People are now conscious of what to wear according to the different seasons. However, there is an outfit that is suitable for every season. The long kurtis are quite an in-trend these days. No matter the season, the kurtis come in various designs that can be worn in different seasons. There are short sleeve kurtis for the summers, while for winters, there are long sleeves too. The latest long kurti designs can also give you that wow look, combining traditional and modern looks.

How Long Kurtis Can Flatter Different Body Types:

Long kurtis are known for their versatility and ability to flatter different body types. Here’s a breakdown of how different body types can be complemented by various features of long kurtis:

Pear-Shaped Body:

  • Opt for long kurtis with A-line or flared silhouettes to balance out wider hips.
  • Choose kurtis with embellishments or interesting necklines to draw attention upward and create a visual balance.
  • Avoid kurtis with horizontal patterns or details around the hip area.

Apple-Shaped Body:

  • Look for long kurtis with a loose, flowy fit to provide a relaxed and comfortable look.
  • Empire waist kurtis or those with an empire waistline can create a flattering silhouette.
  • Choose kurtis with V-necks or scoop necklines to elongate the torso and draw attention away from the midsection.
  • Avoid clingy fabrics or kurtis with excessive pleating or gathering around the waist.

Hourglass-Shaped Body:

  • Opt for long kurtis that highlight the waistline to accentuate the curves.
  • Choose a kurtis with a defined waist or a belt or tie-up feature.
  • Look for Kurtis with a slightly fitted or tailored silhouette to showcase the natural proportions.
  • Avoid oversized or boxy kurtis that may hide the curves and create a bulky appearance.

Rectangle-Shaped Body:

  • Look for long kurtis that create the illusion of curves and add definition to the waistline.
  • Choose kurtis with cinched waists, peplum details, or belt accents to enhance the curves.
  • Opt for long kurtis with asymmetrical hemlines or layered designs to add dimension and create visual interest.
  • Avoid shapeless or overly loose kurtis that may hide the natural body shape.

Plus-Size Body:

  • Opt for long kurtis that offer a relaxed fit and provide ample comfort.
  • Look for kurtis with vertical stripes or patterns to create an elongating effect.
  • Choose kurtis with darker colours or monochromatic tones to create a slimming effect.
  • Avoid clingy fabrics or kurtis with excessive pleating or ruffles that may add bulk to the frame.

Remember, these guidelines are just suggestions; ultimately, personal style and comfort should be prioritized. It’s essential to embrace your body type and wear long kurtis that make you feel confident and beautiful. Experiment with different styles and silhouettes to discover what works best for you.

Latest and Best Long Kurtis for Ladies in Trend:

Here is a collection of stylish long kurti designs that would surely attract you at a single glance, confusing you for purchasing.

1. Ikat Long Kurti with Skirt:

Another in the list of India’s wide range of authentic country-style outfits is the Ikat ones. The ikat print quickly adds an elegant and graceful style to any woman who wears them. This Ikat printed blue colour kurta has been most sought after and on the top trending list for quite a while; given the exclusive nature of print and fashion, it delivers!

  • Design: Navy Blue Ikat Print Kurta with Skirt
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Occasion: Parties and Family Gatherings
  • Wear With: White Pants or Palazzos
  • Style Tip: Simple accessories and elegant hairstyles can add to this outfit.

2. Polka Dot Long Kurti with Slit:

Besides the floral look, the polka dot print is another versatile and evergreen trend in women’s fashion. This vintage and classy vibe attached to this kind of print cannot be competed with. And here is one such kurti with this fashion. This particular piece looks gorgeous, not just for the print but also for the pattern and cuts attached to the style.

  • Design: Yellow Colour Polka Dot Flared Kurti without Sleeves
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body Type: Thin and Medium
  • Occasion: Casual Wear
  • Wear With: White Palazzo or Pants
  • Style Tip: Statement earrings and high heels can go well here.

3. Long Kurti with Palazzo:

The kurti with palazzo is the new fashion these days. This particular style goes with the right contrast blend of maroon and blue colours, which go well with each other and add bright hues to it. Those women who do not prefer too bold and heavy clothing can prefer this one. Further, this is a good spring and summer fashion that is coming up.

  • Design: Plain Maroon Kurti with Navy Blue Printed Palazzo
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body Type: Thin to Plus Size, Anybody
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: Matching Palazzo with Jacket
  • Style Tip: Simple juttis and right loose hairstyle can add elegance to this one.

