Many people suffer from hair loss problems. This can happen due to various reasons. Some reasons are quite external like unclean head and dirt and grime accumulation. There can also be internal causes.

However, certain home treatments can be done to improve the condition and these can be done without any expensive costly procedures and neither these are painful. These can be as common as using some natural and rich oil variant right from the kitchen. These are not only used for cooking but these can help in a variety of techniques if these are regularly used and also not in excess to give effective results to combat the problems.

Mustard oil very popularly used in cooking in almost all parts of India. This is quite heavy which is very sticky and concentrated. This also has a very strong flavour. Often this is avoided for cooking as this was thought to be quite heavy on the body. However, recent research proves that this has immense benefits ad this is not only rich in A, D, E and K vitamins but is also a great source for beta Carotene and also a good source of zinc. This also contains alpha fatty acids which is a popular thing for the inner hydration.

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Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair Loss:

Mustard oil can be used overnight massaged on the head and then a cloth turban can be worn for the at least 6 hours or if this is done before sleeping, this should be worn for rest of the remaining time and can be cleansed the day after. This is quite useful as this will not require any heating and this will naturally get soaked into the pores and enhance the overall health. This will also give immense hydration and therefore dryness problems can be treated.

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This is excellent because this is rich in alpha fatty acids. There are various methods by which this can be included in the regular routine. This is often regarded as an ancient agent who also has mentions of its usage in the herbal procedures. This is also quite thick and has pungent flavour. Therefore when using this, a person should be careful to have a good cleanser. Because with that this should be cleansed off after the treatment time has elapsed.

Another popular method of using this is quite commonly known which is the hot massaging. This not only hydrates but also this gives immense blood circulation which is very good for health and this is also quite useful. This can be used for other purposes and this is usually done with other types of oils and then these can be massed after these are heated.

A person can use an iron bowl to heat these over hot boiling water by indirect heat. This can also be done in a conduction method by which this gets excessively heated and also gets properly diluted. Then this can be cooled slightly and then massaged on parted sections. A person can do this for 10 minutes and keep a turban which can also be slightly heated to keep the areas covered for another 10 minutes. Then this can be washed. This will give enough lustre and also get rid of dandruff.

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Mustard oil is heavily concentrated and sticky. Therefore this should not be kept without washing after the procedure. A good cleanser is always recommended. If the surface is sensitive or already excessively oily, then this should not be used or used in very less amounts because it can trigger more sebum which can be quite harmful.

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