Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss

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Hair fall and hair loss, two sides of the same coin and very annoying, isn’t it? Now before we learn more about the use of Ayurvedic treatment and how it can help the hair in more ways than one, let us learn about the varied hair types. In doing so, we would then know exactly how to use Ayurveda, an ancient science that originated in India.

Cosmetic care always looked promising in those drug store aisles, however, the damages incurred through the repeated usage of this products often outlast their effects thereby resulting in weakness and hair fall. Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall thus has been recognized as a true sense of relief

ayurvedic treatment for hair loss

What Are The Hair Types:

There are four types of hair, namely;

1. Normal Hair:

Which is not too dry or too oily, but needs to be washed once every three days. In this hair type, the hair lies right in between the two extremes. it can be oily and heavy during the summers with silken locks rolling off your shoulders or dry flaky scalps in the wintry days with a little roughness. However, this hair type is quite easy to handle as it requires minimum or no expensive care.

Ayurvedic experts suggest using shampoos made with amla, tulsi and shikakai for the best results. Your hair in this case should be blotted with a clean towel, and no rubbing should be done, lest you desire more hair to fall because of the stretching that happens

2. Dry Hair:

Dry hair in many is because of lack of a good diet, which doesn’t bring into the body the important vitamins and minerals needed. Here the hair doesn’t have a life; it stays limp and has less elasticity too. In the end, such hair would be easily damaged if not taken care of. This hair type extremely lacks moisture and due to this lack of hydration it is often prone to roughing, frizzing and even splitting thereby resulting in unmanageable distressed tresses.

Ayurvedic experts say using mild herbal shampoos instead of chemically induced ones found online or over the counter would be best. However, for dry hair, massaging the hair with almond or olive oil or any essential oil for that matter would be good. Rosemary, coconut or aloe vera based shampoos are best for dry hair types. Such shampoos bring back the moisture and shine, making the tresses beautiful, healthy and shiny, manageable too


3. Oily Hair:

Oily hair is common and is caused because there is too much fat or plenty of starch in the foods we eat. Such hair types appear dark, coarse and lanky, thanks to the overdrive of sebaceous glands. This hair type weighs down the hair a lot as the scalp produces sebum, a natural oil secreted by our body which is excess in nature. Often hair appears too heavy and is often prone to product buildup and caking. Oily hair needs good washing almost everyday, but be gentle or else your oil glands would activate, making the hair miserably oilier than before. Use shampoos made of herbal extracts, such as brahmi, shikakai and amla, say holistic experts. Conditioning hair creams for this type of hair would be best made of coconut and rosemary.

4. Combo Hair:

The combo hair type is rare and very few are blessed with it. This hair type isn’t very dry, and can be washed once every alternate day. To clean such hair, one should use shampoos that have plenty of protein in them, such as soybean, which would make the hair strong and thick overtime.

What Type Of Diet Caused For Hair Loss :


There is an interlink between hair loss and diet, the pita dosha here is to be blamed for bad eating habits identified as one of the causes for hair fall. Experts opine those who consume too much of tea and coffee, liquor in any form, red meat and smoke or consume occasional drugs, would aggravate the pita. Even too much of salty, oily and sugary foods too would be causes of hair fall.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss And Hair Fall:

Below we haven what ayurveda says about hair fall treatment. And what is the opinion of Ayurvedic Experts about hair fall and their treatments. Any type need some ingredients to protect from infections and keeps healthy.

1. Ayurveda as a branch of healing the natural way says hair issues of any kind and across varied types is inversely proportional to the body and the mind.

2. Hair according to the branch of healing is actually the bones’ by-product. Tissues from the bones help with hair growth.

3. Pita dosha is to be controlled in the body, which is the main culprit for hair issues.

4. Ayurvedic treatments use no chemicals whatsoever.

5. Ayurveda promotes and motivates the user to indulge in exercises, yoga, deep breathing and meditation, including herbal hair massages as well.

6. Almond oil has conditioning properties and provides nutrition for the hair.

7. Shankhpushpi ayurvedic medicine helps bring down stress and tension, allows the blood to flow to the scalp easily and promotes the growth of hair too

8. Methi in tonic or paste form and applied on the hair helps with the health of hair follicles and stops hair fall

9. Brahmi helps bring down stress and tension, allows the blood to flow to the scalp easily and promotes the growth of hair too

10. Sandalwood Oil helps bring down stress and tension allows the blood to flow to the scalp easily and promotes the growth of hair too. Apart from that, it works as an antiseptic and an anti-fungal agent too

11. Peppermint oil mixed in fenugreek seed powder and methi too combines together to form a brilliant oil. here, the peppermint oil acts as a brilliant detoxification agent. Peppermint oil also invigorates your hair senses and adds vitality to your hair. The methi and fenugreek strengthens the hair root and builds up body in the hair fibers thereby eliminating hair loss.

