If you are looking for innovative and exotic ways to add colour and style to your living room, do not fret. Scroll down and check out this article to discover new and creative living room curtain designs on the type of fabrics to use, patterns and ways to decorate your living room in numerous styles to suit your home décor.

Living Room Curtain Designs Save

Latest Curtain Styles For Living Room:

Here are our 20 simple and modern living room curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Latest Curtain Designs For Living Room:

Latest Curtain Designs For Living Room Save

If you are looking for a way to brighten a dull living room, this colourful striped curtain is a perfect choice, and it creates a decorative frame for the windows. The vibrant rainbow colours present in this floor-length living room curtain also gives a pop of colour to your living room. This cheerful curtain design for hall adds structure and perfectly matches the white upholstered couch and simple wooden table.

2. Curtain Design For Small Living Room:

Curtain Design For Small Living Room Save

While choosing curtains for homes with small living rooms that are cramped and cluttered, it can be quite a daunting task. The best possible thing would be to create an illusion of space, as shown in the image above. The curtain design for small living room is hung from above the window and can be matched with minimalist furniture to magically make a small living room look much larger than it is.

3. Designer Curtains For Living Room:

Designer Curtains For Living Room Save

You can give your living room an over-the-top look by decorating your windows tastefully with designer curtains that help add an opulent look to the room. The perfect colour combination of the beautiful window curtains for living room creates an elegant frame for the windows. The white potted plants with matching cushion and tablecloth offer an ideal foil for the vibrant curtains and transform the look of the entire living room.

4. Gucci Living Room Curtains:

Gucci Living Room Curtains Save

The pattern on these gorgeous bright pink curtains alternating with bright yellow stars gives the curtains a cool look.  The 3D printed Gucci style custom pink and yellow combination make it an ideal colour that can give your living room a cheerful look and adds a subtle pop of colour. This simple curtain design for living room helps transform your home décor and complements the existing colours in the room.

5. Traditional Curtains For Living Room:

Traditional Curtains For Living Room Save

This pre-designed elegant velvet curtain set with its rich fabric design is a feast for the eyes as it carries a subtle look provided by its tassel fringes. It has a gorgeous appeal complete with valance, formal swags, and tails along with matching drapery panels. It looks regal with matching fabric tiebacks and portrays a romantic touch to your living room makes this one of the best curtain design for the living room.

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5. Double Curtain Ideas For Living Room:

Double Curtain Ideas For Living Room Save

Among interior curtains designs for living room, this trend of double curtains for your living room windows helps to incorporate style and a unique personal touch that makes your room look modern and elegant. The simplicity helps capture the attention of people and there is an element of drama in the room’s interior design and makes it one of the most appealing rooms in your home.

7. Living Room Arch Curtains:

Living Room Arch Curtains Save

This is one of the stunning drapery designs for living room that enables you to hang curtains, especially when you have arched windows. You can decorate your elliptical or arched eyebrow windows by creating a valance that runs along the windows arched curve, as seen in the picture. One can also opt for a more contemporary look using pallets with knobs to hang the curtains.

8. Contemporary Living Room Curtains:

Contemporary Living Room Curtains Save

This curtain for your living room paired with modern furniture and it provides a contemporary look to the whole room. The extra-wide eyelet, along with stylish motifs consisting of brown chocolate squares on a cream background, makes it visually appealing. The patterned curtain material is soft, adding to the design element and overall beauty and ideal for a daylight room, allowing sufficient ventilation and natural light to stream in.

9. Swag Curtain Ideas For Living Room:

Swag Curtain Ideas For Living Room Save

The options are endless for living room drapes ideas when it comes to choosing an ideal curtain for your living room, and the best way to upgrade it is to use curtains with a scalloped edge. Royal blue-coloured curtains with a grey backdrop ideally match the white-coloured windows that strike a perfect balance where one can visualize beauty in simplicity with this stunning colour combo.

10. Sheer Curtain Ideas For Living Room:

Sheer Curtain Ideas For Living Room Save

Here we can visualize the vintage vibe of this beautiful living room with curtains that reflect elegance and gracefulness via sheer drapes. We can adjust the amount of natural light you want to let into your room, giving it a soft natural hue. These drapery designs for living room, along with antique furniture and paintings, complete the entire picture of your living room.

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11. French Country Living Room Curtains:

French Country Living Room Curtains Save

These curtains with perfect curtain colours for living room install a sense of warmth and comfort and add a feeling of cheer to the room. It gives off a distinct French vintage vibe, and the curtain tiebacks let in a lot of sunlight and fresh air. These beautiful eye-catching floral curtains with frills are ideal for a daylight room and bring a lot of airiness and freshness to the living room.