4. Kurti With Long Shrug:

Kurti with a shrug is a new fashion style that is quite loved by all youngsters and girls around. If you want an ethnic look but want to turn it into an indo-western style of outfit, what is best than adding a cool shrug matching to the outfit? Here is one such option that has overtaken the internet trend. We are in love with this idea.

  • Design: Plain Red Kurti with Embroidered Shrug
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Body Type: Thin to Medium Body
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: Matching Pink Pants
  • Style Tip: Sandals or heels with minimal accessories can do the job here

5. Long Kurti with Jeans:

The most common and known idea is to pair a long kurti with jeans. This evergreen fashion trend has existed for ages and will not go out of fashion. It is easy to style, suitable for daily wear and for all those women who have busy life schedules often in their life. What best than such an easy outfit idea?

  • Design: Block Printed White and Blue Straight Kurti
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Wear With: Jeans
  • Style Tip: Sneakers or loafers can do the trick here.

6. Embroidered Long Kurti for Wedding:

Kurtis is quite a versatile piece of clothing, and here is another piece of evidence to prove our point. Do you ever imagine wearing a kurti for a wedding? If not, you will not return with this gorgeous and latest kurti design. This fancy and embroidered kurti is super cool in fashion trends right now and gives an elegant and partywear ethnic vibe quickly. It is best for such high-end occasions too!

  • Design: Grey Angrakha Floral Embroidery Kurti
  • Fabric: Polyester and Chiffon
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Weddings and Receptions
  • Wear With: Golden Palazzo
  • Style Tip: High heels, loose hair, and heavy accessories can give a cute look.

7. Blue Layered Long Kurti:

Layered pattern outfits are entirely taking over the market these days. Here is one such latest variant if you are searching for something like this! This gorgeous unique style kurti comes with the latest and modern layered design near the hemline, making it look flowy and breezy. This new long kurti looks elegant and is undoubtedly no less than a fairy tale dress!

  • Design: Blue and Pink Printed Anarkali Kurta with Gotta Patti and Sequinned Detail
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: White Palazzo
  • Style Tip: Heavy statement earrings can add a good look here.

8. Plus Size Long Kurti:

Plus-size fashion and wear have been quite going well in India. Body positivity looks in trend now, giving access to such plus-size clothing. One such gorgeous plus-size kurti is here. This is for women with a more significant body type who are made to fit in well and look elegant and beautiful in their sense of fashion!

  • Design: Off-White and Paroon Printed A-Line Kurta
  • Fabric: Viscose Rayon
  • Body Type: Plus Size
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: Black Palazzo or Pants
  • Style Tip: Simple loose hair and flat sandals can be useful here.

9. Bandhani Long Kurti:

The Bandhani fabric has been quite accessible from ancient times, and it has been picking uptrend with new variants and designs. Here is one such beautiful flare Bandhni-style kurti. This long traditional kurta style is no less than a dream for those who love traditional looks and want to flaunt it out in pride! What do you think?

  • Design: Bandhani Print Kurti with Gota Patti Work
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin and Hourglass
  • Occasion: Festive and Occasional Wear
  • Wear With: Palazzo Pants
  • Style Tip: Ethnic heavy accessories can add a good look to this one.

10. Kalamkari Long Kurti with Pant:

After the Bandhani kurti comes the popular Kalamkari style. No one likes the Kalamkari prints; they can deliver effortlessly, given the versatile nature of trend and style statements. This similar Kalamkari printed long kurti is the new love for several women searching for pure ethnic touch in their everyday clothing. They look unique and stunning with traditional style and yet manage to catch others’ attention exclusively with the distinct nature of prints.

  • Design: Blue and Pink Kalamkari Print Kurti with Pant
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin to Plus Size
  • Occasion: Casual Wear
  • Wear With: Jeans or Black Pants
  • Style Tip: Casual sneakers or sandals with a simple style can go well.

11. Floral Print Long Kurti Design:

Be it whatsoever decade we may be or enter, the floral style of fashion can never end. This versatile look and trend are here to stay forever! All of us are suckers for floral looks; subsequently, floral kurti designs keep emerging in the market. Here is one such option if you want to look at it! It has a traditional and ethnic touch, great for a feminine look.

  • Design: Green and White Floral Printed Kurti with Flared Hem
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Tall and Thin to Medium
  • Occasion: Daily wear or Festive Wear
  • Wear With: White Palazzo
  • Style Tip: Wear simple accessories and shoes to look good.

12. Woolen Long Kurti Design:

If you are wondering how to wear Kurtis in winter, here is the chance. The woolen kurti design and styles are the answer for you. One can comfortably wear this in the chill and cold seasons yet look pretty and stylish. It is among the new invention the modern fashion industry has come up with!

