Is it possible to find a kid who isn’t fascinated by tigers? The answer is probably no! The animated movies further enhance the kid’s love for the magnificent animal. Therefore, tiger coloring pages with realistic and humorous designs can entertain kids and adults. Additionally, tigers have a mesmerizing pull on kids because of their loud growth, slower stride, strength, and size, making them a prominent attraction in many zoos.

Therefore, without further ado, go through the list of colouring sheets and choose the one your kids might like the most. Read on!

Top 15 Tiger Coloring Pages:

Here is a beautiful collection of tiger colouring pages with humourous and natural forms. Let us look into the sheets and download the ones that suit your taste best.

1. Saber Tooth Tiger Coloring Page:

Whether it is an animation series or a movie, saber tooth tigers have been a part of them. To make the tiger image look realistic, you can add two different colour options to the image. You can choose grey for the body and black for the stripes or golden yellow for the body and orange for the stripes. You can let your kids decide, depending on their preferences. This colouring page is suitable for kids of all ages with colour pencils or crayons as tools.

2. Tiger Coloring Pages for Adults:

This is an attractive tiger coloring page suitable for adults who can handle all the details on the page. Oil pastels can be an ideal choice to blend in different colours to make the page look realistic. However, poster colours can also work wonders in creating a masterpiece. But if you are a beginner and want to do something simple, crayons or colour pencils can be a perfect choice.

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3. Tiger Faces Coloring Pages:

This tiger head coloring page looks extremely pretty, even without adding colours. Just imagine your kid’s face once they fill the page with colours. Since it is only the face, using colours close to the real tiger is best. However, you can get creative by using multiple bright colours for the flowers around the animal. Colour pencils or crayons are the perfect tools since this page best suits children aged 5 to 8.

4. Baby Tiger Coloring Pages:

This colouring page can make anyone go aww, from kids to adults. Kids aged 6 to 8 years can use colour pencils or crayons to colour this page. Use orange for the cub’s body and black for the stripes. Additionally, you can choose brown for the trunk, dark green for the leaves and red for the apples. Furthermore, don’t forget to paint the sky light blue and grey clouds. Finally, you can use bright colours for the birds, brightening the page.

5. Roaring Tiger Coloring Pages:

A roaring tiger is something that many of us find intriguing and amazed, including kids. This unique tiger coloring page is suitable for kids of all ages, including adults. Depending on the one doing colouring, they can use different colouring tools like oil pastels, crayons or even poster colours. A blend of orange and yellow can be the perfect combination to represent the realistic look of this majestic animal.

6. Daniel Tiger Coloring Pages:

Daniel Tiger is a toddler from a popular animation series which helps kids learn many valuable life lessons. Kids of different ages process these lessons differently, and it has been seen to help them process even tricky emotions. Therefore, if your kids are fans of daniel tiger, this colouring page will surely make them happy. However, this colouring page is usually preferred by kids aged 5 to 8 with crayons as colouring tools.

7. Cartoon Tiger Coloring Pages:

Cartoons are the way to go when you want kids to have fun while passing the time productively by colouring these cartoon colouring pages. This funny-looking tiger can attract kids aged 3 to 5 years with crayons as colouring tools. However, since this tiger already has stripes filled with black colour, kids will have to fill the other area with orange, leaving out the eyes and teeth.

8. Tiger Coloring Pages for Toddlers:

Your toddlers will love this cute little tiger coloring page if they are tigers fans. The emotion displayed by this tiger cub is quite attractive and is the one we can see in most of our toddlers when they want something from us. Plastic crayons are the perfect tools to fill the little tiger cub. In addition, you can help your little ones in the colouring process, making it an ideal family bonding time.

9. Tiger Mandala Coloring Pages:

Are you a fan of mandala art? Yes! Many adults, irrespective of age and gender, are becoming increasingly interested in mandala art and choosing it as a form of stress-buster. However, unlike the circular pattern you usually find, this one has intricate details incorporated into a tiger creating a unique colouring page. Brush pens of various nib sizes are the perfect tools to make this page more colourful and beautiful.

10. Tigress Coloring Pages:

Kung fu panda is one of the popular animation franchise movies whose characters are popular among kids of all ages. However, out of all the characters, the tigress is the one that is stoic and doesn’t show emotions easily. Some of us can relate to these characteristics, whether kids or adults. Use brown for her trousers, golden yellow for the base of her coat, and reddish orange for the leaves. You can choose orange for the tiger’s body and black for the stripes.

11. Realistic Tiger Coloring Pages:

This beautiful tiger coloring page looks very realistic, even without any colours. However, once you use suitable colours, you can make the page into something frame-worthy. This page best suits adults who want to spend their free time colouring. Though brush pens and sketch pens are the perfect tools, you can also use oil pastels to blend in colours creating an excellent-looking picture.

12. Tiger Coloring Pages for Preschool:

This page can be an ideal choice if you are looking for tiger coloring pages for kindergartners or pre-schoolers. This colouring sheet is an excellent option for people who want to introduce colouring and the alphabet to their kids. Use orange for the tiger’s body, yellow for the sun and dark colours like red for the alphabet.

13. Tiger Cub Coloring Pages:

This is another tiger cub coloring page that might attract younger kids aged 3 to 5 towards colouring because they associate with the cub’s cuteness and tinyness. If you have chosen to give this colouring page to younger kids, it is best to use crayons for mess-free work, and colouring will also be easy for kids. Orange is the perfect colour to make the tiger cub look realistic and authentic.

14. Mother and Tiger Cub Coloring Page:

The relationship between a mother and her children is eternal and indescribable, whether it is a human or animal. This is one of those tiger pictures to print and colour, depicting the beautiful bond between a mother tiger and her cub. You can use a combination of orange and yellow for the body of the mom tiger and her cub. This colouring sheet is a perfect option for kids aged 3 to 6 with crayons as colouring tools.

15. Detailed Tiger Coloring Pages:

This is another free printable tiger colouring page preferred by adults who love to colour detailed pictures. This sheet has intricate details you can bring to life using multiple colours. You can use brush or sketch pens to fill in this page’s elements. Although adults can use colours depending on their preference, we suggest using multiple colours in light and bright colours.

Whether a cartoonish page, a realistic one, or everything in between, this article has a wide range of tiger coloring pages. So you can let kids choose colours, experiment, or take guidance from our tips. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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