Rings have survived with human fashion by adapting through the times. Along with fashion trends, rings too changed to match the new trends. Due to this, we have many different types of designs and concepts regarding rings. The latest ring that is trending right now is the titanium ring. As the name suggests, titanium rings have titanium as a major part of the material.

Different Types of Titanium Rings:

Today we will enlist the top 9 fashionable styles of titanium rings for men and women.

1. Classic Titanium Rings for Both Men and Women:

These rings are designed in an oval or simple circle. The finishing of these rings makes them look shiny and still smooth to touch. These types of rings are popular among both genders. These rings make your look elegant without being too flashy.

2. Titanium Mokume-gane Rings Designs:

Mokume-gane is the name of a technique developed by the Japanese. Using this technique gives titanium the appearance of the wood grain. These types of rings are very popular amongst today’s generation. These rings are available for men as well as women.

3. Titanium Engagement Rings for Men:

The titanium engagement rings made specifically for men don’t have many designs. This is owing to the fact that men don’t like to dress too flashy. The titanium rings created for men have a simple look without much bling. Sometimes these rings are encrusted with a few small-sized gemstones.

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4. Titanium Engagement Rings for Women:

Titanium engagement rings for women have a lot of designs and options to choose from. These rings are comparatively thinner and smaller than the men’s rings. But most of these rings have diamond centre stones. Such titanium rings are a rage among today’s generation of lovers.

5. Titanium Wedding Bands:

Titanium wedding rings are very popular nowadays. These wedding titanium rings are made in a pair of two on demand. Matching titanium wedding rings are the most sought-after types during the marriage season. Some of these rings also have matching inscriptions to denote the couple’s love for each other.

6. Black Titanium Ring for Men:

These rings provide an aura of elegance to the wearer’s look. Due to its dark colour, it doesn’t look too flashy. Black titanium rings are the next big thing in men’s fashion. These rings make a fashion statement without grabbing much attention from you.

7. Black Titanium Rings for Women:

Black titanium rings for women have many different styles and designs. These rings use different gemstones as the central stone. Black titanium rings with a diamond solitaire are the hottest trend for today’s generation of young women. These rings provide the much-required bling to match any outfit.

8. Black Titanium Rings for Couples:

Matching black titanium rings are the perfect gift for any lover. The simplicity of the black titanium makes for a good ring material for men, while black titanium rings with an encrusted gemstone would make any woman gaga over them. Matching black titanium rings are also available with matching engraved inscriptions to deepen the bond of love between lovers.

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9. Designer Engraved Titanium Rings:

Titanium rings can also be engraved with designs or inscriptions. Rings with inscriptions on them are often gifted to loved ones. Designer engraved rings are a rage among today’s teens. These rings serve the purpose of building a bond of platonic love between them.

Titanium rings are the most sought-after rings for any occasion, for example, Wedding, engagement, anniversary gift etc. Titanium rings are resistant to scratches and dents. This attribute of titanium makes it the perfect material for making rings, especially wedding rings. Titanium rings are the perfect accessory to showcase your love to the world.


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