The brooches were formerly worn only by men to decorate their coats in England and on Sherwani in India. Not only for the men, and also have the women on sarees, gowns and designer wears themselves with the best possible brooch design they can have. For women, brooches would be an accessory to decorate their bun or a decorative saree pin, or to make your designer wear look more elegant. While for men, brooches give their ethnic wear or your casual wear a unique look.

Different Types of Brooches Designs:

Let’s have a glance to some wonderful designs of trendy brooches.

1. Sycamore Design Hair Brooch:

This silver sycamore deed design gives you a lovely look to your hair style. This type of brooch design is widely carried on the bun to simply give you a attractive look. They not only decorate the hair style but also give you a unique effect. This type of brooch symbolizes care, affection and faith.

2. Crystals Eye Brooch for Sarees:

This special brooch pin is unique in look. It is made out of crystal, pearls, glass and Swarovski crystal. The crystal pink stone in the middle of the eye gives it an attractive look. This brooch looks elegant when carried on a saree. This is also a brooch design for men. This pattern is inspired by the third eye of the Irish look.

3. Silver Floral Brooch for Bridal:

This beautiful pearl hair brooch is highly selected on the ethnic wear which is decorated with pearls. This hair brooch is made up with pearls forming a floral pattern in between. It blooms and glitters the feminine hidden inside the women. You can also make this kind of brooches with colorful pearls according to your outfit. It suits on dresses like gowns, party dresses etc.

4. Lion Head Brooch for Mens:

These brooches for men show their love towards the animals. Such brooches are also carried by the Maharajas and Raj wadis as a symbol of royalty. The lion also symbolizes strength, power and the ability to rule. Hence, these types of brooches are meant to show the manly look. Such brooch gives your outfit a fab look when worn on collars or side. This piece can also be made using bronze with gold coating.

5. Vintage Butterfly Brooch Design:

The butterfly is the favorite design when selecting brooches or other accessories. This unique butterfly designs if the brooch symbolizes freedom and a new start. It is highly worn on the saree or designer dresses. The brooch is made up with Cooper and given a designer of blue green patina. Such designs are the first choice for the girls who love to fulfill their dreams flying high.

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6. Shirt Collar Brooch Chain for Men:

This brooch for men is widely used to be worn on the collars of shirts and sweaters. They give a elegant look to the wearer in parties. The two brooches are connected with a lovely silver chain which looks attractive. This brooch symbolizes your power to face any problem with utmost brilliance.

7. Sparking Diamond Brooch for Women:

Nothing is more beautiful than a floral designed brooch. This diamond brooch studded with light blue diamond’s look very sexual on the designer sarees. The curvy border gives it a lovely look. This brooch is available in different colours.

8. Bridal Brooch:

Looking for something stunning for a bridal look! Here is one which is eye catchy. This sparkling brooch is made with rhodium and Swarovski crystals giving a glittering look. It gives a glance of a bride ready to get married in a bridal dress with flowers.

9. Pink Flower Brooch for Girls:

This beautiful brooch pin looks very cute on short gowns. It is made out of pink net decorating the flower, few feathers below it and pearls decorating the inner and outer region. Such brooches are also used to tuck a hair strand it give a royal look.

10. Heart Shaped Brooch Design:

This lovely brooch design shows your love towards someone special. It is a highly gifted item. This brooches made up with alloy framed in rhodium and lovely crystals. Two hearts are framed within each other and shot a pin within which gives a love angle look.

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11. Simple Rose Brooch for Men and Women:

This romantic brooch van is worn by both men and women. It is composed of brass fitted in rhodium. The lovely red roses are made out of awesome stones, and the green leaves are formed with crystals to give a lively look. This brooch shows your love and hence it is also a gift item.

12. Pearl Heart Brooch:

This lovely brooch is a combination of heart and pearls. This brass is composed of brass coated with rhodium. This vintage design gives a fabulous look on designer wear or on ethnic wear. It is highly carried in parties and weddings. The various hearts are studded with pearls to give a unique look.

13. Bow Brooch Design:

This cute looking brooch is made out of brass coated with rose gold. The bow is decorated with shimmer crystal stones. Thus brooch is also carried by the brides in Christian weddings. They also give you a crown of Miss Beautiful as it gives you a fashionable and glamorous look.

14. Golden Green Brooch:

This brooch is highly inspired by the nature. It is made of brass coated with gold and green emeralds. This brooch is a perfect gift for the guy whose lady love is born in May. It can also be worn by the men to churches, weddings, parties etc.

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15. Irish Brooch Design:

This brooch is a wonderful design originally which is Irish. The famous Cladding design steals the hearts of anyone. This piece is made out of sterling silver. The use of emerald green stones gives it a unique look. This is a fabulous design symbolizing love. The curvy design gives it a charming look in parties and weddings.

The different types of brooch design have their own unique meaning and attractions. No matter whatever design you select they always give a fabulous impact on your personality. Various trendy designs like flowers, hearts, butterflies, Vine branches, etc. So select one such design which defines your look in the most elegant manner.


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