look very gorgeous in sunlight.

2. Cox’s Bazaar :

The place is known as the head quarter of Bangladesh. Being much populated it is the most ancient place of the country. Apart from there is a lovely beach for spending time. The city is attracted as honeymoon places in Bangladesh for its sandy beach and traditional outlook. The length of the beach seems to be never ending meeting skyline.

3. Nilgiri Hill :

Nilgiri hill is an extraordinary beauty of nature. The resorts are all high in the mountains. The clouds seem to be covering the resorts everyday early in the morning. The place is full of bliss as it is far from the crowed of city. The nature is very pleasant for enjoying the honeymoon.

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4. Sajek Valley :

The place is dominated by its mountains. The colour of mountain ranges seems to be different from each other. Mostly the view of slow movement of clouds touching the mountains is really very stunning.Make sure you visit the place among honeymoon destinations in Bangladeshotherwise you may miss a good place. Before honeymoon planning list down the places that you want to visit.

5. Mermaid Beach :

Beach is always a favourite option for honeymoon. There is no certain season for mermaid’s beach you can visit the place whenever you want. However it is certainly a good place for spending private time with your wife. In the night the beach looks more beautiful on moon light falls on it.

6. Rangamati :

Rangamati is famous as a small hill station. The forest has added a special effect to the place. There are number of forest resorts where couples can spend an adventurous night. The ambience of the place is very calm and quite apart from the thrilling sounds of animals. The tribal people are very simple in nature.

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7. Khagrachhari :

The place is much known to all for its colourful sights of nature. It is 112 kilometre away from Chittagong. The nature of the place can be specified by its greenery and waterfalls from the mountains. Perhaps these two have made the nature more charming. For honeymoon this can be a good option.

8. Inani Beach :

Among all, this beach is most exciting for its waves and sandy beach. For a honeymoon couple it is the best place for candle light dinner. As a honeymoon place the popularity of the place has much increased than before.

9. Patenga Beach :

The beach is very famous in Bangladesh. It is built with concrete walls, large stones around. Though the beauty is rough but it blushes in the sunlight. The place is indeed very striking for honeymoon in Bangladesh apart from all. Various Street foods are available here within very reasonable prices.

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