Kids are given colouring activities to increase their motor skills and improve their understanding of colours. When you team this activity with their favourite cartoon character, nothing is more enjoyable. One of the characters famous now days are ‘Angry Birds’. Angry birds are one of the mainstream games in the virtual world. It is quite a hit in both girls and boys. Not only do young kids enjoy it, but many adults also enjoy it too. It became famous in 2015. There are a series of games under this name. It has colouring pages, books, videos and movies made.

Colouring Pages of Angry Birds to Print:

Here are a few pictures of Angry Birds Colouring Pages in different characters.

1. Cute Looking Angry Birds Colouring Page:

Angry bird has many characters in it. One of them is cute looking angry bird. You may want to colour it pink, lavender, light green or orange. They are fluffy and have a lot of feathers. They have big eyes. It is a very sweet character.

2. All Birds in Angry Birds Colouring Page:

This colouring page has all the characters of an angry bird. It has a medium difficulty level. It can be done with an adult’s guidance. You may use different colours. It is a very vibrant page. It will surely keep your kid busy for a very long time.

3. Red Angry Bird Colouring Page:

The angry red bird is the angriest bird in the town. Although all the character in the angry bird is cheerful this character is a bit cynical. He has thick eyebrows. He always has an angry face. You will have used cheery red to colour him. His eyes are big because of his angry character.

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4. Minion Pig Stealing Easter Egg Angry Birds Colouring Page:

The Pigs in the angry bird are always trying to steal the eggs. This minion pig is the pig from the angry bird who dresses up like a minion. You may want to colour it yellow instead of green. It makes Easter fun.

5. Big Beak Angry Birds Colouring Page:

The big break angry bird is another character in the angry birds series. It has a big yellow beak. It is of a bottle green colour. It also has an angry expression. It is used mostly in a sling. Children like it.

6. Yellow Angry Birds Picture for Colouring:

The yellow angry bird’s name is Chuck. He always runs very fast. He is also very talkative. He gets in trouble because of impulsive behaviour and too much of talking. It is great for catching kid’s attention and increasing their concentration.

7. Star Wars Angry Birds Colouring Page:

Star wars is a very old comic series. There are a series of movies made on star wars. Even angry bird is influenced by it. Here, angry birds are seen in star wars characters. This is a colourful option. It is fun for star war fans.

8. Easter Tournament Angry Birds Colouring Page:

Easter is a big festival in the west. You have to search for the eggs hidden by the Easter bunny. This festival also influences the angry bird. On this colouring page, the angry birds are searching for Easter eggs. It can be coloured radiant and bright. Try using arrays of colours to show this fun festival.

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9. Bad Piggy Angry Birds Colouring Page:

The pigs in the angry birds are the villains. They are naughty and are always trying to steal eggs. They are coloured green. They live in a simple village. This is a fun character. Children adore it.

10. Pirate Pig Angry Bird Colouring Page:

Pigs are the centre of the angry birds series. They are given many characters to make it interesting for the kids. A pirate pig is one of them. The kids can colour them in any colour and not necessarily green. This twist makes it interesting.

11. King Pig Angry Bird Colouring Page:

The pigs live in the village. They have kings and workers. The king pig is also green. He has a crown on the head. He is always seen eating. He has big teeth. Kids enjoy this character as he is a funny-looking king. The contrast of the yellow crown and the green king stands out.

12. In Action Angry Birds Colouring Page:

The angry birds are trying to stop the pigs steal the eggs. They are attacking the pig’s village. This is by sling and helium bombs. This ‘in action angry birds colouring page’ shows a red bird hitting the wall of a pig village. It involves small-small parts to colour. This makes it interesting to colour.

13. Epic Angry Birds Picture to Color:

An Epic angry bird is a redbird dressed up as a Roman soldier. It looks very funny. You may want to make it colourful. The shields, hat and sward can be given different colours. This page is made to increase the interest of kids.

14. Love Birds Angry Birds Colouring Page:

Love birds angry bird is the valentine version of angry birds. The couple is shown facing each other. It is a sweet picture. The deepness seen in the eyes is easy to capture with colour. This page is more preferred by big kids.

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15. Christmas Angry Birds Colouring Pages:

Christmas is the biggest festival of western civilization. This festival has seen its influence everywhere. Christmas angry birds colouring pages have angry birds on the Christmas tree. It will be a good option to keep the kids busy this season while you are busy preparing Christmas meals.

Angry birds are simple characters. But it is fun to colour them. It has a bright and vibrant option. There are many pages to look for in the angry birds collection. It has animals, nature and cartoons. Your kids will enjoy colouring it for hours. It will give your bundle of joy a fun-filled time. Colouring pages can get very boring, especially when it is complicated and difficult.


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