The very word diamond means happiness for a woman. Diamonds no doubt are a woman’s best friend. Diamonds are those sparkling white stones with brilliance and lustre for any time wear. Diamond jewelleries are must have in one’s jewellery collection. There are lots of jewellery options while experimenting with diamonds. The diamond jewellery can be of a single stone solitaire or can have millions of stones.

Diamonds have that particular value and a class associated with it. So wearing diamonds is matter of pride for a lady. The price can start from few thousands and can run into few crores.

Latest Diamonds Jewellery for Men and Women:

Here we will have a look into the top 25 diamond jewellery designs.

1. Delicate Diamond Jewellery Chains:

The first in line can be simple diamond chains. One can be gifted a diamond chain on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, festivals etc. One can have a diamond chain for self as a gift from first salary!! They can be there always because one can never go wrong with diamond jewellery and diamonds going out of fashion is just not going to happen.

2. Simple Designer Diamond Jewellery Necklaces:

The elegance and the complete brilliance of diamonds can be perfectly captured in a simple diamond necklace. The diamond necklace need not be very elaborately designed. It can be simple yet beautiful in appearance.

The simple diamond necklace jewellery can be made with a simple pattern like a leaves, flowers, stars, shapes, abstract designs, etc. The necklace will have a beautiful fall because it will be light and simple looking.

3. Simple Diamond Jewellery Set for Girls:

Jewellery set usually includes a simple necklace and the matching pair of earrings. If in case of a diamond one, the pendant in the necklace and the diamond earrings have the same design. The set usually is worn for simple functions, as office wear, or can be a daily wear too. The pendant and earrings are very light and can be included in light weight jewellery. Since they are diamonds, they will stand out even if teamed up with a casual wear or a simple attire like a Saree.

4. Heavy Diamond Jewellery Sets for Wedding:

Diamonds studded beautifully in an enchanting pattern captures anyone’s eyes. Heavy diamond sets does the same. Just wear a stunning diamond necklace with the matching heavy chandelier earrings and one doesn’t need to deck up more. The whole look is just perfect.

5. Jewellers Diamond Earrings for Girls:

The most important thing that comes to mind while thinking of diamond jewellery is earrings. Just a standalone diamond earring can do wonders in changing your look for the evening or a party. Diamond earrings are absolutely always in fashion and you can just be sure with these. These lovely earrings go almost with any wear. Customize the earrings and choose according to your choice. These can be for everyday wear like single stone, or patterned earrings like flowers, petals, designs etc.

6. Diamond Chandelier Earrings:

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and is apt for a woman with diamond chandeliers at a party. Stunning looking, crafted with excellence, these chandelier earrings are to be worn just standalone. Wear these with a heavy Saree, flowy evening gown, ethnic wear, flaunt at a party and one need not accessorise more. One single earring does it all!!

7. Latest Diamonds Jhumkas for Women:

Jhumka’s are one of the most beautiful and elegant in jewellery when it comes to earrings. Jhumka’s in gold, with work, stones, patterns etc. are perfect for that traditional look. They are a must have in one’s jewellery collection and jhumkas will never go out of fashion.

Similarly jhumkas in diamonds and precious stones are also very popular. They have the rich look because of the stones placed in that perfect semicircle of the earring. The shine gets reflected when one just wears these perfect diamond jhumkas.

8. Diamond and Sapphire Necklace Set:

Talking of diamonds and can the sparkling blue sapphires be left behind? White and blue are the classic colours of royalty. Similarly the sapphire and diamond necklace is a symbol of royalty to get that queen like or that princess feeling in a woman. The classic combination of blue and white have been the expensive jewellery sets worn by yesteryear queens. This diamond jewellery set is heavenly magical.

9. Royal Pearls and Diamond Jewellery Necklace :

Royal diamond necklaces are a pleasure to look at with those matching earrings and that perfect cut diamonds. These diamonds cut necklaces can be set with white pearls too which looks much grander in scale. These can be layered and when worn fits the neck with perfection.

10. Designer Diamond Rose Necklaces:

Diamonds and rose are beautiful two things coming together in a jewellery piece. These diamond rose necklace has teardrops of diamonds hanging from it and a rose or set of roses placed at an angle as in not exactly in centre perfectly balanced by a small cluster of diamond leaves. These diamond jewellery sets can have rose gold, diamonds in colours of white, pink and black.

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11. Diamond Choker Jewellery:

One of the most expensive and grandest in jewellery is Chokers. Choker diamond necklaces and jewellery are grand and look amazing on anyone wearing. These diamond chokers are also studded with precious and semi-precious stones for added grace. Diamond chokers look excellent on brides on their wedding day. One doesn’t need anything else to match with.

12. Diamond Jewellery with Pearls:

Pearls look beautiful on any woman with any skin type or skin tone. Pearls with diamonds in jewellery are symbolic to royalty, grandeur and beauty. These lovely and heavy worked pearls and diamond jewellery sets have been there since ancient times as a part of the jewellery collection of queens, princess and are part of royal heirloom and lineage.

13. Diamond Anklet Jewellery:

Anklets are one of the trendiest and prettiest in jewellery designs to beautify legs. Anklets are very much a part of diamond jewellery designs. Anklets in silver, gold, mixed metals etc. are popular but in diamonds are also very much in fashion these days. Diamond anklets come in various patterns and designs, work with stones or even in Austrian diamonds. There are layered diamond anklets which look beautiful for a bride to be.

