A mood ring is one that contains some thermochromic element that changes its color based on the temperature of the finger of the person who is wearing it. These come along with a color chart that shows the mood corresponding to the color indicated on the ring. Mood rings are fun jewellery items that have fascinated people for many years.

Mood Stone Rings Jewellery:

Many people like knowing about their state of mind, which the mood ring colors indicate. Here are few of the best mood rings:

1. Luxury Mood Stone Ring for Women:

This mood ring has a vintage and fashionable look with sparkling rhinestones. It is comfortable for daily wear. The shiny stones look beautiful and look nicely placed in a square shaped ring.

2. Simple Band Mood Ring Design:

Band mood rings are the simplest rings. This is a classic color changing mood ring. The ring consists of a single band which changes its color according to the wearer’s mood. It is light and can be worn by children too. It looks simple and cute on the fingers.

3. Sterling Silver Mood Ring for Girls:

This designer ring is one of the best mood rings of all time. It is made of sterling silver and has a beautiful design enclosing the crystal. The crown-like shape holding the crystal looks extremely pretty. This kind of mood ring stone will be loved by teenagers.

4. Antique Finish Mood Ring:

This antique mood ring made of brass is extremely pretty and lends a charming look to the fingers. It has flower holding a mood ring stone in the middle. The stone is perfectly placed in it and it has a pacifying look.

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5. Gold Mood Stone Ring:

This ring truly has a magical look. It is gold plated and has a crown-like shape that holds the moon ring stone. It is elegant and looks like a piece of jewellery. It is different from the plain mood rings.

6. Marble India Mood Ring:

This statement ring is made of clear marble has an elegant look. It can be worn on a daily basis. It is adjustable, so it can be adjusted according to your finger size. It can be worn teenagers as well. It is available online too, and can be searched under mood ring India.

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7. Mood Ring for Kids:

Kids are often fascinated by the idea of mood rings and love seeing it change color. This moon and star ring is perfect for children. The moon is made of marble and has a magical look.

8. Oval Mood Ring for Teens:

This trendy ring has gold colored plating and has a bold look. It is larger than normal rings. It has a chic look and can be worn by teenagers as well as women. It not only acts as a mood ring, but also as a fancy piece of jewellery. It can be found in mood ring India. It can be worn to parties and special occasions.

9. Antique Bohemian Mood Ring for Women:

This mood ring is made of bronze and has a filigree design. It is a unique designer piece and has a gypsy look. The designing on the ring looks really pretty and has an antique look. This ring will look good on women as it has a classy look.

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Mood rings are famous 70s inspired jewellery. People like to know their current state of mind and love it when mood ring colors show that. Mood rings are still popular and are available online as well as at exclusive shops.


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