Window curtains are must for every home and offices. It gives you protection from outside weather. You can create number of designs in window curtains. You can tie it up or left open also. Depending upon you window size, you can stitch them up. If you like simple, there are simple prints and if you like fashionable, there are trendy curtain patterns too. You can be choosy in window curtain design. It creates your fantastic image upon guests. Apart from protection, it also enhances the look of your room. Curtain helps to create a mood changing atmosphere among people.

Latest and Best Window Curtains for Home:

You may get to see number of window curtain patterns yet you can choose the best among all based on your requirement.

1. Top Window Curtain:

This window curtains is having artistic work on top of curtain. The whole curtain is in grey and plain. On top side same curtain fabric is attached over hanged curtain in layer pattern which is having a unique concept. This kind of hanging curtain style is new in market. This style will make your living room look classy.

2. Box Window Curtain:

This window curtain design is having box pattern. The curtain is in dual colour with white and black box design. Colourful curtain on white wall is looking damn pretty. There is horizontal and vertical box line pattern on curtain which is looking wonderful. The curtain’s design is looking glorious with this wall.

3. 4 Piece Window Curtain:

This small window curtain is in 4 pieces with outlay pattern. Inside there is light blue shade plain curtain over which there is transparent white curtain. The outlay white curtain is tied up on one side with a knot so below portion of backside curtain is visible from there. This curtain style is looking lovely in its own way.

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4. Charming Window Curtain:

It is bright bay window curtain in red colour. The curtain is having panel pattern with plain and floral print. The red floral print is on light fabric portion. This is fantastic curtain print reflecting much light. The sublime quality of curtain is bringing about good image of you. The window curtain is complementing the scene outside the window.

5. Highline Stripe Window Curtain:

This bathroom window curtain is having shaded design. The white curtain is embellished with broad stripes starting from light shade to bright one. The rod covering fabric curtain is stitched in a narrower manner. It is also having white plain belt attached with curtain to tie it up when needed. The light coming from outside makes the curtain shine.

6. Swinging Floral Window Curtain:

It is bay window curtain in swing pattern. The curtain is arranged in a way that it can be pulled down whenever you want it. There is blue coloured leaves and flower print on this white curtain. The curtain of all three windows is stitched undivided and it is connected. The window curtain contains the large print.

7. Broad Kitchen Window Curtains:

It is kitchen window curtain. The window is broad in width and small in curtain size. The outside curtain is having frill pattern and inside curtain is straight with panel stitch. The curtain is tied up with belt on both sides. In middle there is big and broad glass which is having colourful design. The curtain fabric is thick to protect sunlight.

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8. Split Window Curtain:

This home window curtains are split into two parts. The whole window curtains are divided into upper and lower part. The pure white curtain is having round dot brown colour print. This light designed curtain is looking sophisticated and gives a sober look. The upper part of curtain is little short which allows the light to pass by.

9. Spiral Window Curtain:

This door and window curtains consists of spiral prints. It is bright orange coloured curtain with no design or print. The upper part of curtain is having beautiful large spiral circular print in various colours. It just seems out to be mind-blowing. The printed portion of curtain is broad enough.

10. Lord Print Window Curtain:

This window curtain idea is simply distinct from the rest. There is so much big Lord Ganesha design on bright yellow curtain. Behind Ganesha print there is Rainbow like design done with orange and green colour. The curtain with full of Ganesha picture is appearing out to be spiritual one and depicts your love towards Lord.

11. Chic Bathroom Window Curtains:

It is superb bathroom window curtain with divider and dual print. The upper part of curtain is plain white and lower part is having round design. The combination of plain and printed curtain is looking awesome. The curtain is looking appropriate with flooring and bath tub and creates light atmosphere in bathroom.

12. Trendy Bedroom Window Curtains:

This bedroom window curtain is hanged behind the bed. There is small rod on top of wall where curtains are wrapped. In panelled manner it then goes to rod attached on both side of bed. From there it is left as it is. There is white colour border in curtain. When needed, you just need to remove curtain from rod.

13. Aluminium Window Curtain:

This blind curtain for window is made up of aluminium. Long aluminium sticks are lined up in a panel which is connected with each other. One Dori like plastic chain is made to open and close the curtain. When closed it seems like blackout. The room will go dark. When opened sunlight will come through the gap.

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14. Blind Curtains for Windows:

This blind curtain for window is excellent. A small cute pelmet is there on top of window. These blind curtains is having small gap in between two aluminium stripes. A small layer of sunlight will come through this gap. These kind of blind curtains are mostly used in corporate offices. Thin strings are connected with curtain.

