Moonstone falls under a variety of Orthoclase feldspar and albite, which has the chemical composition of Potassium aluminium silicate, which makes it different from the other gemstones. Moonstone area is famous for its colour, which is exhibited under the required light. Its name, moonstone, is got from its sheen of light exhibited out, which resembles the whitish-blue hue colour, which resembles the colour of the moon. Hindu mythology once believed that a moonstone kept in the mouth on a full moon day relieves your future. Moonstones are also the birthstone for people born in June.

This wonderful moonstone is found in India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia, the USA and Burma. To know more about the Moonstone in brief.

Beautiful and Stylish Moonstones Jewellery for Women in Trend:

The top 15 moonstones colours and their benefits are shared in this article.

1. Rainbow Moonstone Ring:

Rainbow moonstone shares a colourful adularescence which falls under the feldspar group. The type of stone that radiates out the colours of the rainbow can also be called a multi-coloured stone. It is the stone which boosts up energy and desires and strengthens feminine energy.

2. Blue Moonstone Necklace:

The shiny blue reflective quality of the stone makes it more special, also called Chandrakant mani according to Hindi script. Ladies like to wear radiant colour jewel pieces; one such is the blue moonstone necklace. This sheen gemstone gives an abundant feminine amount of peace and serenity.

3. Black Moonstone Necklace:

It is a smooth gemstone and slides down our hands due to its smooth finish. It enhances the feminine’s inner well-being and helps ladies understand their emotional feelings. The coloured radiation is called Chatoyancy, caused to the light falling in the layers of the chemical structure, which are the albite and orthoclase.

4. Transparent Moonstone Ring:

This true coloured gemstone, when gifted as a token of love during a full moon day, the couple is blessed with abundant love that showers them with good luck and inspiration. This inspiring ring will help ladies to lead a new and meaningful life with all strong aid and support.

5. Green Moonstone Earrings:

This green crystal stone has a similar effect to the other moonstone, but the added factor is that this stone, combined with yoga, helps maintain the heart by illuminating the heart chakra. But this coloured gemstone is not so familiar as the other radiant-coloured gemstone.

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6. Moonstone white and Gold Bead Necklace:

White gemstone brings a sinful connection between Goddess and the bright round-shaped moon. This gemstone helps in regulating the ovulation period for ladies. When combined with bright yellow Gold beads, this stone is definitely an eye-catching combination.

7. Purple Moonstone Ring:

Purple is another colour radiating out when the light falls onto the moonstone. This colour is vibrant and makes life a colourful painting. As the moon is positively connected to ladies, ladies like to use these more often as feng shui energy-related mediation.

8. White Moonstone Drop Pendant:

This design pendant made from white stone and diamond is charming and beautiful. The subtle colour of the stone, along with radiant diamonds around in a spiral fashion, forms a drop shape hanging pendant.

9. Orange Moonstone Pendant:

This real moonstone variety helps connect the female Goddess’s power and the healing ability and the power generated in the feminine body. This stone is made of orthoclase minerals.

10. Peach Moonstone Ring:

Peach moonstone is related to the naval chakra. It helps in curing digestive disorders and also to resolve menstrual abnormalities. Ladies can relish the benefit of using these stones in their daily life as jewellery.

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11. Pink Moonstone Bracelet:

Sri Lanka is known for its moonstone production; that list falls under the diffracted-coloured moonstone, which is pink. The colour of pink differs from light pink to bright candy pink, depending on the light passing through the stone.

12. Cambria Moonstone Pendant:

This is a beach stone which is found on the shores. This stone is composed of a mineral called Chalcedony, a form of silica. This stone is formed by water drops turning into stone because water continues to contact the earth.

13. Grey Moonstone Pendant:

Pendants are always popular accessories for jewellery. That too, when it’s a moonstone, ladies like it due to its immense positive effects on their daily lives. This stone helps regulate the visionary senses and helps understand real life. It helps to concentrate on your life more steadily and conducts a guided pathway.

14. Orange-Blue Moonstone Ring:

This combination of two radiant colours enhances women’s inner peace and strength to fight against all evil. This stone is formed by passing light into different thicknesses of the mineral layer, which radiates out an orange-blue colour.

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15. Cats-Eye Moonstone Ring:

The combination of Adularescence which is nothing but the glowing sheen appearing from the below surface of the moonstone, gives a brightness and chatoyancy effect, which forms a bright line at the centre of the stone resembling a cat’s eye, a peculiar light reflection. When this stone is made into a ring can be called statement jewellery.

Using these colourful moonstones has enormous benefits, including physical benefits like eliminating stomach disorders, retention of fluid, and hormonal imbalance. Emotion-related issues like depression. Mental illness and spiritual well-being. The best way to achieve these benefits is by making direct contact with your skin by wearing them as earrings, rings, the bracelet, which not only helps to benefit your health but also makes it look like the style statement. Moonstones are not recommended for daily usage since these stones need to be protected against scratches and extreme pressure. It is best to wear them during any occasion and keeps them in a safe place folded in a soft, lined cloth. It is best to use a simple soap and a soft cloth and not exert pressure while cleaning them.


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