21 Weeks of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Fetal Development

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After almost nine months turmoil, one welcomes her baby to the light of the world. Even though pregnancy is a miracle of life, the bringing of a new life to the earth can be a tough and a magical job simultaneously. It is almost a juxtapose, where opposites align perfectly to form a miracle, here the baby being the magical pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow after the storm. Late insomniac nights and hours of painful labor leads you to the point where you can finally hold your little one in your hand.

21 weeks of pregnancy

The process of baby making is not easy but a special deal. It is always the two of the parents deciding for the first step. The initial weeks as claimed by the mothers are tough since the body is still getting used to the changes at this point of time. The first starts with throwing up at the first few days with every early morning the mother rushing to the bathroom. Then there comes the few adjustment weeks where the mother is still getting used to the emotional changes. At around this time the baby is in a blastocyst form which then forms an embryo and then a fetus, finally taking a baby form later.

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This entire pregnancy which is a total of nine months is actually counted in 40 weeks. This weekly breakdown of the moths makes the doctoral supervision and monitoring easy. These weeks are then grouped again into three parts. The first second and third trimester. This is when the fetus and the mother both develop. With gradual going of weeks the days shorten until the final delivery and each week something new highlights the baby’s development.

What to Think About This Week:

The morning sickness and occasional mood swings can be replaced by the responsibility of being the carrier of a little life that grows and nourishes inside of you for nine months. This period of time is a mix and match of both. It is long enough for you to bond with your little baby and short enough to let time flow by just in a moment’s notice. However the longer the bonding the longer the turmoil they say. A mother is a special woman not only because she owns the tag to motherhood but also because of all that she puts up with before you even come to your proper senses.

Fetal Development of the Baby:

In this article we are talking about the 21st week of pregnancy. In a week count of 40, 21st means you have already exceeded the midpoint mark. The usual developments in the baby at around this time include.

Stronger Heartbeat:

With the passing of time your baby’s heartbeat grows stronger and stronger. The once faint heartbeat was measure using a device called Doppler by the doctors to monitor the heart beat of the individual. Now by the 21st week the heartbeat has grown stronger. Strong enough for the doctor to just use a normal stethoscope.

Sleep well:

By this week the ultrasound will show results of your baby kid sleeping. It is now a fully formed baby who has his own sleeping routine and if you lucky you might even catch him in his favorite sleeping position. These babies as explained by the doctor settle down for subtle sleep cycles of their own.

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The doctors say at around this time the baby has grown his full set of nails both hands and toes along with small hair. The lanugo or the soft baby hair is now slowly protecting the baby child and it is around this time that his nervous system starts keeping you awake. It is the starting of this week that you will feel rampant baby movements like a punch or a kick in the stomach or a weird rumbling feeling.


As the baby’s senses widens, he slowly starts taking into account of the stuff that happens around him. The mother’s voice is a common sound which by now he is accustomed to. The father’s voice is too familiarized. He is now aware of the songs that have been played and the books that have been read to him. The surrounding noise of the environment is now familiar to him. Doctors say after the baby is born this small triggers like his favorite sound or music or book can help you later in easing him if he familiarizes with it at that point of time.


At this stage, your little one is swallowing a lot of that amniotic fluid, so that she is ready eventually for the milk she gets after being born from you. Her digestive system is working its hardest this week, mastering the skills that it needs for a healthy body after birth. Your baby does this because she senses the change in the amniotic fluid with the different food the mother has. Which is why, at this point, mothers are usually advised to keep their oral hygiene well maintained.


Your little one has overdone her sense of vision at this point and it is growing in a crazy way. Her eyebrows have started to grow and she can understand the difference between the light and when it is dark now, even in the womb with closed eyelids. You will find her responding accordingly with the stimulus.

Symptoms of 21st Week Pregnancy and How to Overcome:

Now with the passing time not only the baby but the mother goes through some changes as well. Often these are somewhat same as the last weeks.


At around this time the phrase ‘pulling your own weight’ might be a bit difficult since with the baby weighing around 12.3 ounces, his weight is getting heavier every week. This puts the mother in a lot of weight and pressure as her muscles expand to the maximum trying to support the baby. This way she gets tired more often. To overcome the excess gain in weight at this stage, the best thing for you to do is indulge in light exercising and healthy dieting. This may include everything that prevents bloating and makes you look fatter.

Back Pain:

With the baby growing your back pain has alleviated too. But do not worry since this is just a common scenario. With the baby craving for more space he keeps pushing the back muscles and bones to make space for him. This gets worse if you are sleeping on your back which makes the pain worse than ever. This is why it is often suggested for the mother to sleep on her sides. To overcome the back pain, the first and foremost thing to do is make sure that your sleeping posture is doing you justice. You can’t sleep in your usual pose anymore, not with the bump going bigger.

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For some mothers it can be pretty squeaky clean. For others it is a very hard week trying to deal with pregnancy and acne at the same time. This is just a normalcy experienced during pregnancy that includes skin rashes, spots and stretch marks alongside face and back acne. Keep your cal ma and bear with it knowing that once the baby is delivered it will all succumb back. Keep aloe vera or anti pimple creams around. Vitamin E works wonders too, and is one of the best remedy for breakouts on your skin. Drinking more water helps on the deal too. If nothing else works, being patient and not stressing yourself out would be the answer.