14. Diamond Jewellery Rings:

The most important accessory to adorn one’s fingers and hands is a finger ring. What better way to flaunt those perfectly manicured hands for both men as well as women than in a diamond ring? Right since one is a toddler, we have been put finger rings and have been using this most common jewellery form in various ways. Birthdays, engagements, weddings, for daily use, as a fashion statement etc. one wears finger rings on almost every occasion. They come in innumerable patterns, designs, variety and one can have one or many according to one’s choice. Diamond finger rings are perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries etc.

15. South Indian Diamond Jewellery:

Jewellery designs from South India are unique and very different from other designs of gold jewellery designs. The cuts, designs, make and patterns are very distinct and spectacular and one gets mesmerized just by looking at the jewellery piece. The quality of diamonds, shine, lustre and the make of the design and jewellery are just breath-taking and the person wearing these jewellery pieces look gorgeous. These south Indian diamond jewellery can be heirloom and can be diamonds and ruby studded for antique value.

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16. Indian Diamond Jewellery Bangles:

The most important and most elegant jewellery for hands are bangles. Those elegance and charm comes only by way of diamond bangles. Bangles are most important in any jewellery kind. Diamond bangles have a lot of options for choice, patterns, designs and price.  Diamond Bangles can be for everyday wear, occasional wear, party wear, festive wear etc. Pick them according to your requirement and one is good to go.

17. Heavy Diamond Bangles for Women:

They are unique one of its kind when it comes to these heavy diamond bangles. These bangles jewellery are heavy and usually have innovative designs. The diamonds need not be in same shapes also. To capture uniqueness in each bangle, the diamonds are cut in ways like circles, triangles, rhombus etc. giving a beautiful new fresh looking diamond jewellery.

18. Diamond Drops Jewellery Sets:

Diamonds drops are for those picture perfect model looks when one picks up any fashion magazine. These unique diamond sets have teardrop shaped diamonds placed in sets in a diamond necklace with 18 or 22 carat gold chains. Also they come with the matching diamond drops completing the diva look.

19. Diamond Waist Chains Jewellery:

One of the most in fashion trends are the waist chains better known as kamarbandh or cummerbund. Women are extensively flaunting waist chains in gold, silver, and heavy metals during weddings, parties, festivities etc. Diamond waist chains are extremely classy and look amazing when worn.

The diamonds can be plain with brilliance or can be coloured to look like mosaic pieces to be teamed up with any outfits. Diamond cummerbund looks really pretty adorning the waist in women and highlighting them with perfection. They can also have various embellishments in coloured stones or charms in diamonds and precious stones.

20. Diamond Armlets Jewelry:

Armlets are very much in fashion with traditional wear, ethnic wear, and Sarees as well as with sleeveless ethnic tops with jeans. But diamond armlets are for completing that bridal look. A beautiful bride adorned with diamond jewellery will need an armlet for that perfect bride look. They look extremely stunning and one cannot resist flaunting these unique diamond jewellery piece.

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21. Diamond Bracelet Jewellery:

As goes the famous saying can a woman say no to diamonds, accessorising wrists with diamond bracelets can be a big yes to a woman. Diamond bracelets can be a masterpiece in one’s jewellery collection and can be the highlight of your look always when you wear it. They might be on the expensive side but nevertheless they cannot be matched for their shine, cuts and brilliance to any other piece of jewellery. They are a league in themselves and unmatched.

22. Diamond Ruby Chokers:

Chokers are that heavenly looking necklaces in precious and semi-precious stones with exclusive cut diamonds for that goddess look. Diamonds with rubies are classic for chokers and the look is flaunted by lots of brides and even many celebrities. The shine of white diamonds and the classy look of rubies gets matched in one heavy jewellery set.

23. Uncut Diamond Jewellery:

Uncut diamonds also known as rough or raw diamonds are the newest entrant in terms of diamond jewellery. After the mining of diamonds, uncut diamonds with high value and quality are sent to be cut and made into jewellery. But uncut diamonds themselves are used to make heavy diamond jewellery for their value and they look really fabulous with an altogether different finish in the diamond jewellery.

24. Latest Diamond Mangalsutras Jewellery:

Symbolic of married women in India in general are gold chains with black beads and golden beads to be worn after marriage. They are also teamed with a designer diamond pendant for that designer look and young women prefer diamond mangalsutras now for fashion. The black beads are for protecting the new bride from any evil eyes and for safeguarding them against any harm.

25. Diamond Maang tikkas for Bridal:

Maang tikkas or head chains are part of bridal look or for any festival look. Women wear maang tikkas during the wedding. These maang tikkas in diamonds, kundan work, rubies, emeralds etc. look stunning. They look very grand and beautiful on the person wearing them. Maang tikkas or head chains are unique jewellery pieces and when in diamond the value just multiplies.

People are very much into jewellery shopping. It can be store bought, gifted, online purchase etc. Diamond jewellery is preferred for the value and emotion attached to them. The vast and varied options in diamond jewellery as listed above, is just a teardrop in the ocean of diamond jewellery. Experiment newer looks and give a brand new look to the clothes wardrobe with matching dazzling diamond jewellery. Go flaunt them!


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