Are you looking for fall-themed, Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed activities? Then, this is where the pumpkin coloring pages can be an attractive and entertaining choice. You can find many pumpkin colouring sheets in this article, from simple pumpkin outlines and intricately patterned ones to spooky carved pumpkin designs suitable for kids and adults.

Vibrant hues can make the pumpkin coloring sheets stand out and make a definite addition to your kid’s art collection. Therefore, go through the list of these sheets and choose the ones you might like the most. Read on!

15 Best & Simple Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

We have presented you with some of the best and most popular pumpkin coloring pages, which can be the perfect entertaining option for kids and adults.

1. Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

Halloween, like Christmas, is a popular festivity where children are very excited to participate. This pumpkin colouring sheet is pretty simple and has broad elements making the colouring process easier for kids of all ages—especially younger ones aged 3 to 4. Crayons can be the perfect tools for kids aged 3 to 5, and oil pastels are ideal for kids aged seven and above.

2. Scary Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

Many of us associate Halloween with scary images and love the same represented in the pictures we want to colour. So this is the only occasion where a scary Halloween coloring page can be appropriate for children aged 8 to 12. You can use the original orange for the pumpkin and brown for the teeth and the vine. However, you can let your kids choose the colours to make the pumpkin look funny and less scary. Oil pastels can be an ideal colouring tool to achieve your desired look.

3. Pumpkin Coloring Pages for Adults:

This one can be a perfect choice if you are an adult looking for a Halloween colouring page. Though the outlines of the pumpkin are simple, the internal parts have intricate patterns that look beautiful with or without colours. However, the paper is beautified using multiple colours with brush or sketch pens as colouring tools. You can also use colourful glitter pens to highlight some parts of the pumpkin to make it look more beautiful.

4. Pumpkin Cartoon Coloring Page:

Cartoons can get through to kids and adults and convey any serious message quickly and beautifully. Therefore, this pumpkin coloring page is appropriate for preschoolers or kindergarteners because they are just learning to colour. You can use deep orange or chrome yellow for the pumpkin, red for the tongue, and brown for the stem. Crayons are the perfect tools for younger kids who want to do mess-free work.

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5. Happy Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

Pumpkin carving is a popular activity many people participate in during Halloween as a family bonding activity. This happy pumpkin coloring page has everything necessary to attract kids aged 4 to 6 with crayons or colour pencils as tools. Orange or mustard yellow is the perfect colour to make the pumpkin look real. However, you can let your kids use other colours to make the pumpkin fun.

6. Pumpkin Decorating Coloring Page:

If you are looking for a pumpkin decorating page for kids aged 8 to 12, this one can work well, irrespective of gender. Make sure to use mustard yellow for the pumpkin, brown for the hands, dark green for the leaves, lighter green for smaller leaves, red for apples, purple for grapes and more golden brown for the basket. Kids in this age group can handle water, poster colours, or even brush pens.

7. Funny Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

This is a funny-looking pumpkin coloring page in the sea of scary-looking pages. You can choose different shades of oranges for each pumpkin while using darker to lighter shades from the corners to the centre, giving them a realistic look while leaving out the teeth as is. This colouring sheet is suitable for kids of all ages, from younger to older ones.

8. Realistic Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

This pumpkin coloring page is best for adults and children aged 10 to 12. Since it is for adults, you can let them choose colours at their discretion. Oil pastels can be an ideal choice of colouring tools to bring out the natural look of the pumpkin with the help of the shading technique. Brush pens can be another alternative to colouring the page.

9. Baby Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

This baby pumpkin looks exceptionally adorable and might be an attractive option for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Even older kids can try colouring this page if they know different colouring techniques like shading with colour pencils or crayons. However, younger kids might fair better with the help of crayons. You can use shades of orange for the pumpkin and green for the grass and the pumpkin’s stem.

10. Pumpkin Coloring Pages with Numbers:

If you are looking for a simple and efficient pumpkin coloring activity for pre-primary kids who have just started learning to colour. This pumpkin coloring page is divided, segregated properly, and designated with an alphabet. Furthermore, each alphabet is further represented with colour making the process easier for the kids. Crayons are the perfect tools since this colouring page is for younger kids for mess-free work.

11. Detailed Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

This is another detailed pumpkin colouring page that works exceptionally well for adults. Brush pens with different-sized nibs can be a unique and perfect way to brighten and liven up the page. Using multiple colours in light and bright colours can create an ideal output. Once you are done colouring, you can also hand it as a part of your art collection.

12. Children’s Pumpkin Coloring Pages:

This is another children’s pumpkin coloring page that is large, has leaves underneath and also has vines on the top. It is suitable for kids of any age, irrespective of gender. Younger kids might find using crayons as colouring tools easy, especially for mess-free work. You can use different shades of green for the leaves and the stem. Furthermore, you can use orange for the pumpkin.

13. Pumpkin Coloring Page Images:

Suppose you want a beautiful pumpkin coloring page, like a canvas. In that case, this sheet is a perfect option because it covers the entire page. Once you fill this sheet with colours, it looks similar to wallpaper. These colouring sheets are ideal for adults or older kids aged 10 to 12 who can adapt shading techniques with colours to bring a realistic look to the page.

14. Pumpkin and Ghost Coloring Pages:

Ghosts are a common phenomenon; you can see many kids and adults adorning them as costumes. This pumpkin colouring image has a pumpkin-shaped head for the man with ghosts floating around. There is also a moon across the sky with clouds making the entire picture more realistic. This colouring idea is best suited for kids aged 6 to 9 years with colour pencils, crayons or oil pastels as colouring tools.

15. Gorgeous Pumpkin Colouring Worksheet:

This gorgeous and spooky-looking pumpkin coloring page is a perfect solution if your kids are fans of Halloween. This colouring page has all the elements which make Halloween a favourite among kids everywhere. So Ifspooky is what you are looking for, let kids decide the colours, and you can see the magic happening right before you. You can also add sparkles if you want a splash on the paper.

Pumpkins can be the perfect veggie for letting your kids choose colours independently to encourage creativity. However, we have also presented you with some colouring suggestions if your kids need a little guidance. Therefore, go through the curated list of pumpkin coloring pages, and choose and download the one you like. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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