How To Use Mustard Oil For Hair Growth?

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Are you happy with your hair? Do you dream of having cascading locks? Most people across the world suffer from hair fall and baldness. These hair problems occur due to several factors, which can be either external or internal. To stimulate hair growth, you can find answer in mustard oil. This natural oil used in vogue acts as a stimulator in hair growth since ancient times.

Mustard Oil For Hair Growth

If you know the proper usage, this natural product can do wonders for your hair. The oil is derived from the mustard seeds that are rich sources of vitamins (A, D, E, and K), calcium, magnesium, iron, and minerals (zinc, selenium, and beta-carotene). Due to abundant presence of vitamin A, mustard oil stimulates hair growth. This natural product is the perfect option to strengthen your locks and reduce hair fall.

You need to keep in mind certain things and use the oil properly in order to minimize problem like hair fall.

Benefits Of Mustard Oil For Hair Growth:

Let us now get into details about the benefits of mustard oil for hair. While there are many hair oils available in the store, none of them are quite the match for mustard oil and the way it is known to be the solution for so many of our diverse hair troubles. Listed below are the exact compositions that make mustard oil and beneficial as it is.

1. Anti Oxidant And Vitamins:

Mustard oil is filled with the very best antioxidants and Vitamins. Mustard oil is quite abundant in India and can load you up with many Vitamins like A, D, E and K. Minerals are equally affluent in mustard oil and it is a great source for the essential zinc and antioxidants like beta-carotene, which is known to convert to Vitamin A in the body. That as you know supports hair growth so well. Regular usage of the oil will lead to added benefits that your usual hair oil cannot suffice for.

2. Conditions:

Mustard oil for hair growth is known and used for, also because it is a great way to condition your hair. It contains the crucial fatty acids, which are very generous about your hair hydration. They thicken your root and quicken hair growth instantly.

3. Massaging:

Did you know that if you work your hair with a massage with mustard oil, it will boost up the blood circulation and help the hair growth easily? The oil being a hair stimulant is good for your hair fall as well.

4. Nourishment:

Just when you thought we were out of mustard oil for hair benefits, here is the 4th one on the list. It can fulfill the deficiency of your hair follicle troubles easily, thus forming a nice bond with the roots, and keeping the hair in place.

5. Protein:

Mustard oil is known to be high on protein, which is an important component for your hair growth. Deficiency in protein can lead to hair fall that is even worse than you imagined. Protein is known to convert itself and be used up for your body functions. Now, if your body lacks the proteins it need, your hair growth is affected as well. You get the drill.

These are some of the benefits that mustard oil endows you with. So, now that we are done with the composition of mustard oil and how they help in hair growth.

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How To Use Mustard Oil For Hair:

Let’s get down to how to use mustard oil for hair growth in detail.

1. Wash Your Hair Before Stepping out:

Unwashed hair attracts dirt easily. This results in greasy hair and ultimate falling of locks in large number. So, you should always wash your hair before stepping out of the house.

2. Do Not Use Mustard Oil Daily:

You should not apply mustard oil on a daily basis. Applying the oil thrice in a week is enough to increase hair growth. You can rub the mustard oil on the scalp at night before going to bed. In the morning, wash your hair. Applying the oil thrice in a week stimulates the hair follicles and enhances the growth.

3. Heat Mustard Oil Before Using On Your Hair:

If you want to get better result with the hair growth rate, then heat the oil to a moderate temperature. Then apply it on your scalp and hair. Massage the scalp gently with your fingertips. You should not use nails during the massage as these cause harm to the hair roots. If you have long hair, then applying a turban massage would be even better. While massaging, you should start from the root and move your fingers up to the tips.

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4. Make Sure You Are Applying Right Quantity Of Mustard Oil:

To get the desired result in hair growth you need to make sure that the quantity of mustard oil you are applying is right. The quantity actually depends on the texture and condition of your hair. If your hair is damaged and dry, then you should apply more quantity and leave the oil on the scalp at least for two hours. This helps in deep penetration to the hair follicle and results in hair growth. If you want to leave the hair overnight, then you should cover the head with a shower cap. This avoids pillow stain. Regular massage controls hair loss and within a few months you will have long, thick, and healthy hair.

5. Use Mustard Oil As Per Ayurvedic Method:

Mustard oil has been in use in Ayurvedic since ancient times. This oil is used to treat baldness. You can mix 250 gm of oil with 100 gm of henna leaves. Boil the mixture for 15 minutes. Strain the leaves. Once the mixture cools down, you can use it on the scalp and hair. This stimulates hair growth.

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With proper use and application of mustard oil, very soon you will find long, lustrous, and thick hair cascading down. Along with the oil treatment, you also need to maintain a balanced diet. Try the mustard oil treatment for a month and see the difference!

While mustard oil for hair loss can be a perfect fairy tale for you, you need to know a few things prior to choosing mustard oil to treat your hair back to life. With the proper usage of this oil, never again will issues like hair fall and dull hair bother you.

1. In case your hair is dry, mustard oil is the corner you rush too, despite other natural remedies like amla and hibiscus. This is because they make your hair dry, while mustard oil moisturizes your hair instead.

2. To get even better results, you can try this approach if your hair is longer. Wear a turban and massage your scalp pouring the oil over it, until it is absorbed by the turban. Begin from the roots and slowly move down.

Where To Buy Mustard Oil:

You can easily find mustard oil in any store around your home, but for added discount, you can order online, especially if your food groceries are supplied that way.

Don’t wait for anything and try mustard oil for hair growth today! Stay gorgeous and let your hair speak volumes, literally.


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