Peacock is India’s national bird and is known for their striking iridescent plumage and elegant displays. However, in addition to symbolizing beauty, grace, and pride, their vibrant colours and unique courtship dances attract kids of all ages towards them. The captivating peacock coloring pages display dazzling peacocks showcasing stunning tail feathers to adorable peacock chicks, helping kids embark on a delightful and memorable journey.

The colouring pages can also be another way to educate kids about these fascinating creatures and their habitats in detail in the comfort of your home. Kids of different ages can explore a kaleidoscope of colours and let their creativity soar with these peacock colouring pages. Read on!

15 Best Peacock Coloring Pages:

Ask your kids to grab the colouring tools they choose without further ado and prepare to add a splash of colour to these beautiful peacock illustrations.

1. Easy Peacock Coloring Pages:

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This one can be an easy option if you are looking for peacock coloring pages for all ages, the focus being on vibrant plumage. You can use shades of green and blue for the peacock’s body while adding subtle details with darker tones. Furthermore, use bright blues, purples, and greens for the tail feathers. At the same time, consider adding hints of bronze or gold, mimicking iridescent quality while using brown or gray for the body.

2. Beautiful Peacock Coloring Pages:

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Give your kids a chance to explore the splendor of peacocks with these beautiful peacock colouring pages. You can capture the peacock’s iridescent feathers using vibrant shades of blue, green, and teal. You can further accentuate the distinctive eye patterns on the tails with emerald greens and deep blues. Colour pencils or crayons with thin nibs can be ideal for kids aged 7 to 10.

3. Coloring Sheet of a Peacock:

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This beautiful peacock colouring page showcases the elegance of this captivating bird featuring the national bird with its vibrant plumage and stunning body. Try using teal, blue, and green shades for the feathers, rich emerald greens, deep blues for the distinctive eye-shaped patterns, and gray or brown for the bird’s body. You can make the sheet more authentic by using natural hues like brown shades for the ground and light blue for the sky.

4. Peacock Coloring Pages for Adults:

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Who said adults could not have fun colouring? This intricately designed peacock colouring page offers adults an artistic and therapeutic experience. The benefit of such designs is that you aren’t restricted to using traditional colours, letting you use a wide variety of colours, making the colouring process unique, resulting in a rich and diverse end product. Brush pens with different nibs can be the perfect tool to express your creativity.

5. Baby Peacock Coloring Pages:

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The baby peacock colouring page perfectly depicts the charm of the young peafowls with more delicate and smaller feathers. They look simple in an endearing pose, often with their fluffy plumage. You can choose yellows, greens, and shades of blues for the chick’s feathers. This page can be a delightful and approachable way for adults and kids to appreciate the nature of baby peacocks through creativity and colours. Kids aged 7 to 10 can colour this sheet with crayons or pencils.

6. Detailed Peacock Coloring Pages:

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Suppose you are looking for an intricate and sophisticated peacock design on a colouring page. In that case, this detailed one can be a perfect choice, especially for experienced colorists. This page’s palette is more diverse, ranging from deep blues, vibrant teals, and lush greens for the feathers. You can also use the shading technique with colour pencils to add depth and detail to the picture.

7. Mandala Peacock Coloring Pages:

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The popularity of mandala art is growing exponentially because of all the positive notes associated with it. This page combines the meditative art of mandalas with the elegance of peacocks beautifully. Try to use a broad spectrum of colours with brush pens as tools. These pages provide a unique and artistic fusion of nature’s beauty and the calming essence of mandalas for a mindful colouring experience.

8. Peacock Feathers Coloring Pages:

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Unlike the other peacock colouring pages, this one has only peacock feathers, which the bird is prominently known for. The mesmerizing patterns of the peacock feathers allow us to showcase your artistry using vibrant colours. Adults or young adults can use brush pens or watercolours to blend multiple hues. You can further capture the feather’s iridescence by adding subtle gradients. These colouring pages allow enthusiasts to explore the captivating allure of peacock feathers in an artistic and detailed manner.

9. Peacock Coloring Pages with Hearts:

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This attractive peacock colouring page combines the symbol of love with the regal beauty of peacocks. This page is ideal for kids aged 8 to 15 with brush pens or sketch pens as tools. You can use shades of reds and pinks for the hearts and deep blues, teals, and greens for the peacock’s plumage. This design offers a harmonious blend of love and elegance, making it a choice for adults who want to colour simple sheets to pass the time.

10. Cute Peacock Coloring Page:

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This cute peacock colouring page is an adorable interpretation of the majestic bird with a friendly and approachable demeanor. This colouring sheet is suitable for kids aged 6 to 10 years with colour pencils as tools. You can use authentic colours or let your kids experiment with colours of their choice, making the picture more personal. Even younger kids can colour these pages with some help from adults with crayons as tools for mess-free work.

11. Intricate Peacock Coloring Pages for Adults:

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This intricately designed peacock colouring page, ideal for adults, provides a meditative and creative experience. The intricate patterns require careful colouring, highlighting the peacock’s beauty elegantly. Using thin nib brush pens will help you reach even the small corners of the plumage, providing an opportunity for precise colouring. You can further add depth and complexity by using ornate in the background. Fill the background of the paper with natural colours like bluish green for the sky and reddish yellow for the parts of the sky closer to the sun.

12. Realistic Peacock Coloring Pages:

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This is a free printable peacock colouring page you can download and print. This page features a highly-detailed peacock design suitable for young adults and adults who want to experiment with using multiple colours or blend a few of them to get the bird’s original color. Though brush pens can work wonders, you can use poster colours to mix, resulting in a realistic-looking peacock on the paper.

13. Graceful Peacock Coloring Pages:

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Suppose you want to exemplify the elegance of our national birds. In that case, this graceful peacock colouring page can be a perfect choice. This page depicts the peacock in a majestic and poised pose, accentuating its regal demeanor. You can capture the peacock’s exquisite plumage by employing a palette of deep blues, vibrant greens, and rich purples. Use a combination of gray, green, and blue for the bird’s body while lighter blue for the sky and brown for the branches making the page look more realistic. This colouring page is ideal for adults with brush pens or watercolours as tools.

14. Peacock Pair Coloring Pages:

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This is another peacock colouring page for adults that showcases the enchanting sight of two peacocks, often in a romantic and harmonious pose. You can use deep blues, vibrant greens, and rich purples, thereby celebrating the bird’s beauty. Use shades of pink and green for the flowers and leaves in the background and brown for the pillar the birds are standing on. Young adults can also colour this page with water, which helps them blend different colours beautifully.

15. Unique Peacock Pictures Coloring Ideas:

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This unique peacock pictures colouring page offers an artistic twist on the magnificent birds. This page showcases the versatility of peacocks as creative subjects, making the sheet unconventional and imaginative interpretations of the bird. Furthermore, you can capture the essence of the peacock’s beauty by making bold and experimental colour choices showcasing your creativity. Since the background has surreal landscapes, you can combine bright and lighter colours to create a contrasting effect.

In conclusion, the list of peacock colouring pages offers an educational and captivating experience for kids of all ages. The list includes intricate designs and minimal patterns that work well for many kids, from play groups to pre-teens to teenagers. This way, you can foster a deeper appreciation in kids by providing a perfect platform for learning about peacocks. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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