Lion is called the king of the jungle or the king of beasts because of its majestic and fierce nature. Children have always been fascinated by Lions, and there is an increase in the lion coloring page’s popularity attributed to Disney characters like Mufasa and Simba. Furthermore, you can keep yourself and your kids entertained while bonding during those afternoons when you guys have nothing to do.

Without further ado, go through the list of lion colouring pages and choose the one you like the most. Read on!

Top 15 Lion Coloring Pages For Kids:

We have curated some lion coloring pages ranging from realistic to cartoonish images, which can be a perfect printable colouring option.

1. African Lion Coloring Pages:

African lions have been considered symbols of strength and courage throughout history. Compared to all the species in the cat family, these iconic animals have powerful bodies. This African lion colouring page represents everything you have heard about this majestic animal. Use a brownish orange shade for the shaggy mane and golden yellow for the lion’s body. At the same time, use different shades of green for the bushes and grass, brown for the hills and tree branches, and blue for the sky.

2. Lion Mandala Coloring Pages:

Mandala art’s popularity is increasing as it is popularly used as a stress-buster among adults. This beautiful mandala lion printable colouring page is a perfect way to use your love for colours and incorporate the same into a paper. You can use brush pens with varying-sized nibs to colour this sheet. Then, using multiple colours, you create visually stunning art that can be frame-worthy.

3. Roaring Lion Coloring Pages:

Lion is a majestic animal with several salient features, out of which its roar is pretty prominent and can shake the ground you stand on. This colouring page can be suitable for kids of all ages, depending on how they want to colour. For example, younger kids can use yellow, orange and shades of brown to colour the lion. Additionally, older kids who are more experienced in drawing can use shading techniques, oil pastels, or colour pencils to bring the lion to life.

4. Simba Coloring Pages:

Lion King has been a classic movie for many of our childhoods. It is still a legend for gen Z, so this cute Simba colouring page will be a perfect option to entertain your kids. This can also be a way to be part of something that you and your kid love. This colouring page is usually preferred by younger kids in the age group of 3 to 4 years who are in the initial days of learning to colour with crayons as perfect colouring tools.

5. Lion Colour by Number:

You would be hard-pressed to find kids who don’t love colouring. Once they start picking up colours, most kids love experimenting with colours wherever they find space. This is where the lion colouring page with numbers can help nudge them in the right direction without the pressure of choosing the colours. Each part of the page is designated with numbers which are assigned colours. This makes the colouring process much easier for kids and their parents.

6. Lion King Coloring Pages:

This is another Lion King colouring page with Mufasa and Simba in one of those memorable moments from the movie. If you want a realistic look, watercolours, poster colours, or oil pastels can perfectly blend in colours. This colouring page is also suitable for kids of all ages; you can change the tools you use depending on their age. For example, you can give crayons to younger kids for mess-free work.

7. Realistic Lion Coloring Pages:

This is another realistic-looking lion, and once you add colours, it will look like his majesty will jump from the paper. You can use bright orange with shades of brown for the lion’s mane, golden yellow for the animal’s body, and dark green for the grass. This colour combination creates a very realistic look. Again, crayons are the perfect tools for younger kids, whereas colour pencils can be ideal for older kids.

8. Lion Family Coloring Pages:

This colouring sheet depicts a gorgeous lion family in the form of a colouring page. Though there is no restriction for younger kids, this page might be a perfect choice for young adults or even adults. Using shades of green for the grass, bushes and trees and various shades of orange, yellow and brown for the lion’s body, irrespective of their size.

9. Lion Coloring Sheets for Toddlers:

Toddlers might look just like kids, but keeping them entertained through the holidays is difficult. This beautiful lion colouring sheet is an excellent option for toddlers or children aged 4 to 6 years who are enthusiastic about colouring. You can either go for authentic colours or let your kids experiment with colours which can result in an impressive result.

10. Cute Lion Coloring Pages:

This cute lion colouring page can be an attractive option for kindergarteners learning the alphabet. This simple concept has the sun, the alphabet L, the lion and the bushes. You can use orange for the sun, shades of green for the bushes and the land, and bold colours for the alphabet, creating a perfect-looking colouring page. Since it is for younger kids, crayons are the perfect choice for mess-free work.

11. Lion king Simba and Friends Coloring Page:

The friends Simba had in the movie Lion King are why he could go through and emerge as a strong king. This colouring page has Simba’s close friends and the bird close to the future king. This colouring page is suitable for children aged 5 to 8 years with colour pencils or crayons as tools. Orange, golden yellow, brown, and mustard yellow are the colours you can use for the animals.

12. Female Lion Coloring Pages:

A female lion might look like she is relaxing, but she is always on alert. This is why you don’t poke a sleeping lion, or so they say. The unique thing about this colouring sheet is that you can fill the background with colours highlighting the lioness’s single-coloured body. This colouring page is a perfect choice for 8 to 12-year-old kids in addition to adults with colour pencils or oil pastels as tools.

13. Lion Coloring Pages for Preschoolers:

Preschoolers are always on the prowl for some entertainment, especially during holidays. This is where this lion coloring page can help you leaps and bounds. This colouring page is fun and can introduce kids to many colours, making them familiar. Choose bright colours for the flowers, green for the bushes and leaves, golden yellow for the lion’s body and brownish and orange for its mane. Use blue for the sky and a combination of colours for the butterflies.

14. Lion Coloring Pages for Adults:

This lion coloring page can be a perfect choice if you are an adult looking for colouring pages. There are several details carved entire body of the lion and leaves all around the page, creating a perfect canvas for experimenting with colours. Brush or sketch pens are excellent tools to bring life to this colouring page. Using multiple colours is the key to making the page a memorable one.

15. Baby Lion Coloring Pages:

Have you ever seen a baby lion’s picture? This Lion coloring page is a perfect depiction of a cute little lion which can be an attractive option for kids on the younger side between 3 to 5 years. Crayons can be excellent colouring tools if you want your kids to make mess-free work.

Kids’ first go-to animal is the lion, whether for role-playing or making weird sounds. This is where these lion coloring pages presented in this article can be beneficial in intriguing kids of all ages. Furthermore, lions are considered important symbols of strength in many cultures and are celebrated for their courage. Show the list to your kids and let them choose the one they like the most. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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