Kurta is the one word that will never leave the wardrobe. Kurtas are found in almost each and everyone’s attire style. The designers are always on the move keeping up the ongoing trend and getting newer dressing styles in fashion. Men or women who can forget kids want to be in line with the trendy changes in the fashion world. Kurtas are usually worn for traditional/religious functions. And men generally tend to team it up with a pair of jeans and Kolhapuri for footwear.

Different Red Colour Kurti Designs:

Here are some of the top 15 red kurtis that may help you look unique in a large public crowd.

1. Designer Red Kurti:

Red kurtas by popular designers are a fashion statement; you can get your favourite red kurti along with your customization and preferences if you choose to have a designer kurta of any colour. People with specific requirements in their clothes should go for a red design as it helps them add their personal touch to their clothes.

2. Short Red Kurti:

A short red kurti for men wearing blue jeans is like icing on the cake in fashion among youngsters. If you are going for a hangout with college friends, this dress makes you look stylish and unique at the same time. Also, it can be worn while working as it makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

3. Plain Red Kurti:

As much for men, Kurta is a fashion for women as well. Whether long or short, the plain red kurti design is quite popular among young and mid-aged ladies. Wearing it anywhere, whether at work or with friends, is quite comfortable. It’s not very costly, and nowadays, it is within reach of everyone.

4. Casual Red Kurti:

You don’t need to worry about the occasion as these plain red kurti designs are not just for hangout purposes; you can wear these casually in a person’s day-to-day work. It feels comfortable and relaxing while doing some work or dating with girls, making it unique in our style statement.

5. Party Wear Red Kurti:

You are not fully ready for an Indian wedding; if you are not, wearing a kurta in red would be a great choice for wedding functions. It represents our Indian traditions and a style statement of the person perfectly.

6. Printed Red Kurtas and Kurtis:

We all love printed clothes as they reflect our style and mental personality, and the red colour adds a spark to them, which leaves a unique charm on others in social gatherings. This kind of long-printed kurta is flooded in the markets, whether online or in nearby stores, and they are not costly.

7. Cotton Red Kurti:

Indeed, everyone cannot wear every type of dress, but luckily, everyone can wear a few dresses. A cotton-based kurta design is one of those; it feels light and relaxing due to its fibre. It’s a must-have dress to sustain in Indian scorching heat.

8. Sherwani Red Kurta:

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a good dress pattern for a wedding or party, then Sherwani in red will always be a good choice. Mostly in sherwani patterns, you can find a good collection in a slim fit style; those youngsters who have good fitness or height can then prefer this sherwani for next any occasion.

9. Punjabi Red Kurta:

Punjabis are well known for their food and style statements in our country and worldwide. These kurtas are generally worn with a “Punjabi Nagra”, a shoe made in the Punjab region that looks perfect for someone with a good physique.

10. Pathani Red Kurta:

A stiff collar and body-fitting cut are the best in a pathani kurta, complementing your body shape. North India, Pakistan and Afghanistan generally wear these dresses. This dress is becoming very popular due to its uniqueness and fittings.

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11. Bhopali Red Kurta:

Traditionally worn by the royal families of Bhopal, these are now available for the general public. It gives you a royal touch in your dress and attracts all the compliments from the crowd. These kurtas went slightly out of the market but made a comeback in recent years with necessary modifications in their texture.

12. Linen Brand Red Kurta:

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Linen cloth red kurta pyjama is becoming very popular among youngsters, all credit to its material. Its material is very absorbent and is valued for its coolness and freshness in India. Red linen kurta would be a blessing in disguise in such a case. It is easily available in the market, but sometimes it’s hard to get pure linen as manufacturers mix it with cotton to reduce its cost, so beware.

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13. Lucknowi Red Kurta:

Chikan embroidery is famous in Lucknow, but you can have it anywhere in the age of e-commerce. These kurtas are well known for their embroidery work on textile fabric like silk, chiffon, net, cotton etc. People who like embroidery work on their kurta should go for this one, and a red kurta would be perfect for embroidery as it’s unique and stylish.

14. Straight-Cut Red Kurta:

It’s a simple straight red kurta whose sleeves fall straight to the wrist to make it look attractive; generally, simple designs are done on it. People with simple and sober personalities can wear this dress as it suits them, and the red adds charm.

15. Women’s Red Long Kurti:

A woman looks much prettier in a red dress and a traditional Indian red long kurti. This red kurta for ladies is helpful to increase their beauty and adds a spark of uniqueness in today’s fashion world. They are easily available in textiles, whether chiffon, cotton, silk, etc.

A kurta may be an old traditional dress, but it fits our current fashion statements with charming red colour and little alterations in designs and counterparts. Many people may still find a kurta out of fashion. Still, aforesaid 15 kurta designs may change their style statements as Indian dresses may escape for the time being from the market but never out of fashion.

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