Alopecia can result as a result of lack of sleep. This can lead to partial balding in a person. Nowadays many people have a hectic work schedule.

Effects of Lack of Sleep for Hair Loss:

Below are a few points to describe how this can affect hair loss:-

  • If the work schedule is very hectic, a person does not get enough time to take account of their routines and also their diet. Lack of proper food and poor metabolism can result in improper digestion and working till long hours can result in distracted sleep.

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  • Distracted mind can result in the hormones to function improperly and these can also result in making the roots weaker.
  • Improper metabolic absorption can lead to poor health of the roots which can weaken over time.
  • If the body does not get a good rest and proper 8 to 10 hours of relaxation then the shine of the sections also get reduced and the brittleness can occur.
  • Often people who do not have enough time usually clip their hairs and this can create stress and breakage.
  • Often when a person does not have a smoothened mind then improper gland functioning can cause flakiness which can also make the strands weaker.

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Hair Loss:

There are a few remedies which can be tried to combat resulting hair loss in lack of sleep.

1. Avoiding Disturbed Sounds And Other Distractions:

Many people like to watch movies or other television dramas which have chaos in them or have action. These can trigger lack of a calm mind and a person can have a disturbed mindset. Many people nowadays they like to work before they go off to bed which can be a bad thing as habit to do. These should be avoided.

Again the environment when a person is trying to meditate of to sooth the mind should not be noisy or have distractions. These can further lead to problems. Adequate rest of 8 to 10 hours each day is essential for an adult person.

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2. Meditation:

This is a very good technique for people who wants to relieve the stress of their work, can try these out. There are yoga and meditation instructors these days that can give these classes and teach people who wants to learn and practice this form of art. Various types of uttanasana and padmasana can be helpful in the increase in blood circulation of the body which can be helpful. Doing these in a proper silent place is also important. To make this process even more effective, a person can try and listen to chanting tunes to make avoid distractions of other sounds. These can be done in the garden or in the parks.

3. Proper Diet:

The diet should be done properly so that the adequate nutrition is absorbed by the cells which helps them to function normally. Also

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4. Consulting The Doctor:

If lack of sleep and also thinning of hairs occurs and it cannot be controlled by above-mentioned procedures and remedies over a  certain amount of time, then a person should consult the advice of a certified medical professional who can advise the proper diet and the medicines that can help ease the problem.

Supplements can also be advised to combat the thinning of the strands and to make the roots stronger so that further problems do not occur. Several other factors like the work pressures and proper time of work should also be taken into consideration and proper counselling can be done to sort these out to find a suitable routine which can make a person healthier.


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