Silver is a very soft and fragile metal that easily prone to scratches and over a period of time after regular wear the ring may turn into a different shape and shabby texture. But the finishing of silver jewelry is very versatile that in turn looks very bright and polished. In the terms of price, silver is very less costly and can be afforded by any one.

Many people choose to buy beautiful crafted diamond silver rings for their engagement and wedding ceremonies and create memories. The beautiful beginning of a silver diamond ring can become a beautiful reason to promise for a pricey ring for the next anniversaries to come.

Special Designs in Silver Diamond Rings:

Here we share some best looking engagement and wedding diamond silver rings for men and women.

1. Silver Diamond Cluster Ring:

A silver diamond ring with a designer look of cluster on the utmost center top of the ring band is a gracious design. The ring band also studded with pave diamonds and the cluster with small round pave diamonds look fabulous.

2. Silver Diamond Twisted Ring:

A mind blowing design in the diamond silver rings can be made with twists and turns in the making of the ring. Studded with pave diamonds in each twist of the design, the entire silver diamond ring looks mesmerizing.

3. Silver Diamond Cross Over Ring:

Silver diamond engagement rings have magnificent designs that glamorize your personality. A crossover diamond silver ring with pave diamonds all over the rings looks amazing and eye catching. The durability of the silver rings also increases with the diamonds studded in them.

4. Silver Diamond Lace Inspired Ring:

Silver diamond wedding rings can be specially designed with the lace inspired designs that make the ring look incredibly out of the world. The perfectly stud diamonds in the mid part of the ring closed with laced diamond ring on the both sides look amazing.

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5. Silver Diamond Pave Cluster Pyramid Band Ring:

Beautiful collections in diamond silver rings steal the hearts of many. The sterling silver shine and the cluster of diamonds set in pyramid form make marvelous pattern making the hands shine with diamonds in silver.

6. Silver Diamond Wedding Ring:

Silver diamond wedding rings especially designed with a royal look can be designed with a diamond in the center and pave diamonds making the remaining part beautiful. A paired set of two rings in silver can become a wedding set of rings.

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7. Silver Diamond Engagement Ring:

A diamond in center emphasizing the glamour of the ring looks amazing. A set of two, the silver diamond engagement rings look incredible when designed with glittering white diamond in the center of beautifully set pave diamonds.

8. Silver and Scattered Diamond Ring:

A magnificent and distinguish pattern of a silver diamond ring can be selected as the ring band with uneven borders and an uneven setting of tiny diamonds all over the band. The silver ring will be different and lightweight too.

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9. Silver Diamond Ring for Women:

Silver diamond rings for women specially designed with motifs of peacock or similar feminine design looks incredible. The peacock is designed with beautifully crafted feathers in the ring. And diamonds at each end and a beautiful red ruby in the eyes look mind blowing.

Silver diamond rings have a large variety of designs in the collection of its patterns. People can afford not only one but many silver diamond rings in comparison to gold or white gold diamond rings. Silver is a metal found everywhere and is in plenty all over the world. Crafting with silver is also very easy. And so a variety of designs can be found in silver jewelry.

Silver rings are generally made with a certain percentage of palladium silver mixed in it and is considered more durable. Sterling silver is a mixture of metals in which 92.5% is pure silver. Silver with the mixture of palladium in it has a certain amount of platinum in it. Hence it has more of the shiny factor.


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