Antique jewellery is those which represent a bygone era or a period in human society evolutions. Antique as the word means from olden time or olden days. Antique jewellery is dutifully passed on from generation to generation in the family and is elders’ blessings in the form of jewellery. These jewellery pieces carry family emotions and have a heritage value attached to them. The make and craftsmanship of antique jewellery are unmatched, and one will be spellbound looking at these jewellery pieces.

Traditional and Different Types of Antique Ornaments with Pictures:

Wearing antiques gives us a royal feeling. Let us have a look at the top 25 antique jewellery designs.

1. Antique Gold Necklaces for Bridal:

Gold is an evergreen metal which is extremely popular since ancient times. Kings and queens of the olden days wore necklaces and other jewellery made of gold. Gold is symbolic of class, grace and royal lineage. Hence antique necklaces were crafted in pure gold, and the manner in which they were crafted was just outstanding. These antique gold necklaces can be worn at weddings or on any auspicious occasion, making you look like an ethereal beauty.

2. Antique Polki Stones Jewelry for Girls:

Polki is uncut diamonds mined without cutting them any further for making jewellery. Polki stones have that raw look in them and are on the expensive side as far as the value is concerned. Polki jewellery has been adorned by our age-old Kings, Emperors and their queens and children. Polki is hence part of heirloom jewellery and has an unmatched value for the finish in them.

3. Antique Kundan Sets for Occasions:

Kundan is a very popular and important piece of jewellery in gold designs for weddings and other traditional occasions. It is a form of traditional Rajasthani jewellery. Kundan jewellery is a work of expensive stones in green, maroon or red and diamonds in gold. Antique Kundan gold jewellery completes the bridal look of a woman. A lot of hard work and craftsmanship is involved while making antique Kundan jewellery.

4. Antique Temple Jewellery in Gold:

Temple design antique gold jewellery is the latest and new entrant in antique jewellery designs, and these heavenly looking jewellery pieces are breathtakingly beautiful. People are flaunting temple design gold jewellery in bangles, necklaces, bracelets, chains, etc. They have images of Gods like Lord Krishna, Goddesses Lakshmi, Devi etc. They are beautifully crafted with precision for that Goddess look in every woman.

5. Antique Ruby Necklace Set for Women:

Ruby stones have been used a lot in making antique jewellery. Jewellery made years back used lots of precious stones in green and red to give jewellery an eternal feeling. Necklaces and jhumka sets in rubies and gold with that antique look can be just perfect for that traditional wedding look. Antique necklaces have a nice fall on the neck as they are heavy and look good when paired with traditional wear.

6. Royal Antique Lakshmi Necklaces:

Embellishments of Goddesses or embossing the figure of goddess Laxmi or the Goddess of wealth is now part of most antique jewellery. People like to be spiritually aligned and hence have figures of gods and goddesses in their jewellery, too, so that they can always be connected to spirituality. One look at these marvellous temple design antique jewellery will make one go weak in the knees, and words will fall short if one starts admiring the jewellery.

7. Traditional Antique Jhumkas in Gold:

Jhumkas are one of the most striking and elegant in antique jewellery when it comes to females. These are those jewellery pieces that can pair standalone without any other accessories. Jhumkas in gold, with work, stones, patterns etc., are perfect for that traditional yet antique look. They are a must-have in one’s jewellery collection, and jhumkas will never go out of fashion. Pair it up with any ethnic wear, and you are sure to be like a goddess. Similarly, antique jhumkas in diamonds, rubies, emeralds and precious stones are also very popular.

8. Silver Antique Necklaces:

Talking of antique jewellery, silver cannot be left far behind. Both gold and silver are equally important contributors when it comes to antique jewellery. Silver in its oxidised form; forms part of antique jewellery making. Oxidised silver necklaces can be teamed with traditional handloom wear, sarees, ethnic wear etc. They look earthy yet fashionable at the same time.

9. Antique Madhuban Silver Jhumkas:

Jhumkis or jhumkas look trendy yet ethnic at the same time. One of the most preferred standalone jewellery of all time can be a jhumki. Oxidised silver with Madhubhan inspired designs are part of antique silver jewellery. They have that blackish touch because of the oxidised silver, which gives that beautiful look when worn.

10. Antique Cuff Bracelet:

Cuffs are bracelets that can wear on one open side pattern. They can be opened from one side and can be closed. They are not those usual thin chain kinds of bracelets but are very thick and a bit heavy. Very much popular these days, cuffs have been popular since olden times too. Antique oxidised cuffs have intricate designs and little silver beads hanging from the edges for that antique feel. Oxidised silver in these cuffs gives a lovely look to the hands.

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11. Antique Gold Coin Necklace for Women:

Coin necklaces, also known as “kaasumaala”: Kaasu means coins/money, and Maala means chain/necklace, have been part of antique jewellery for ages. Goddesses used to wear these ornaments according to Hindu scriptures. These antique coin necklaces have small round coins with the image of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) on the front joined beautifully to form a necklace or a long chain. These antique coin chains go very well with traditional dance performances, traditional wear, festive wear etc.

