Did you know My Little Pony is a beloved series by kids worldwide? Yes! The My Little Pony coloring pages appeal to kids’ sense of wonder, fostering their creativity while encouraging them to cherish the power of friendship. Join Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and the rest of the beloved pony friends in this adventure with the help of these delightful collections of adorable ponies and magical scenes. All you have to do is fill them with colours and bring them to life, honing your kid’s creativity.

These little pony colouring pages promote self-expression and motor skills and keep your kids entertained and engaged. You can see the kid’s faces brighten up as they fill the pages with colours of their choice. Read on!

15 Best My Little Pony Coloring Pages:

The attractive features, colourful manes, and unique voices have been prominent reasons why kids of all ages and genders love My Little Pony. We have listed some of the best My Little Pony colouring pages that will help encourage your kid’s creativity.

1. My Little Pony, a New Generation Coloring Pages:

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This My Little Pony: A new generation of colouring pages has the beloved ponies from the franchise’s latest iteration, which are brought to life by filling with appropriate colours. The diverse and vibrant characters from the movie are showcased in these sheets, which you can highlight using a wide range of vibrant colours that beautifully capture each pony’s uniqueness. Regardless of gender, kids aged 9 to 11 are interested in adding colour to these pages.

2. My Little Pony Coloring Pages – Rainbow Dash:

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Rainbow Dash is a popular character from the My Little Pony series with a vibrant personality. This iconic character’s signature colours include a rainbow-coloured tail and mane, a cyan coat, and a cutie mark similar to a lightning bolt. You can touch the page whimsically by filling the sky with vivid hues, whether clouds or rainbows. This page helps kids capture the essence of Rainbow Dash’s adventurous spirit and love for everything colourful.

3. Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Coloring Pages:

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Twilight Sparkle is an intelligent and magical pony from the My Little Pony series, and this colouring page focuses on her characteristic appearance. You use a deep purple for the mane, lavender for the coat, pink stripe for the tail, and golden glitter for the star-shaped cutie mark. Though these colours are suggestive, you can let your kids experiment with them, too. This page can perfectly celebrate Twilight Sparkle’s love for her magical adventures and learning.

4. Celestia, My Little Pony, Coloring Pages:

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Celestia is the majestic and wise ruler of Equestrians, and this My Little Pony colouring page showcases her, emphasizing her regal appearance with a sun-shaped cutie mark. You can give this page an authentic feel by using pastel for the mane and tail while leaving the coat white. However, you can always let your kids choose other colours, making the picture more personal. You can further highlight the page by adding featured elements like sun stars to enchant the background.

5. My Little Pony Christmas Coloring Pages:

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Christmas is important not only for humans but also for the ponies in Equestria. These My Little Pony Christmas colouring pages combine the beloved characters from Equestria with the magic of the holiday season beautifully. Using festive and cheerful colours is vital in giving life to the otherwise plain paper. This page is preferred by kids aged 8 to 12 years with brush pens, crayons, or colour pencils as tools. You can encourage your kids to choose colours, helping their creativity shine while capturing the spirit of Christmas.

6. Applejack My Little Pony Coloring Page:

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Applejack is a hardworking and dependable pony from the MY Little Pony series, and this colouring page beautifully emphasizes his appearance with a trio of apples as her cutie mark. You can use bright orange for the coat, blonde for the mane, and tail to give the pony a realistic look. You can also use multiple other colours to make the picture your own. Furthermore, you can also add apples or apple trees in the background, celebrating Applejack’s down-to-earth and honest nature.

7. My Little Pony Flutter Shy, Coloring Pages:

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Flutter Shy is part of the My Little Pony series and is known for its gentle and kind-heartedness, who loves animals. For an authentic appearance, you can use pale yellow for the coat, pastel pink for the tail and mane, and colourful butterflies as her cutie mark. However, you can always touch this pony by adding other colours. This colouring page allows young fans to celebrate Fluttershy’s sweet personality and love for nature.

8. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Coloring Pages:

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic colouring page is a dedication to celebrate the series, which revolves around the strong bonds of friendship and magical adventures among the ponies of Equestria. This colouring page features all the main characters like Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and many more in various exciting settings. You can use bright and cheerful colours for the pony characters depicted on this page to capture the world of Equestria.

9. My Little Pony Movie Coloring Pages:

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If you are a young adult who loves the My Little Pony series and movie, regardless of gender, this detailed colouring page will be a perfect choice. By adding colours of your choice, you can elegantly bring the cinematic adventure’s excitement to life. By using crayons or colour pencils as tools, you can relive the magic of this animated movie. The background has fantastical landscapes and settings from the film, which you can bring to life.

10. Cute My Little Pony Coloring Pages:

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Pony Apple Bloom is a cute character from My Little Pony who is adorable and has endearing aspects. Accentuate the cuteness of the pony by using soft and charming colours, representing the charm of the pony beautifully. These colouring pages provide a delightful way to celebrate the appeal and irresistible sweetness of the pony characters in the My Little Pony characters, making them ideal for a fan of all ages.

11. Pony Life Coloring Pages:

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This page can be ideal if you are a fan of MLP’s new generation characters from the spin-off series. This page provides fans with a comedic and whimsical take on My Little Pony, which helps you embrace the show’s lively and fun spirit. Use playful and vibrant colours that beautifully reflect the character’s personality. Colour pencils are perfect for shading techniques or crayons for mess-free work.

12. My Little Pony Luna, Coloring Pages:

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Princess Luna is the guardian of the night and is known for her enchanting presence in the My Little Pony series. You can highlight the regal appearance of this pony by using a dark blue coat, a deep indigo for the tail, and a mane. Finally, her body has a crescent moon cutie mark and a celestial-themed motif. Furthermore, you can add elements like stars or a moonlit sky in the background, giving it a magical touch.

13. My Little Pony Colour by Magic:

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This is yet another My Little Pony colouring page that gives you a glimpse into its magical world. The characters on this page correspond to the interactive mobile game where you can decorate the ponies with the colours of your choice and further decorate them with glitter. Use bright and pale colours for the pony characters while lighter blues and gold hues for the background. This can be an interactive way to engage with the My Little Pony universe and its colourful inhabitants.

14. Detailed My Little Pony Printable Coloring Pages:

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This is another My Little Pony with detailed and intricate patterns requiring creativity and attention to detail. It is a suitable page for adults and young adults who can navigate the delicate designs. Capture the richness of the scene by using a wide range of colours depending on your preference. Furthermore, this page offers a diverse colouring experience with backgrounds from fantastical landscapes to cozy interiors.

15. My Little Pony Characters Coloring Pages:

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We love spending time on beaches with our family and friends; My Little Pony’s characters are no different. Two characters from this franchise are playing on the beach, building sand castles, and having fun. Kids of all ages often prefer these colouring pages with crayons or coloured pencils as colouring tools. Use natural colours like lighter blue for the sky and greyish brown for the sand, making the background realistic.

In conclusion, the curated list of my little pony coloring pages presented in this article offers an imaginative and magical experience for kids of all ages, regardless of gender. Kids can connect with their favourite pony characters and explore the world of adventure and friendship through the joy of colouring. Though the colouring tips can help kids. You can also let them use colours of their choice to make the sheets more personal. Let your kid’s imagination shine through without further ado as they create their pony-filled masterpieces. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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