  • Design: Plain Grey and Black Woolen Kurti
  • Fabric: Wool
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Daily Wear
  • Wear With: Black Pants or Leggings
  • Style Tip: Simple boots or shoes with loose hair can be good.

13. Silk Checks Long Kurtis:

Silk kurtis have been in trend for the past decade. If you like the fabric, here is one such option for you. This foil-printed kurti is among the latest trend, with modern hues and bright vibes attached to it. If you love the unique sense of fashion in the industry right now, this can be good to match your choice. It is simple yet graceful.

  • Design: Maroon and Beige Colour Foil Printed Kurti
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Body Type: Medium to Large Body Type
  • Occasion: Daily Wear
  • Wear With: Red Palazzo or Matching Pants
  • Style Tip: Heels with a half hairstyle down look can suit here. Add minimal accessories to enhance the look.

14. Georgette Long Kurti:

Georgette fabric is rapidly entering the fashion industry; given its distinctive look, it delivers securely. This long kurti is quite easy to wear, suitable for comfortable extended wear, and best for those women searching for new and daily casual wear outfits. It is readily available, too and is best in several seasons.

  • Design: Purple Print Kurti with Side Slit
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Body Type: Any Body
  • Occasion: Daily Wear
  • Wear With: Black Pants
  • Style Tip: Simple sandals or sneakers with a high bun and minimal accessories can go well.

15. Velvet Long Kurti:

Velvet has been in the fashion industry for ages and continues dominating edgy and high-end fashion wear outfits. It instantly and effortlessly gives a fancy look to anyone who wears it. Here is one such gorgeous long kurti with a cut. Those who want ethnic and bright modern vibes around should try this one out.

  • Design: Red and Grey Floral Printed Kurti with Velvet Finish
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Body Type: Thin to Medium Body
  • Occasion: Parties and Night Events
  • Wear With: Golden Palazzo
  • Style Tip: High heels or wedges with statement earrings.

16. Long Straight Kurti:

Straight kurtis have been in trend from the time kurtis have been in fashion. However, they continue to stay, with their versatile wearing power and style ideas. One can wear long straight kurtis in many ways for several occasions, which is why is the reason among several variants, it continues to dominate. Here is one such beautiful piece!

  • Design: Pink Colour Stright Kurti with 3/4 Sleeves
  • Fabric: Viscose
  • Body Type: Petite And Hourglass Body
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: Palazzo or Straight Pants
  • Style Tip: High heels and heavy ear accessories can enhance the overall look.

17. A-Line Long Kurti with Side Slit:

This gorgeous piece of fashion with the side slit is trending. It looks fantastic with a unique style and gives a quick look without effort in modern vibes. Those who love contemporary vibes and experimental fashion should not miss this A-line kurti at any cost!

  • Design: Beige and Grey Circular Design Printed Kurti with Side Slits
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin, Curvy and Medium Size
  • Occasion: Parties and Dinner Events
  • Wear With: Grey Palazzos
  • Style Tip: Brown or leather sandals with simple loose hair can suit this style.

18. Long Kurti with Front Cut:

This mustard yellow kurti is all about following the latest fashion sense with bright hues and contemporary vibes. All those fashionistas within you can follow this trend blindly, as it will look both a blend of ethnic and Western fashion. We love this new blend, which mixes up with style statement effortlessly.

  • Design: Yellow Floral Printed Kurti with Front Slit
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body Type: Any Body Type
  • Occasion: Events and Fests
  • Wear With: White Leggings
  • Style Tip: Simple shoes or sandals can add to the look.

19. Partywear Long Kurti:

Do you know that you can ever wear long kurtis for parties? If you are confused about how here is the idea. This beautiful long-cut kurti is best for sizzling and dazzling nights with simple or high-end parties. Those women who love ethnic looks and do not want to have a Western edge to their outfits can prefer such looks, given the intense and immediate transformation they can give easily.

  • Design: Multi Colour Floral Design Anarkali Kurti For Party
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Body Type: Curvy or Thin Women
  • Occasion: Night Parties
  • Wear With: White Pants or Leggings
  • Style Tip: High bun and ethnic accessories can add to the look.

20. Fancy Plain Long Kurti:

Kurtis these days even come with astonishing and latest variants and cuts. This elegant look of the long kurti is quite unconventional and unusual. However, this surely did impress us with bold style and classic looks. If you are experimental and have a fashionista vibe within you, this is a must-purchase!