15. Room Divider Window Curtain:

It is bedroom window curtain which is used as divider. A small bed is kept near window which is covered with this transparent curtain. A white fabric is stitched as curtain and it is having shining leaf print. This curtain divides the small bed behind from the master bed. This long curtain which acts as partition is looking outstanding.

16. Decorative Window Curtain:

This door window curtain is having decorative design. It is polyester fabric which is having round circle space on top from where it is hanged through rod. There is red colour layers carved out on this curtain. On top there is there is plain red half circular cut fabric that is affixed over curtain with white small frills at end.

17. Frozen Snow Window Curtain:

This window curtain idea is amazing one. It is especially for kids’ room. The curtain is having frozen snow character pictures. There are picture of one man, two sweet ladies and two animals. A snow is described on bottom that is appearing out to be breezy. On top there is cute design in white colour.

18. Small Window Curtains for Door:

This small window curtain seems to be marvellous. A small window on this door is covered with white curtain. This white curtain contains two colour print of round with square. This peerless print on curtain is looking of superlative quality. It is separately stitched with the measurement of window apart from regular.

19. Interior Window with Curtains:

This window with curtain is having creative style. This long window is garnished with creatively designed curtain. This light purple lucid curtain is in three parts. It is broad and opened on top and from middle it gets tied up. At the end this curtain is given shape of stick. It seems like bunch of strings are hanging out.

20. Mesmerizing Window Curtain:

It is simply mesmerizing window curtain. A series of lights are hanging up on this curtain. When lighted up, this curtain takes you to another world. It is given this special look on Christmas festival. A small pretty Christmas tree is also placed near curtain. This window curtain will capture the complete attention of your guests.

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21. Dolphin Window Curtain:

It is enchanting window curtain design with Dolphin print. An ocean like look is given to this curtain. Many dolphins are designed on curtain and it is mostly used in bathrooms. Seeing this curtain while in bath gives you a feel like you enjoying water of ocean. This ocean feel makes you get fresher.

22. Rainbow Striped Window Curtain:

It is nice rainbow print on this kitchen window curtain. There are horizontal stripes of large and small sizes. Varieties of colours are used in these stripes. This bright coloured curtain is glowing up in kitchen and creates full of interesting atmosphere for ladies to cook. A wonderful view is visible from outside window.

23. Back splash Window Curtain:

This home window curtain is having striking nature. Various designs are done with big and small size square print on white curtain. A pleasing big plant is kept in middle of window. The print of curtain gives immense pleasure to viewer and will encourage accomplishing more of the work.

24. Bay Window Curtains:

This bay window curtain idea is of high standard. The upper part of rust curtain possesses small and big size of flower work. The middle portion is plain and lower white part is also having white flower print. Frill of dark shade is affixed on top of curtain which is the highlight of this curtain. This curtain is having unique concept.

25. Beach Window Curtain:

This door and window curtain is mostly seen in farmhouses built near beaches. The door is embellished with woods. The curtain possesses print of beach. There is awesome ocean and big coconut plants on curtain. This curtain design plus door decoration of wood gives a phenomenal look to house.

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26. Office Window Curtains:

It is astonishing office window curtain which is looking like a roller. A rod is there on top of window from where this white sheet is rolling down. It is thick white sheet acting as curtain. This kind of curtain style is rare to find. This white curtain is rolling down and up with the help of rod. This roller curtain appears to be breath taking.

27. Riley Window Curtain:

It is superb home window curtain in attractive way. Many artificial bows are attached on this curtain. On top there are many bows and on bottom there is much gap in between bows. The curtain and bows are of same colour but still looking incredible. This curtain on window is giving magnificent effect.

28. Micro Balcony Window Curtain:

This bay window curtain is in three parts. The curtain is hanged in swinging way and the curtain is having big designs. This swinging arm marvellous window curtain is kept half open. One can sit on this balcony and enjoy beautiful view from balcony. This small balcony is decorated with this lovely curtain.

29. Bohemian Window Curtain:

This window curtain is made up of many strings. These stings are ornamented with pretty materials. There is big round white metal, pink and orange balls and few other colourful thread work with which this curtain strings are given sublime look. When touched this strings gives musical noise which is melodious.

30. Double Door Window Curtains:

This door window curtain is in dual part. This dark purple colour curtain is having transparent fabric inside and thick curtain outside. Both part of curtain is having charming design. A box pattern is created on top of curtain. This dark coloured curtain on light coloured window seems to be appealing.

We saw few of beautiful window curtain ideas. From these you will get lot of idea about running demand. It creates a niche on people’s mind. While seeing some curtain, you will remain speechless. You won’t get any words to describe it. Window curtain is an item which every lady likes to shop for. Besides its necessity, it is also a matter of interest for ladies. She will search for every new design and pattern available in window curtain. Window curtain is an essential part to decorate your home.


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