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Causes of Hair Loss in Children

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There can be a variety of causes from which children may get thinning of hairs. This may be genetic and can also be caused by a number of factors which are responsible for these and these may be treated with expert advice.


Causes of Hair Loss in Children:

Below are the several factors for which hair loss can occur in children.

1. Improper Diet:

The basic reason for which many children start to see balding is due to the reason that the diet may lack proper nutrition and vitamins. This can be if there is lack of hunger in teenagers and this can also be due to certain growth hormone imbalances. A doctor should be consulted accordingly.

Proper hydration is another important thing that many women do not do. A normal person who has a properly maintained weight should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water for the proper metabolic functions. This helps the food to get digested and in proper absorption by the body cells. Proper sleep is also essential. It is advised that proper sleep should be there for every person so that the body gets enough rest to have a proper glad secretion which prevents these problems.

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2. Hormonal Imbalances:

There may be certain hormonal imbalances, which may be responsible for this. However, in some cases this problem can get internally treated with certain medicines.

3. Metabolic Problems:

There may be several types of internal disorders which can be like metabolic or indigestion problems which can lead to this. A person should check with doctors to see if there are any bile or other pigment secretion problems, or if a person does not feel hungry at proper intervals that also can be a reason behind this. Improper glad secretions and poor metabolic problems should be treated as per prescription from certified medical professionals to get rid of this type of problems.

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4. Alopecia:

This is a disease in which round patches of hair on the head start to shed. This can get very dangerous is this is not properly treated. However there is no permanent treatment for this. Doctors should be consulted to improve the conditions of the patient.


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5. Trichotillomania:

This is a psychological problem which many face at young age which is the habit of pulling the strands out without being able to control this habit. This in time leads to empty patches but this can be treated with the help of doctors and counselling. Mental health drugs can be prescribed depending on the severity of the condition. Session counselling and proper visits may help to solve this dangerous and severe type of problem.

Other Causes of Hair Loss in Children:

There may be quite a number of factors which are other than those as mentioned above. Sudden accidents or the use of sudden cleansers can be an effective reason. There can also be thing which a person may do un-hygienically like not cleansing the sections as and regularly as required. It can also be due to use of very harsh chemicals to treat dryness which can alternatively damage in a very dangerous pattern.

There can be styling reasons which is common for people as due to the growth of styles and fashion industry, people try to copy the looks of celebrities and then they can have damaging effects. These can also be cause alternatively with equipment’s which are used for these purposes. If the proper amount of heat is used, then this does not generally cause any harm. However, if a larger amount of this is used then this may be cause for partial or patch balding.