  • Design: Plain Blue Kurti with Asymmetrical Hemline and Cape Style Look
  • Fabric: Crepe
  • Body Type: Tall and Thin or Petite Women
  • Occasion: Parties Only
  • Wear With: Black Silk Pants
  • Style Tip: Loose hair and Western accessories with a minimal look can be the best.

21. Designer Long Kurtis:

First and foremost, let us come to the designer long kurti designs. We all love to flaunt designer wear and look unique and modern. Many women adore high-end fancy looks, but not everyone prefers it. But women with several sets of preferences can wear one such universal design. We quite love this bold and intense look; females of several age groups can surely wear this.

  • Design: Wildflower Printed Deep Pink Embroidered Kurti
  • Fabric: Cupro Modal
  • Body Type: Tall and Lean, Slim and Petite Women
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Wear With: White palazzo or straight-cut pants can go with this long kurti
  • Style Tip: Wear with desi juttis and loose hair.

22. Long Anarkali Kurti:

The Anarkali kurtis can never go out of trend. All those women who love desi and ethnic vibes and do not want to go too bold with modern hues can try this variant out. It looks gorgeous and feminine, with great style and natural comfort look. What else does one need? We are in love with this particular black Anarkali piece!

  • Design: Block Golden Print Anarkali Kurta in Black Colour
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Body Type: Tall and Thin to Medium Body
  • Occasion: Festive Wear and Parties
  • Wear With: Golden Leggings or Straight Pants
  • Style Tip: High golden colour heels and a hair bun can suit this kurti well.

23. Cotton Long Sleeveless Kurti:

We all love cotton. Every woman out there needs to have cotton kurtis mandatory inside her wardrobe. This evergreen, smooth, comfortable style will never go out of trend, and we quite love how it also appears on anyone wearing them. This style is super stylish yet simple and straightforward!

  • Design: Pink Peach Thread Work Sleeveless Kurti
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Body Type: Thin to Hourglass Figure
  • Occasion: Casual Daily Wear
  • Wear With: Black Straight Cut Pants
  • Style Tip: Nice black heels or sandals can add the look here.

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24. Long Frock Kurti:

Frocks have been in trend forever. Almost all women love this style, and now the frock kurtis are back with versatile and intense looks. Those who love the gorgeous appearance must not miss out on having this variant in their wardrobes. They are very feminine and appear elegant effortlessly.

  • Design: Pink and White Floral Design Kurti
  • Fabric: Viscose Rayon
  • Body Type: Hourglass and Curvy Women
  • Occasion: Social Gatherings and Outings
  • Wear With: Pink Pants
  • Style Tip: Finish this pair with beautiful straight hair and simple sandals to enhance the look.

25. Long Umbrella Kurti:

Umbrella kurtis have been a new trend this past decade. Their unique sense of cut and patterns around kurtis made a sensation in their coming. However, they have been made to stay in trend whatsoever may come. Here is one such green umbrella kurti with frills we love!

  • Design: Blue Printed Umbrella Kurti with Frills
  • Fabric: Cotton Rayon
  • Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Occasion: Casual Daily Wear to College and Work
  • Wear With: White Pants or Matching Palazzo
  • Style Tip: Keep it simple with loose hair and sandals to finish the look.

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Styling Tips for Long Kurtis:

Besides these popular new long kurta designs trending across the fashion industry, here are a few tips to enhance one’s style statement effortlessly.

  • One can pair the long kurti with jeans, pants, salwars, palazzos, skirts, or bottoms. It all depends on matching with similar or contrasting colours. Know the trick and do it accordingly.
  • For a long simple kurti design, go with a printed bottom. Similarly, for heavy kurti, go with plain pants.
  • For festive outfits, go with statement accessories to add to the look. Alternatively, for regular wear, go for minimal looks.
  • For deep-neck kurtis, go with the necklace too. Otherwise, one can skit the neckpiece for those with a high neck or collar neck.
  • Go with loose hair, a high bun, or half hair up, half down look, which can suit most kurtis styles.
  • Heels, sandals and loafers can suit the kurtis very well. Traditional kurtis can also go well with jhuttis.

Those tall girls or women who need a proper outfit can try long kurta designs for their regular use, Long kurta gives a nice look to women, but those who are short by height need to take care of their style in kurta pattern. You all will get good wide collections in the market; long kurtas will always be the best choice among women, and most college-going girls like to try long pattern collections for their regular use. Apart from this, women adopt the long kurta pattern, which is made from jeans material. Also, the long cotton kurtis design gives a coated look for summer, worn for routine wear.

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