Couple rings come in so many varieties that if you want to select a beautiful pair of rings for you and your fiance you need to go through a selection process of many admirable designs. Not only had the precious rings made out of expensive alloys for example the platinum or titanium or the tungsten gold but also the gold, silver or sterling silver couple rings shine the utmost beauty among all. Couple rings with mounted diamonds and studded pave diamond designs look incredible on the hands of couples. Amazing dual color rings look dynamic with the designs incredibly matching with each other. Sterling silver and yellow gold combinations look awesome, while the rhodium designs have been winning the hearts of many people.

People also love the uniqueness of the personalized couple rings. Brilliant ideas behind the making of personalized rings have incredible outcomes. Couples love to engrave their names or love quotes or promises and vows for each other on the rings. There are fantastic matching rings for couples that also engrave the heart beats on the rings. Recently most admired designs are those of sound waves engraved on the rings. The design of sound waves on the rings reveals the secret visual mark of your being loved by your partner.

The craftsmen record your own personal voice and make an audio clip. Then make a visual print of the same sound wave. It can be anything, your partners name, a song, a love quote, or your child’s name or anything that reminds you of something special. There is laser engraving option also that beautifully crafts its art on the rings for almost 30 characters on the base of the ring and magically write any quote, names or beautiful motifs of love. The unique rings make your couple rings turn in to stylish memorable lifetime love that always reside upon your fingers.

Matching Rings for Couples:

Here is a collection of 25 latest designs of rings for couples in india.

1. Symbol Infinity Love Couple Rings:

Infinity couple rings with I LOVE YOU written in the inner side of the band and the infinity designed curve on the top looks amazing couple rings set. Couples can choose white gold and yellow gold for differentiate both the rings. The infinity rings bring the great meaning of living together till the last breathe and a promise to each other that will always remind us as a beautiful memory on our fingers.

2. Couples Rings Tumbler:

Rings for couples can be made similar with a design that becomes one when brought together. A heart emblem that is divided into two and becomes a part of both the rings is actual one when both the rings get together. The heart can be decorated with beautiful small real diamond to get a rich touch to the rings.

3. Couples Hand and Heart Rings:

Couple rings designs can also be designed very spectacular with a unique design of hands making a heart on the main part of the ring. The rings can be made different with using different gold for the bride and the groom.

4. Cross and Crown Couple Ring:

Cross and crown couple rings have also brought a new trend in the matching couples rings. A cross for the boy and the crown for the girl denote their rings respectively. The beautiful rings make the couples the king and queen for each other.

5. King and Queen Crown Couple Ring Set:

The king and queen couple rings designs can also be made amazingly different by using different alloys for his ring and hers ring. A tungsten ring can look brilliant for the boy and the platinum gold for the girl. The girls ring can be decorated with pave diamond on the bottom of the crown ring.

6. Screw and Nut Match Couple Rings:

Couple finger rings can be impressive with the nut and screw designed couple rings. It is for sure that such a design is chosen by the couples loving mechanism. The matching rings can be made with sterling silver to give a metallic polished look.

7. Personalized Names Couple Ring Set:

Personalized couple finger rings can be made awesome with names engraved on the surface of the rings. Made in sterling silver the rings can be designed with engraved designs on it. People love to write many lovable names on the rings.

8. Black Titanium Steel Couples Rings Set:

Cute couple rings from the Mickey Mouse collection re the dream of many couples. The lovely thing about the rings is that the rings are beautifully crafted with the face of Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse

9. Couples Heart Lock Ring Set:

Heart and lock rings for the couple’s ring sets are incredibly awesome idea. Beautifully carved in the shape of lock and heart the rings denote that now the hearts of both the lovers are loved into the love of each other.

10. Magnetic Half Heart Couple Rings:

Magnetic half heart couple finger rings are unique and latest designs in the wedding collection jewelry these days. The trends of magnetic jewelry have been largely admired by people. Couple rings with half harts on each ring look adorable.

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11. Couples Exclusive Ring Set:

Exclusive couple’s rings designs with the male ring made broad and a large diamond mounting on the top while the feminine style designed lace inspired heart band diamond mounted ring suits lovely on the fingers of the lady. Couples can vary the diamond colors as per their choice.

12. Heart Beat Couples Match Rings:

Nowadays couples love to symbolize their engagement rings with meaningful designs. The heart beat shaped rings are largely chosen by people for their beat couple rings. The male rings can have a gap of heart beats in the ring while the girls ring becomes the filling of the gap.

13. Love You Couple Rings:

Love you couple finger rings look so romantic and full of love in the making also. Couples can get out of the blue and choose a very light weight love you letter rings for their engagement rings or the promise rings. The rings can be made different with yellow gold and platinum gold for the couple.

