We normally associate ourselves with fortune. Every outcome that we encounter has something to do with luck. Due to this belief, we crave to feel lucky, to be lucky. This is the reason gemstone rings are worn.

It is believed that wearing gemstone rings has tremendous positive effects on the wearer. The effects may be anything from fame to fortune to health. Today we will enlisting a few fashion rings made of  gemstones in india.

Latest Gemstone Rings and Their Significance with Images:

1. Opal Gemstone Ring:

Opal enhances your ability to talk from the heart. It is believed that Opal helps to make a strong connection with the sea and the creatures in it. Opal is known for boosting the personality of the wearer and increasing his charm. It also helps with boosting the wearer’s metabolism and sexual energy.

2. Diamond Gemstone Ring:

Since ancient times, diamond has been associated with victory. It is said that anyone wearing a diamond ring on his left hand is sure to attain victory irrespective of he number of obstacles or enemies. Diamond helps in overcoming a number of diseases including cough, bowel problems and kidney problems.

3. Topaz Gemstone Ring:

Topaz is known for its physical and emotional healing properties. It is said that topaz is helpful in correcting unwanted behavioral patterns and also depression. Topaz is known for providing inner peace of mind and mental stability. It also helps with self expression.

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4. Ruby Gemstone Ring:

Ruby is considered to be the gemstone of Sun. Like the Sun, the Ruby is a nurturer. Due to its glowing red colour, it is associated with courage and power. It is also known as the gem of desire. Ruby represents ambition and kind heartedness. It is said that Ruby has the power to remove poison from the wearer’s body.

5. Sapphire Gemstone Ring:

Sapphires are denoted to be a symbol of truth and sincerity. Sapphire with infinite shades of blue provide more focus and discipline to the wearer. It is said that a sapphire carries the aura of Saturn. Due to this aura, Sapphire may induce a sense of compassion and positive public influence about the  wearer.

6. Pearl Gemstone Rings:

Pearl is considered to be the symbol for purity, focus and innocence. Pearls are said to create positive vibes within the wearer. Some believe that it helps in curing some skin diseases as well. Pearl also helps the wearer to enhance his power of memory. It also acts against anger, hypertension, etc.

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7. Moonstone Gemstone Ring:

Moonstone is linked with the moon. Hence it is also associated with gracefulness, calm demeanor and peace. Moonstone rings are known to promote creativity as well as providing a sense of balance to the wearer. It is considered to be the perfect gemstone for lovers as it represents tender love.

8. Aquamarines Gemstone Ring:

Aquamarines are related to confidence, self awareness and tranquility. Aquamarines is one of the most exquisite gemstones and it provides the wearer with a positive force that makes him happy. It is also rumoured to have healing powers.

9. Alexandrite Gemstone Rings:

Alexandrite represents happiness, success and love. It’s hue changes from green in daylight to red under light. Alexandrite has positive effects on the wearer’s health. It also helps in creating a sense of confidence in the wearer.

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Depending on your birthday, there may be one or more gemstones that may suit you. Carefully select the gemstone that suits you. Gemstones can have negative effects as well. So choose your gemstone carefully. A gemstone can be the difference between making and breaking of your life.


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