Kurta is the part of Indian attire that most women love to wear. It has several designs and patterns and is ever evolving. The latest trends of the kurta design make it special for all occasions. You can wear it on a daily basis or for special occasions. It is even made with modern twists so that it can be formal attire as well. The Indian kurtis can be made of cotton, silk, sheer and many other kinds of materials. The neck designs are mostly different as well as the cuts. You can have a line, flared, straight, front slit, etc.

Latest Indian Kurtis For Women:

Here we list some of the Indian latest kurta designs for you to choose from,

1. Poly Cotton Kurti:

Here is a very elegant Indian ladies kurti that you can wear anywhere. The kurta is made from poly cotton material that makes it comfortable as well. The two color kurta is bold and striking with the tie at the front.

2. A Line Kurti:

The A line style is the Indian latest kurti design that suits most women. The flared kurti makes you look regal. You can have tassels at the sides or even buttons in the front. Pair this with churidar for that wonderful look.

3. Solid Kurtis:

These solid colour Indian kurta clothes are what should be part of your wardrobe. The color blocked look is very trendy now. This particular kurta also has buttons on the side.

4. Kurta with Jacket:

Here is a perfect kurta design for men to wear for occasions. The kurta with the jacket is very special as it makes the kurta look elegant. You can have a brocade material for the jacket and a solid kurta underneath.

5. High Low Kurta:

The Indian kurta women’s design now has the latest trend of the high low hemline. You can get these in different styles. This kurta is fitting in the body with full sleeves and then flared at the bottom.

6. Lycra Overlay Kurta:

The Indian kurti design can be made with any kind of material. The Lycra material used is very soft and smooth. This overlay of prints and solids is perfect for a casual outfit.

7. Mandarin Collar Kurta Pajam:

While choosing the Indian kurta men’s design, you will find the mandarin collar a very attractive one. This kurta Indian kurta pajama for men is perfectly designed and cut. It makes the man look slim and when paired with a churidar looks very dashing.

8. Long Kurta Pyjama for Men:

Here is another style for men in Indian kurta design. The long Indian kurta pyjama made from the thin material is great for occasions. The fitting is a bit loose and this makes it easy and comfortable.

9. Cotton Silk Kurti:

You can buy Indian ladies kurta in cotton silk material for that rich look. The cotton silk material is not that expensive as compared to silk. This makes the kurti easy on the pocket as well. The rich look is great for occasions. Cotton silk comes in beautiful shades and hues. These shades when turned into kurti make a gorgeous outfit that is best worn for special ceremonies and occasions.

10. Long Kurtis:

These Indian long kurti are another good and trendy option for you to try. The kurti is long and reaches the ankles. You can pair it with churidar. The flare in the kurti makes it very chic. The long kurti can be worn by all women but look even better on tall women. It adds a good sophistication to your attire.

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11. Printed Kurti:

You will find several designs in Indian cotton kurtis to choose from. These printed cotton kurti designs are beautiful and elegant. The prints can be traditional or abstract as well. Most of the Indian prints are pretty, but now you also have prints that are geometric and abstract. The colors used in these prints are very bold and bright. Mix and match the designs to have a colourful wardrobe.

12. Designer Kurti:

Try out these designer kurti patterns for that out of the world effect. The kurtis for womens in India are so vast that you will find something stunning always. This kite style kurti is another such fashion statement. Be brave and choose this designer style as your next kurti. You will surely make heads turn with this bold design.

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13. Two Layer Kurti:

One of the latest trends are the two layer kurti that has two sheer materials stitched on top of the other. The Indian style kurtas for ladies are made with printed and solid material. The layers are made asymmetrical as well. The top layer is shorter so that the bottom layer can be seen.

14. Front Slit Kurti:

Here is a gorgeous peach and beige party wear kurti that is embroidered at the top. The silk material is rich and gives a very royal look. The front slit is the latest in the Indian kurti patterns. The slit in the front can be open from the bodice or from the waist onwards. This slit lets you have a layer beneath as well.

15. Frock Style Kurti:

This is a lovely frock style kurti that you can wear for great occasions. The western look of the kurti is great for the modern women. You will find these in various colors and patterns. This frock style makes it look like a western dress and most young girls love this latest trend.

The Indian kurta has come a long way from the old style. Now you have straight cut kurta as well as the flared ones. The material that your kurta is made in also makes a lot of difference. You will get a flowing effect from using sheer material and a stiff look from silk and cotton material. Choose the best from this list of kurta designs.

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