Promise rings are worn by couples who commit themselves for each other for the coming years in their life. The main reason behind wearing promise rings is that the boy and girl come in an interaction of being faithful to each other from then on wards. The constant wearing for the promise ring will always remind them the true love they bestow to each other. The men and women exchange promise rings and make a promise to marry each other, not compulsory when but a commitment to live forever for each other till eternity.

Some couples even wear the promise rings even after marriage as a symbol of love they have for their partner. The beautiful concept of exchanging promise rings brings a new flow of love between lovers. The touch of promise rings worn on their fingers makes them feel the togetherness, the love and trust they put upon each other.

Beautiful Designs of Promise Rings for Him and Her:

Here is a list of 15 matching promise rings for boyfriend and girlfriend you can choose from it.

1. Simple Promise Rings for Couples:

True lovers need not to highlight the efforts made to be together. The promise rings chosen can be of most simple ways. A simple gold or silver band can give you a perfect lovely promise to each other. Couples can make their promise ring simple, rich and pure by exchanging pure gold or silver plain rings that show the simplicity and purity in their love as well.

2. Names Engraved Promise Rings for Lovers:

Lovers find it more romantic wearing the name of their love on their promise rings. Personalized promise rings are made in context with the lover’s name. Couples engrave their lovers name on rings and they wear each others name rings on their finger. The very thought of names engraved on promise rings make them feel committed to each other and show the world about their commitment.

3. Matching Promise Rings Heart:

True lovers are made when their hearts join in one, when their hearts beats in different bodies but for the sake of each other. Similarly the awesome thought of splitting half heart shapes in both the man and woman rings. When both rings get together it forms a single whole heart. The promise behind such an adorable thought is clear being promised to each other that one day the two hearts will be one eternally.

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4. Interlocking Lovers Promise Rings:

Interlocking promise rings is one of the designs lovers choose to make a promise to their love. The meaning behind the interlocking design of the rings is that the love of the couple will also be interlocked a day that will come soon. The promise of getting together one day is made with the interlocking promise rings.

5. Double Knot Promise Rings:

A knot in love resembles to a knot of love with each other. Promise which is strong like a tight knot. The knot that remains forever tied. The knot rings can be made in any alloy whether it is of gold or silver or platinum. Lovers prefer the platinum for the men and rose gold for the lady for a rich touch to a simple look.

6. The Emperor Couples Promise Rings:

Couples who treat each other like the king and queen of their hearts would surely love the concept of the crown rings to make their promise rings. The couple set of the queen and king crown rings are exchanged by couples with a promise to make her his queen and make him her king in future.

7. Fingerprint Promise Rings for Couples:

Promises made with the proof of fingerprints are a sure promise made by lovers. Couples prefer engraving fingerprints on the alloy of rings made with. The fingerprints are taken deeply on the rings so that it gives a depth to the print. The fingerprints show more love and faith between couples to the world.

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8. Promise Rings for Men:

Making promises by exchanging rings is a unique way of expressing love. There are varieties of promising rings available. Women preferable choose male attire designs for their male partners to love their choice. A thick belt of rings always suit well on male fingers.

9. Black Men’s Tungsten Promise Ring:

A versatile metal that is the tungsten metal rings are specially designed for the male attire. Tungsten is can be made into black, grey or silver color rings. The metal id hard and heavy weighing, therefore it is durable also. It is scratch resistant but a fall it might break. For those who love to be in the fashion race will love the new look of promise rings.

10. Beautiful Promise Ring for Her:

A delicate and lovely promise ring can be designed with a beautiful buckle ring made in white gold or sterling silver. The simplicity of the lovely ring will always be loved by your lady.

11. Diamond Promise Ring for Girlfriend:

Diamonds are always a lifetime promise itself. When studded in rings worn by lovers it makes a durable relation. Colored diamond looks very lovely on girl’s fingers. The beautiful pink and blue heart diamonds look pretty with a note of promise made by your lover.

12. Gemstone Promise Ring for Boyfriend:

Gemstone men rings are preferred for personalized promise rings by couples. Men particularly love to wear gemstone designs in rings. The large pattern that the gem stone gives looks manly on male fingers.

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13. Lock and Key Promise Rings:

The lock and key designed promising rings are very trendy and a creative way of making promises. Rings are made in a design of a key and a lock for the man and lady preferably for each.

14. Infinity Love Promise Ring:

The infinity love pattern of promise rings also are seen in words written rings. Couple chooses writing love, promise, names of each other and makes rings of those letters.

15. Matching Promising Rings:

A matching couple promise rings are also seen with question and answers kind of rings where one ring asks a promise and the other ring makes the promise. A ring written OKAY on it promises each other with the love being a relation for life time.

The ring may be of any shape or size, may it be of gold, platinum, titanium or Zirconium, or may it be just a piece of cheap metal, the reason behind wearing the rings is more valuable. The promises made while wearing the rings matters wide enough than the value of the metal the rings are made. Lovers do not need traditions to be followed while exchanging the promise rings; they exchange the promise rings just when they feel that they are made or each other and will live forever for them. Promises are made from heart and kept from heart and not by rings or any objective material.


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