Funny Feelings:

This week is when you will discover that a funny taste in your mouth keeps accompanying you. This can be a sour taste, or a metal one. It feels so, since you throw up a lot and there is also a lot of development in hormones. Your body being tired can be another reason for the same. While it may sound strange, the cure isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds. You might find yourself struggling hard to overcome the situation you are put in, however, the cure for it is as easy as it seems. Try variety of foods with all tastes, try out some sweet with salty and sour with bitter, this taste will give the unique feel for the baby, so try all these tastes at once. You can also take your favourite foods like salads, spicy foods with your meals.

Rise in Temperature:

You don’t need to call your doctor and worry about your sudden spike in mercury. But you cannot help it much given that pregnancy demands caution with everything. Well, get in touch with your health care center and check with them once. This is because, fever is usually a manifestation, and this could mean bad news for you or your baby. However, if its just a slight change, that probably means your child needs warmth. To overcome the situation, keep some over the counter medicines around, just in case.

21st Week Activities:

The 21st week will mostly be all about sleeping it off, since you will be very tired. The rest of your activities will include checkups, trying to find a hobby to pass the time that won’t tick by. Exercising and dieting will comprise the other half of the day.

Diet and Exercise for the 21st Week:


  • Vitamins are more essential nutrients during pregnancy. It will help you to reducing the lack of tastes for you. Many fruits and veggies contain healthy vitamins. Instead of taking medications, you should take healthy vitamin nutrient foods.
  • Fruits and vegetables contain better nutrient than other foods. Some veggies contain good nutrients and improve your health frequently. High fiber fruits and vegetables keep your health good; you can try grapes, cherries, pear, and guava fruits.
  • Water is an important source for your body during pregnancy; you should take a more water for your body ion regular basis. Water helps you to maintaining your body with good health and its control the weight gaining.
  • Lean meat will help you to provide plenty of proteins and fibres; it will help you to increase your metabolism and energy rate. Sea foods and pork also good for health, you can try chicken during this time, will help you to live strong and wealth.
  • Iron is the most important supplement for the pregnant ladies, will help you to increasing your blood level in the body. You should take some citrus filled fruits such as oranges, broccoli. Also try eggs, nuts for rich iron.


  • It may seem weird, but at this stage with the baby bump already up, sleeping in your usual position will be difficult and more like an exercise you need to master. Stretching during pregnancy gives you the flexibility and strength in your legs.
  • Breathing from your stomach will helps you improve your breathing during pregnancy. Lie straight on your back and use a cushion to support up for your head. Keep your knees folded and touch the ground then relaxed resting on the side. Repeat it for 10 minutes.
  • Shallow breathing will help for the baby breathing and oxygen supply. This will also help to give a good boost for your lungs and keep them healthy. Do this exercise atleast 5 minutes in a day.
  • Breathing from on chest, stand upright and keep your feet parallel. Keep your mouth closed and take a long breath counting till 10-15. Then place your hands on your chest. Repeat the whole exercise for ten times to gather its benefits.
  • The other exercise is a pelvic exercise, it will help you to reduce pelvic problems and give the strength for your pelvic area. This is also known as kegal exercise. This is the best exercise during your pregnancy

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Sex during Pregnancy in 21st Week:

Yes, indeed, 21st week is still safe for sex in your calendar. Avoid too tricky positions though, since they strain your belly. Another good thing about sexual activity is that they increase the intimacy in a couple. This leaves more room for you to get to know what your partner wants to do after your child
is born and decide on other future plans.

Tips To Overcome Stress during Pregnancy:

  1. Take your appointments seriously. Your doctor knows what’s best for you. He can bring you out of your worries and thoughts.
  2. Massages are a good way to relax and unwind in your situation. You can ask around to know who beats everyone else in the game in your region.
  3. Prenatal classes are a fun place to be, to learn what changes are affecting you each day. Divert your mind and enrol this month if you still haven’t.
  4. Go out on walks alone, thinking about the progress you have made. This will bring the lost positivity back.
  5. If you are stressed about everything, the last resort is to fall asleep. You need the rest. Trust us, your baby will thank you later.

Medical Treatments and Check up:

The 20th week is done and dusted, and now the 21st is here. This means you are in the third trimester and things will be different now. Your ultrasound will continue anyway. Along with that will your good old 9 month long symptoms. Some over the counter medicines to counteract that effect are:

  • Soreness- Acetaminophen. Dont indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- Antihistamines and Ioratidine. Do not even think of the use of Pseudophedrine and
  • Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- Dextromethorphan.
  • Constipation- Metamucil. Avoid laxatives as well as mineral oil.
  • Heartburn- Antacids. Try to hydrate yourself as much as possible.

Tips and Precautions:

  1. You will find yourself getting upset about the silliest of things. Don’t worry about that. However, don’t give into cravings to cope up instead.
  2. Keep water and sunscreen around you at all times. Before stepping out for the walk, make sure neither of the two is skipped.
  3. Your posture is important, more than ever now. You don’t want to harm your baby or risk contractions yourself.
  4. It is important that your diet is healthy at this stage. A risk of underweight baby needs to be avoided and nothing does that well than a diet.
  5. Walk around in comfortable shoes. You don’t want to trip and fall trying to hurry on the streets.

This is the perfect time to recognize and acknowledge just how far you have come. You are a budding mother and you seem to have accepted your responsibilities really well.

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