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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Fall:

  1. Half a cup of aloevera juice with a pinch of cumin helps control Hair fall and promotes hair growth. This has to be consumed three times daily, for three months in a row.
  2. Juices of alfalfa, spinach, carrots and lettuce, consumed individually helps with hair growth.
  3. A teaspoon of sesame seeds on an empty stomach every morning, brings in the much needed calcium and magnesium, and stop hair fall too.
  4. A cup of curd helps with hair fall, consumed or topically applied.
  5. Fresh fruits and veggies are powerhouses, packed with antioxidants, amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids too. They also have fibre, which is important to consume so that hair fall is controlled
  6. Vitamins such as B complex and C along with sulphur, zinc and important fatty acids found in your plant roots would be good to consume. For example, salads that have sprouts, nuts, buttermilk and soy would be best to have. Your diet should include whole grains and beans too, and watch how your hair stops falling
  7. At least ten glasses of water should be drunk everyday. This helps flush away toxins, keeps the insides clean and removes internal illnesses too
  8. Smoking induces nicotine in your system that destroys the body’s defense system introducing new antibodies that contradict the ayurvedic treatment that you are undertaking.
  9. The same can be said for alcohol as well where the alcohol in your system reacts with the ayurvedic ailments that are strictly organic in nature. Alcohol, yet another foreign antibody acts as an obstacle in the path of the treatment.
  10. Drugs are possibly more harmful than simple smoking and drinking. Drugs should be strictly prohibited once you start with your ayurvedic treatment.

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Try Yoga Asanas For Control Hair Fall:

There are many asanas that focus inside out, for example, Sarvangasana is known to help with hair loss and hair fall issues. Such an asana helps with blood circulation to the scalp. Practicing an asana under guided supervision is advised. Deep breathing along with the asana brings down stress levels, anxiety pangs and harmonizes the body and mind too.

Yoga is an age old art that can be recognized with ayurveda as a staunch supporter of body and health care through exercises that not only soothe the mind but also provides organic approaches to a great hair, body and hair.

Here are some of the common ayurvedic yoga poses for great hair that you can try out to prevent hair loss and hair fall.

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1. Downward Facing Dog For Hair Loss:

Downward Facing Dog

Downward yoga pose is a great ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. This yoga improves blood circulation in the scalp area which in turn revitalizes the hair roots from the follicles. The result is, flawless hair. In this pose, you form an inverted V with your body, your tummy tucked in as you hang your head low and control your breathing.

2. Camel Pose Yoga For Hair Loss:

The Camel Pose yoga

Camel pose is yet another great yoga posture for great hair. To start off with this kneel down on your knees as you keep your spine and upper body straight, your arms resting backwards on the heels as you tilt your head backwards allowing blood rush to go to your head for a limited time thereby enhancing blood circulation.

3. Shoulder Stand Pose Yoga For Hair Fall:

Shoulder stand Pose For hair Loss

Shoulder stand also allows great hair to flourish by strengthening the hair from the roots thereby preventing hair loss by hair fall. Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss is usually easy except this one since this is a bit tough but not impossible. You might need an extra pair of hands as you balance your body on your shoulders.

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Herbs For Hair Loss:

Herbs that work wonders on hair. Below have list of herbs that will helpful for control hair fall and stop hair loss then promotes hair growth.


1. Bhringraj:

Bhringraj oil helps for hair growth and promotes the same. Stops premature greying and balding and gives you good sleep every night. It can be consumed and used topically, the latter as oil.

2. Amla:

Amla has plenty of vitamin C which is important for the body and the hair especially. The antioxidants loaded in the fruit helps big time in hair growth. Mix it with henna and curd, and then apply it on the hair as a pack. Keep it for thirty minutes and wash off with cool water. Do this twice a month to control hair fall and scalp issues

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3. Brahmi:

Brahmi powders help with hair growth when used as a mixture with milk or curd. The proteins from the milk or curd and the powder rejuvenate the hair, making it long, strong and shiny. Do this twice a month to control hair fall and scalp issues

4. Ritha:

Ritha helps control hair fall, stops dandruff from multiplying, kills lice, purifies the blood and when mixed with curd or coconut oil, massages the scalp and moistens it too. Do this twice a month to control hair fall and scalp issues

5.  Neem Paste:

Neem paste with coconut oil kills lice and removes dandruff, build-up and grime. Do this twice a month to control hair fall and scalp issues

6. Ashwagandha:

Ashwagandha is used by people who have a weak immune system, which is also a reason for hair loss. The herb helps with energy levels, healthy hair and body, healthy skin and vitality too. It is proved that using the herb, hair can be regrown. Make a paste and Do this twice a month to control hair fall and scalp issues

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We hope these tips and important information comes of assistance to you.

Here in this article, we have therefore listed the natural ayurvedic treatment way to take great care of your hair so that you can keep your long mane growing without having to worry about persistent hair fall and spitting.

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