12. Scandinavian Living Room Curtains:

Scandinavian Living Room Curtains Save

The leaf-patterned motifs as curtain patterns for living room perfectly complement the wall colour and give the illusion of bringing nature from outside to within the room. Simplicity is the theme of this living room with tastefully discreet minimalist furniture, such as a white sofa with a customized grey cushion that completes the look of this simple yet cosy living room.

13. Red Curtains Living Room Ideas:

Red Curtains Living Room Ideas Save

These simple bright red curtains with solid colour bring vibrancy into your living with clean grey walls outlined with a white border. This is an ideal curtain colour for the small living room where the furniture is simple and lends a modernist vibe to your living room. The transparent windows allow adequate sunlight into the room and create a cheerful and airy ambience.

14. White Curtains Living Room Ideas:

White Curtains Living Room Ideas Save

Here the soft white fabric perfectly complements the wall colour and adds depth to this monochromatic white living room paired with a simple table and white table lamp and clock that complete the look. The only colour in this room is the greenery that further emphasizes the monochromatic canvas. The floor-to-ceiling flowing curtains give your living room a subtle, sophisticated and grounded look.

15. Gold Curtains Living Room Ideas:

Gold Curtains Living Room Ideas Save

These curtains give this living room a traditional look, which is further complemented by gold-coloured curtains. The bronze artefact, along with the on-trend art on the wall, gives this room an old-world vibe. The ornate décor is perfectly matched with curtain decoration in the living room along with antique furniture that adds structure to this art-filled living room.

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16. Grey Curtains Living Room Design:

Grey Curtains Living Room Design Save

These dark grey-coloured curtains belong to the thermal blackout range of curtains and what makes them unique is that they filter out sunlight and help keep us warm. These patterned curtains with concentric circles are perfectly paired with a sofa that is upholstered to match it. The drapery style for the living room curtains complement the wall colour and reflect a dark and modern vibe.

17. Blue Curtains Living Room Ideas:

Blue Curtains Living Room Ideas Save

This modern parda for living room in blue provides a contemporary look where the lightweight fabric draws one’s eyes to the visually pleasing window. The white upholstered armchair further enhances the room’s aesthetic beauty with a customized blue cushion. The wooden artefact on the handcrafted table, along with a lamp, offers a contrast colour scheme giving the room a chic and modern look.

18. Purple Curtains Living Room Ideas:

Purple Curtains Living Room Ideas Save

One can upgrade your living room window with purple curtains that give the room a regal and stylish look. For living room curtain colour ideas, the plum shade is a versatile colour that matches any home décor. The eyelets make it convenient to hang the curtains and give a balanced look to the room. The velvet upholstered sofa set with matching quaint lamp completes the look giving you a visually appealing living room.

19. Living Room Ideas With Green Curtains:

Living Room Ideas With Green Curtains Save

This green curtain decoration in the living room provides us with a visually pleasing colour to the eye and creates a feeling of harmony and peace. The flowing drapes in solid green colour accompanied by simple minimalist furniture are guaranteed to give the impression of a calm and serene effect to the one who sees it. This colour is also believed to be visually a natural healer making it an excellent choice for your living room.

20. Living Room Orange Curtains:

Living Room Orange Curtains Save

This vibrant orange-coloured curtain gives a cheerful look to your living room, and the combination of tangerine drapes hanging from blue curtain rods provides rustic charm to your space. The whole room is brightened and this colour ideally suits the curtain decor for the living room that is perfect for entertaining. It perfectly matches the sober grey and white colour background and gives the room a sense of belonging and cosiness.

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Curtain Decor Ideas For Living Room:

  • Deciding on the right set of curtains involves many choices, such as colours, patterns, material, etc.
  • You have to find the right hardware, too, as in knobs, curtain rods, hooks, pins, etc.
  • Ensure that the curtains you select blend with your wall and complements it.
  • The colour of the curtain should be different from the primary wall colour.
  • Double-checking all your measurements is a must, and it is wise to opt for no-sew curtains.
  • You can substitute your blinds with curtains that come with drapery hooks. This makes your job very easy to hang your clips.
  • Finally, match your furniture and artefacts to complete the look of your living room.

If you are looking for innovative living room window decor ideas to spruce up your living room, always keep in mind that no matter how well your living room is decorated, you must never underestimate the importance of drapes and curtains. Selecting the right type and colour of curtains can be quite a challenge for most of us. Don’t worry, as this extensive article gives you an in-depth insight into the various styles of curtains and how best to choose and create a decorative frame for your living room windows.


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