A Barbie is special in childhood memories, and it has been considered a girl’s best friend for many decades and will be in the future, too. The 20 Barbie colouring pages can be fun for your little one to showcase their creativity. You can use glitter pens, sketches, felt pens or even watercolours to bring life into these sheets. The pages depict the changes Barbie has gone through, from the simple old Barbie to today’s supermodel collection, which can be brought to life with the use of colours.

Therefore, go through the list of Barbie colouring pages without further ado and download the one your kids like the most. Read on!

20+ Beautiful Barbie Coloring Pages:

Let your kid unleash their imagination and watch the magic of Barbie unfold in front of your eyes. Go through the list of colouring pages and then choose accordingly.

1. Barbie Mermaid Coloring Pages:

No kid in this world isn’t fascinated by mermaids and Barbies. So, what do you think happens when there is a combination of Barbies and mermaids? Yes! This colouring page has a Barbie with a fishtail instead of legs. You can use light blue for the fishtail or baby pink for the mermaid’s hair. Additionally, you can use multiple colours for the mermaid’s dress and golden glitter for the pearl hairband. This colouring page is suitable for kids aged 4 to 7 with crayons or coloured pencils as colouring tools.

2. Barbie Princess Coloring Pages:

Though there are several Barbie movies and TV series, the one where Barbie is a princess is popular among young girls. Choose brown for the railing and the window, green for the bushes and red for the beautiful flowers. Try golden yellow for Barbie’s hair and golden glitter for her crown. Using multiple colours for Barbie’s dress can make the page look unique and beautiful. This colouring page is suitable for kids aged 5 to 8 with coloured pencils or crayons as tools.

3. Fashion Barbie Coloring Pages:

A fashionable Barbie is the one most kids like to play with because her dresses are something most of us can relate to. So first, use golden or brown colour for her hair, pink for her coat, red for her shirt and light blue for her bell bottoms. Next, you can add glitter to the buttons on her jacket, and finally, black for the handbag Barbie carries. This colouring page is suitable for kids aged 5 to 8 years, with crayons or coloured pencils as tools.

4. Barbie Fairy Coloring Pages:

Suppose your kid is a fan of everything glittery and fashionable. In that case, this beautiful Barbie colouring page can be an ideal choice. Golden yellow is the perfect colour for the hair, and any pale colour for the dress, like light blue and lemon yellow with matching wings. Additionally, you can use a glittering golden pen to brighten all the small details in the dress. This colouring page is perfect for girls aged 8 to 12, with brushes, sketches, and glitter pens as tools.

5. Beautiful Barbie Coloring Pages:

When discussing Barbies, pretty dresses and beautifully matted hair come to mind. This beautiful colouring page depicts Barbie wearing a ruffled skirt and an off-shoulder shirt. You can use a single colour or different colours as you prefer. For example, use shades of green for the bushes and trees and brown for the tree trunks. Additionally, use blue, pink, and red for the balloons and black or pink for the heels.

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6. Barbie Family Coloring Pages:

This Barbie colouring page features all the family members who are essential to Barbie’s life. It is suitable for kids of all ages, irrespective of gender, using crayons or coloured pencils for mess-free and gorgeous work. You can let your kids choose what colours they want for this page, making it colourful. Make sure to let your kids colour every part of the page, even the background.

7. Barbie and Friends Coloring Pages:

Barbie has most of her fun with family and then friends. This is why you can see your kids watching Barbie’s adventures with her friends in TV series and animated movies. This colouring page perfectly depicts how Barbie was having fun with her friends while singing. This colouring page is best suited for kids aged 8 to 12 with watercolours, brush pens and a touch of sparkle with glittery pens.

8. Doctor Barbie Coloring Pages:

This Doctor Barbie colouring page might look simple. Still, it represents that Barbies are not just sparkly but also career-oriented, motivating little kids in that direction. You can use golden yellow or brown for the hair, leave the coat white, black for her pants, brown for her shoes, and red for the T-shirt. However, since it is professional attire, make sure not to add any glittery elements.

9. Barbie Dog Coloring Pages:

The world of Barbie is incomplete without her complete set of dogs. This colouring page has many intricate details, making it an excellent option for kids aged 9 to 12 years with brush pens with various-sized nibs as tools and glitter pens. In addition, you can let your kids choose colours per their preferences, making the colouring page more unique for them.

10. Barbie Christmas Coloring Pages:

Christmas is one of the most famous festivals for kids and adults worldwide, and the same holds for the Barbie universe. This colouring page is best suited for kids aged 8 to 12 with coloured pencils or brush pens as colouring tools. Since green is the base colour for the tree, try to use glittery colours for all the Christmas bobbles. Avoid leaving out any space without colours to make the page more appealing.