14. Adjustable Leaf Couple Rings:

Adjustable couple rings designs can be a great choice for the couple. The rings can be adjusted according to the size of the fingers. Leafy designed rings look incredibly lovely and memorable. Again the rings can be differentiated with gold and silver metals.

15. Twisted Rings for Couples:

Rolled over or twisted couple rings designs are also most familiar among newly wedded couple. In fact lover couples also largely choose the twisted rings that are embossed with quotes of love upon them.

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16. Cute Mickey and Minnie Couple Rings:

Cute couple rings designs with Mickey and Minnie mouse faces are amazingly used to create rings for his and her. The beautiful rings are black in color and have red hat and red hair buckle for the respective rings. Fun loving couples would love the cute cartoon rings for each other.

17. Sound Wave with Names Engraved Couples Rings:

Couples bring a touch of their names sound waves engraved on the couple ring bands. Making the ceremony of engagement more memorable the couples can choose such a unique design of engraving their names and the sound waves of their names spell. The sound wave cannot only be of their names but also of any song.

18. Names Rings for Couples:

Matching couples rings can be made with the names letters written with the metal. The upper parts of the rings are made in the spelling of their lover’s name. A large number of people choose the names personalized couple rings for the engagement ceremonies.

19. Personalized Initials Couples Finger Rings:

Personalized rings with initials designed rings are a choice of many couples for their unique couple finger rings. There are numerous designs even in the initial engraved couple rings. Rings with the initial made at one end and a diamond at the other end looks exclusive and different. The initials can be decorated with many other designs that support the letter with a beautiful background.

20. Sounds of  Love Engraved in Musical Notes on Rings:

Lovers also love to make rings personalized with sounds of love with musical notes engraved on the rings. Silver or golden rings are normally chosen to engrave designs on them. Musical notes look lovely on the couple’s rings. People with a passion of music and love will definitely admire such designs of couple’s rings.

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21. Cute Sun and Moon Couple’s Rings:

Amazing designs in couple’s finger rings with the sun and moon designs look incredible. The sun for the boy and the moon for the girl denote respective attire of the male and female attributes. Beautiful craft work with gold and silver the rings look incredible. The creative idea behind the sun and moon rings looks majestic and is also beautifully carved upon the metals.

22. Long Distance Couples Rings:

Long distance relationship lovers chose beautiful personalized rings with the map of their places they reside. Lovers leaving far from each other can express their love by such matching rings for couples. In deed the crafts men should be expert in making such incredible rings. The couples can always remember each other with the rings on their fingers and feel them close to their love.

23. Couples DNA Gold Rings:

Matching rings for couples are also made with the designs of DNA in gold or platinum alloys. Couples making their special day memorable make the designer couple rings in the Design of DNA. The female ring can be made decorative with pave diamonds and the male ring plain gold. People having an attitude of doing something out of the blue would definitely think of such a design.

24. Love Birds Rings for Couples:

Couple rings with love birds engraved on the ring bands look brilliant for the lovers. Made in white gold or tungsten gold the rings look bold and beautiful in the same way. The birds’ facing each other looks lovely. Tungsten gold is costly compared to other alloys and hence it can be considered the precious jewels of your life.

25. Paired Couples Rings Set:

Matching couple rings with beautiful filigree work in the ring band incredibly looks awesome on the fingers. Designing the rings with two metals also make the design more fantastic in looks. The floral design suits lovely in the borders of the rings. The craft work in the rings is effort taking and hence also is pricey.

Apart from the personalized couple rings the people who are a bit nontraditional and would love to make an out of the common style of rings for their love, can choose a colorful diamond set on their rings. Precious and very rare diamond stones are available in the jeweler’s collection. A pink or yellow or the natural blue sapphire diamonds look mind blowing as the engagement rings. The most uncommon yet outstanding black diamond’s or the chocolate color diamonds look magnificent as well as unique among the other diamonds. When we talk about personalizing the rings, lovers’ residing far from each other can choose the map engraved rings for each other. The matching rings when brought together make a map that becomes one. Some couples that are in love with music can also engrave musical notes on the rings that mean some or the other songs that remind them of their love. Religious couples’ can engrave the bible quotes on the rings that promise for living together till the life ends.

Floral designs with petals or leaves and vines that finely engraved as if brought straight from the gardens look fantabulous designs for couple’s rings. Detailed with lace designs and pave diamond borders the rings get a spectacular look. Vintage couple rings with the art form of deco flair or Victorian touch look majestic which carries the look of some hierarchy qualities. Amazing designs with names engraved or entirely made with letters look outstanding. People love to choose the simple rings also go for the initial letter rings of their partner. Cute looking rings with a symbolic design are chosen mostly by the fun loving couples. Cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse rings look admiring. People even love to make the half heart rings that become one when brought together. In the same way there are key and lock rings, heart and arrow rings, nuts and screw rings, sun and moon rings, king and queens crown rings, the DNA rings and many more lovely designs.


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