There are various types of causes for which the hairs of a person can thin. This happens due to a number of factors. This day the work stress and also to maintain a stress-free environment is very problematic. This is not only true for those who goes out of the house for their regular work but also for those who does any type of activity even if that is cooking or regular household work. For those who have to work from home, even they get stressed due to the severity of the amount of work.

Therefore it is a common thing that not many people get time to take care of their health and other routines. A person this day gets hardly 8 to 10 hours of sleep before they have to complete their regular work pressures. There is every day rush. It is also quite problematic to get a proper routine to condition or to nourish the body.

This is therefore the reason why people suffer from several problems. A person can however take the advice of doctors and take supplements which can arrest this problem to a certain extent when this is done with other remedies. These should however be taken under the prescription of a doctor and the amounts should be appropriate.

Hair Supplements for Hair Loss:

Below are the top 9 supplements which a person can use to prevent hair loss.

1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

This is found abundantly in certain varieties of fishes like sardines. These are mostly used in the form of oil and these can also be found in walnuts. A person can take the required amount of teaspoon of this oil to prevent further weakening of the roots.

2. Vitamin C:

This is popularly found in a variety of fruits and also certain vegetables. These are found in grapefruits, oranges, lemons, etc. This is very effective in various bodily functions. This is also a nourishing agent and therefore a person can take some capsules of these along with lemons or limes in an appropriate quantity to combat the problems.

3. Vitamin D:

This is beneficial to those who suffer from hormonal imbalances and any related causes. These can be bought from drugstores for a very less amount in the form of capsules. However, taking excess of these may be harmful. A doctor should be consulted before a person takes these. The recommended dosage of this is about 400 IU per day.

4. Vitamin B:

This is a supplement that is sold in the Indian market with under the various forms like B12, B6 or B complex or others. This is responsible for inhibiting growth and also gives relief from stress. However, excess quantity of these may be harmful so a prescribed dosage should be taken. If a person wants to get this naturally from food then that person should consume more of leafy vegetables.

5. Zinc:

This is a regulatory agent. 10 mg is the suggested dosage for only 10 days each month for an adult person who suffers from hair thinning. This is also responsible for keeping the hormones to function properly. A person can buy tablets of these but these should not be had without prescription. Different person’s body reacts to this in different patterns. Therefore, the dosage and what is adequate for a person should be prescribed after various types of tests as asked by doctors has been conducted. This can be naturally obtained from vegetables, grains, pulses, chicken, etc.

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6. Vitamin A:

This is an anti-oxidant which prevents hair greying and harmful free radicals. This also makes the sebum secretion stay in check so that a person gets natural nourishment. If a person suffers from itch and dryness, then this should be included in the diet. Carrots and cantaloupes are a good source of these. These are also good when these are taken in the form of capsules which are sometimes not recommended as dieticians can suggest how a person can get these from natural leafy sources by including the proper vegetables in their diet.

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7. GLA:

This is also known as gamma-linolenic acid and is a fatty acid. This is also known as omega 6 fatty acid which a person can get from using good oils in their cooking. However, overheating of oils can make their nourishment to lessen so these can be taken in the form of capsules under the right and proper dosages. Usually, the supply from food sources is adequate but this however depends on the type of diet a person has. A recommended dosage of 500 mg of primrose oil can be taken. A person can also take black currant oil or other vegetable oils which are rich in this in the same dosage.

8. Folic acid:

This is also known as folate and is a water-soluble compound. This is used to treat a variety of problems. This should be taken in proper dosages to fight hair fall.

9. Lysine:

This is a very popular protein supplement that helps to maintain volume. This is also naturally present in a variety of foods like meat, eggs and also chicken or liver. These are for those people who are having problems in bodily functions due to lack of protein. This is an amino acid agent and as people knows of this that this is important for maintaining the enamel and protein layers of the body. This is also good for nails and teeth.

A person’s body should be supplied with adequate requirement of this either from food that the person has every day or the other sources which can be tablets or other forms of liquid solutions that can be consumed under the prescription of a doctor. This makes the strands to retain their outer covering so that they do not get brittle. Apart from maintaining a good diet, this should be had only if the body lacks of it. The deficiency of this can cause slit ends and hair fall.

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