Folliculities is a well known term when we talk about hair thinning. When the bulb from which hairs generate, gets inflamed or gets some kind of scratch in a certain way which can be due to the way of wearing clothes, can be caused due to friction or can also be caused due to excessive usage of styling products or from some other problems, this may make the bulb inflamed. This is why many people do not realize but for some common things which may be as simple as wearing something that causes friction on a certain part of their body can cause this inflammation.

This is a very well known and also very common problem. In many cases this is quite temporary and when a person can avoid if that person if following something wrong in their daily habits, then this problem can be solved automatically. The diet also should be taken into account and then a person can solve this problem faster. If this problem if led to persist, then the problem can get severe and only chemical, surgical or other medicinal remedies and advice may solve the problem.


There may be various causes for folliculities. A root can get abased and also affected in several ways. A person if suffers some kind of scratch of some wound, that can also lead to damage of the cells there. This is a severe cause which is also related to why many people face this type of a problem.Another well known cause for this is the excessive usage of heat. Heat can cause temporarily of permanent damage or scar to the cells.

It can also cause these to get damaged permanently which is why many people who try to get a re-growth are not able to do so because the treatments do not work if the cells are not dormant but rather if they are completely damaged and cannot be re-grown. For those people, the only option remains to seek some permanent surgical cure which can be helpful to a certain extent.

There may also be other factors which can lead to a loss in patches, like fungal infection and dandruff which if severe may cause more infection to inflame the roots.

Precautions To Be Followed:

A person should avoid sharing their towels. This can lead to fungal infections. A person should also not share their shaving razors and these should not be used further when these are blunt as these can cause irritation.

Regular cleansing with some medicated cleanser is essential to keep the infections from spreading. This is also the reason why people who has busy routines do not clean the dirt and grime regularly which leads to severe infections and can be dangerous.

  • Use of vinegar solutions can be helpful and also a harmless way to prevent this condition.
  • Medicated antiseptic creams can also be used for an easy-to-follow at-home treatment.

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Folliculitis Hair Loss Treatment:

Usually, Burrow’s solution is quite helpful for this. However, there are various easy to follow remedies which can be done on a regular basis and should also be done on a followed up basis to see some effectiveness. If a person does not want to seek immediate medical advice or severe costly surgical treatments then that person can get their heads checked. If the cause is due to these types of problems, then hydrocortisone creams can be a good remedy. This can be topically applied on the affected area after the area is washed properly. A person can also use some dabbing talcum antibacterial powder to see some results. However, this should be washed regularly or letting powder deposited on the head can cause more irritations.

A person can also use a lemon wash or a vinegar wash for more effectiveness if the person is also having itch and dryness. There are some other remedies like using medicated soaps for washing the head, also a person can use antiseptic creams before using the medicated creams.

Some other remedies like a follow up of any growther solution can be tried out when it is examined that the problem of inflammation has been treated. There can also be other treatments which can be suggested by some doctors like adding enough chlorine to the bathing water and also to avoid wearing clothes which cause friction.

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Sharing of towels can cause infections to spread. A person can also inflame and make the skin red not only on the top but also on other body parts when that person uses razor to shave and uses blunt out razors for this purpose. These can be avoided.

However, there are certain other home remedies which can be followed a few times a week and then if a problem persists is noticed, then doctors should be consulted for further advice and other surgical procedures or a medicated plan.

a. Vinegar and Hydrocortisone:

This is quite effective to control scalp folliculitis and hair regrowth. Many people have tried using this and has got results from this. However, this should be followed regularly. The area should be properly cleaned and then washed with some medicated soap.

This can be an anti bacterial soap as well. This should then be dabbed and a clean cotton cloth should be dipped into vinegar rinse made with 4:1 parts of water and vinegar. This should then be applied on the area and kept for 5 minutes and again done. Doing this can be helpful.

b. Diluted Hydrocortisone:

This is a very popular remedy and can be done at home to treat this folliculitis scalp problem. The area of the problem should be well washed with soap and water. This can be a regular soap or a regular anti-bacterial soap. This makes the area clean. The person can now apply after slightly drying the area with a towel the cream containing the medication. This is quite effective if a person is have itch or having some other rash or eruptions in that area.

By knowing its early symptoms we can avoid this folliculitis hair loss, if in case you might know after getting serious, follow above simple treatment and get rid of the problem permanently.


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