11. Free Printable Barbie Coloring Pages:

This is another free printable Barbie colouring page best suited for kids aged 9 to 12 because this page has intricate details that might not be suitable for younger kids. Leave the chef cap and coat in white and fill the other parts with multiple colours, creating a contrasting effect. Choose appropriate colours for the vegetables and fruits to make the page look real. Crayons are the perfect colouring tools to cover all the tiny details.

12. Cute Barbie Coloring Pages:

This might be a simple yet elegant Barbie colouring page that can help you colour every part of the page because there are details everywhere. Whether it is Barbie’s dress or the buildings, several elements create a perfect coloring sheet for kids of all ages. Use shades of pink for Barbie’s dress, golden yellow for her hair, and shades of brown and red for the buildings around her.

13. Barbie Colour Pages for Toddlers:

This Barbie colouring page only has the beauty’s head and has broad details, which can make it perfect for toddlers. Since the page is ideal for younger kids, crayons can be perfect for mess-free work. Choose brown or golden yellow for her hair, a golden glitter pen for her crown, brown for her cat, and pink for her dress. Finally, you can add silver glitter for the stars on the page.

14. Barbie Coloring Pages for Adults:

There is no restriction that adults cannot enjoy colouring these pages—this beautiful Barbie coloring page suits adults who want colouring during their pastime. You can use brush, sketch, or oil pastels, perfect tools to liven up the page. Choose colours as per your preference to make the colouring page more intimate and authentic to oneself. Finally, you can add sparkle to the page using glittering multicoloured pens.

15. Easy Barbie Coloring Pages:

This is another Barbie coloring page suitable for younger kids just learning to colour—for instance, kindergarteners and pre-schoolers. Choose biege for Barbie’s skin, brown for her hair, and bright colours like red or pink for the words BARBIE, creating a perfect-looking coloring page. Again, crayons are the perfect tools for younger kids to do mess-free work.

16. Beautiful Barbie Pictures To Colour:

This Barbie colouring page depicts the stylish lifestyle of Barbie’s world. This colouring page will attract kids aged 9 to 13 with coloured pencils and brush pens as colouring tools. Let your kids experiment with colours, a combination of bright and light colours, creating a contrasting look. You can also sit down with your kids while colouring the page as a bonding time.

17. Barbie Doll Coloring Pages:

This is a simple Barbie colouring page suitable for kids of all ages, irrespective of gender, though girl kids might prefer it. Choose different shades of green for the bushes, light blue for the sky, and multiple colours for the butterfly. Use biege for Barbie’s skin, golden yellow for her hair, and purple, lavender, or pink for the dress, with a touch of sparkle here and there. Younger kids might do well with crayons, and older kids might work well with brush pens or watercolours.

18. Holiday Barbie Coloring Pages:

Have you ever seen Barbie holidaying? Then we must agree that those are the holidays we all aspire to enjoy. This colouring page depicts how Barbie loves to enjoy her holiday, including her attire with her dogs on a sledge on the ice. Leave the ice in white with shades of grey, brown for the tree branches and the park bench, and green for the leaves. You can use pale colours like baby pink or light blue for Barbie’s attire or bright colours like purple or red as per your preference.

19. Barbie in Beach Images for Coloring:

We all love to enjoy ourselves on the beach, and the same holds for Barbie, too. This Barbie coloring page perfectly represents where Barbie is surfing with her friends. You can choose a shiny bronze colour for the car and black for the tyres. Additionally, you can try to use multiple colours for the surfboard and golden yellow for the car’s heart-shaped headlights. Finally, let your kids choose colours for Barbie’s dresses and her friends. Depending on the kids’ age, crayons or brush pens might be the perfect tool.

20. Barbie Coloring Sheets:

This is another page of Barbie colouring for her friends on holiday. This colouring page best suits children aged nine and above who can colour even the smallest details. You can let the kids choose bright and bubbly or light and sober colours. Crayons, brush pens, oil pastels, or sketch pens can be ideal tools for creating a visually appealing sheet.

21. Latest Barbie Colouring Pages:

Discover a magical world of creativity with our enchanting Barbie colouring pages. Dive into a collection featuring beloved characters, stunning fashion designs, and captivating scenes from Barbie’s adventures. Perfect for kids and Barbie fans of all ages, pick your favourite designs, grab your crayons or markers, and embark on a colourful journey with Barbie today!

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Barbie has been and will always be a girl’s best friend. But, of course, the age-old Barbie has gone through a significant transformation to match the expectations of today’s girl. The same is represented beautifully in the Barbie colouring pages in this article. You can encourage the imagination and fantasy of your child by letting them use colours as per their preference. However, the article also has some colouring tips that might help them. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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