12. Antique Gold Jewellery with Pearls:

Pearls look beautiful on any woman irrespective of skin colour, age etc. Pearls with diamonds as stones with gold base in antique jewellery are symbolic of royalty, grandeur, class and beauty. These lovely and heavy worked pearls and diamond jewellery sets have been there since ancient times as a part of the jewellery collection of queens, princesses and are part of royal heirloom and lineage. Wearing antique jewellery with these precious things is itself proof of one royal heritage.

13. Beautiful Antique Diamond Necklaces:

Diamonds have been there since time immemorial, adorning kings, queens, princes, princesses for ages. Diamonds are those stones that have a value attached to them. As antique is anything given over by generations, the value of an antique diamond necklace will only be multiplying manifold. Anyone with these classic antique crafted diamond necklaces is a truly gifted soul. One look at the way the necklace is made speaks volumes about the jewellery.

14. Antique Leaf Necklace Jewellery Set:

These traditional Kerala styles leaf-patterned necklaces are known as Palakka. The antique leaf necklace is made from small green expensive stones with red rubies on top and is then beautifully worked to be made into a necklace or a chain. This has a matching set of earrings in the same pattern too. These go very well with traditional white saree with a golden border, better known as Kerala saree. They have a lot of value attached to it.

15. South Indian Antique Jewellery in Gold:

Jewellery designs from South India are unique and very different from other designs and antique jewellery designs. The cuts, designs, make, and patterns are very distinct and spectacular, and one gets mesmerized by looking at the jewellery piece. The quality of diamonds, shine, lustre and the make of the design and jewellery are just breath-taking, and the person wearing these jewellery pieces look gorgeous.

These south Indian diamond jewellery can be an heirloom and diamonds, and ruby studded for antique value. This jewellery is very much in use during weddings and marriages; this jewellery is passed down to the next generation during or after marriage.

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16. Indian Antique Gold Bangles:

The most important and most elegant jewellery for hands is bangles. Bangles are most important when one thinks of jewellery. Antique golden bangles are heavy and are unique to look at. The intricate work of designing, the expensive stone work done, the use of pure gold in the bangle is proof that the bangle is worth being classified as an antique valued bangle. Giving antique bangles to the bride to be is a very important custom in Hindu weddings.

17. Heritage Indian Emerald Bangles with Pearls:

No words are enough to describe antique jewellery with pearls and emeralds. Pearls in white/off white and emeralds in green look ravishing when made into a jewellery piece. Bangles made with these can be just out of the world and can be mind-blowing.

18. Moonstone Antique Diamond Ring:

Antique diamond rings in victorian style made with moonstone and rose-cut diamonds look brilliant and queen-like. Rings always have been used for expressing with hand gestures. Wearing these antique diamond rings can magnify the personality as a whole.

19. Antique Waist Chains:

One of the most in fashion trends is the waist chains, better known as kamarbandh. Women are extensively flaunting waist chains in gold, silver, and heavy metals. Antique waist chains are gorgeous and look amazing on a woman. They have that beautiful finish with hangings, stones, layers etc., for a different feel and look to the attire. Teaming up with traditional wear is the best way to use an antique waist chain.

20. Designer Antique Armlets for Girls:

Armlets are very much in fashion with traditional wear, ethnic wear, sarees, and sleeveless ethnic tops with jeans. But antique armlets are for completing that traditional look. A beautiful bride with antique jewellery will need an antique armlet only to complete that perfect bride look. They look extremely stunning, and one cannot resist flaunting these unique antique armlets.

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21. Antique Bangle Bracelets Jewellery:

Women cannot say no to jewellery, and if they are antique, they definitely cannot say no. Antique bangle bracelets can always be the highlight of your look when you wear them. They give the feel of wearing a bangle as well as a bracelet. They look stunning on the wrists because of the natural shine in antique jewellery.

22. Antique Gold Chokers for Teens:

Chokers are heavenly necklaces in precious and semi-precious stones with exclusive cut diamonds for that goddess look. Diamonds with rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc., are classic for chokers, and the look is flaunted by lots of brides and even many celebrities. The shine of white diamonds and the classy look of precious stones get matched in one heavy jewellery set.

23. Gold Antique Kadas:

Kadas are big thick bangles worn as single or as a set of two. Kadas are also passed down generations when a new bride is welcomed to the house. They are those bangles that have been in the family for generations. Hence, antique kadas are very important jewellery pieces with emotional value attached to them.

24. Antique Ruby Peacock Chokers:

Bright colours of ruby and the amazing colours of peacock captured brilliantly in a choker; imagine; and can anyone say no to this antique jewellery choker. They look like they are made in heaven with that shine, lustre and brilliance of gold, rubies with peacock designs and colours on the necklace.

25. Beautiful Antique Long Chains:

Long chains are extremely popular in antique jewellery. They can be pure gold with big temple designs as pendants and Goddess/Gods images. They can also have diamonds, Kundan work, Polki work done on them for added antique finishing. They can be worn with nice handloom attire to highlight antique jewellery.

Antique jewellery designs are the ones that are different and class apart from others and are very precious and valuable. Antique jewellery is undoubtedly on the expensive side, but the way they transform your looks is unmatched with that grace, charm, and beauty. Perfect for weddings, special occasions, festivals etc., antique jewellery is a must-have in jewellery wardrobes.


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