The beauty of any saree is defined by a perfectly fitting, unique, and charming blouse design. We all can agree to the fact that no matter how stunning the saree is, if the blouse design isn’t a hit, the saree style doesn’t come together well. Today, we have compiled the best of blouse ki baju ki designs for you. These blouse sleeves and baju ka designs give the blouse a gorgeous and mesmerizing look.

If you are bored of the regular baju ke designs and want something new and contemporary yet classic, continue reading to know more.

15 Famous South Indian Celebrity Blouse Baju Designs:

These bilauj ki dijain of baju is what defines and brings style statement to your entire appearance. Check out our top favourites and trending blouse ki baju ke designs here.

1. Pattu Blouse with High Border:

Image Source: Instagram

If you prefer traditional and beautiful authentic South Indian saree style, then there is a perfect choice right here. Going with pattu matching blouse with a high border can give an instant and lovely glamorous style statement. It exudes a traditional and classic vibe, and here we see how gorgeous it also looks besides bringing a sophisticated vibe. Mild work with embroidery near the sleeve openings can also be done, as shown in the image here.

2. Paithani Blouse Baju Design with Embroidery:

Image Source: Instagram

Paithani sarees and blouses have a different charm to them. As shown in the image above, you can add this blouse baju design for paithani sarees. This high shoulder and long baju or half hand sleeve blouse looks traditional and elegant. Adding embroidery work near blouse ke baju, retaining the paithani saree border can also bring a stylish, charming and plush look. What do you think?

3. Full Sleeve Blouse ke Baju Design:

Image Source: Instagram

We love long full-hand sleeves. They always remain classic and elegant, won’t ever disappoint you. This blouse ki baju design can be imitated for any sort of saree style and blouse. We love this simple yet charming blouse ka baju ka design right here. Mild embroidery work near the hands and plain sleeve all around develops a stylish, charming and vintage glam quotient too. What do you think?

4. Simple Blouse Ki Baju Ki Design:

Image Source: Instagram

If you wear any pattu saree or silk saree and would like a simple baju design with the blouse, you can go ahead with such style. This baju ki design for the blouse features a simple border and looks alluring. It is perfect for women across age groups, and exudes of plush and grand glam quotient. If you like the classic and evergreen blouse ki baju ka designs, you can check it out.

5. Luxurious Blouse Ke Baju Design:

Image Source: Instagram

If you wish to check out high-end and glamorous luxe fashion sense, you must see this lovely and one of a kind bilauj ki baju ki design. This design features full sleeve for the saree, with high-end intricate embroidery around sleeves. It gives a sleek and chic contemporary style statement, and matches very well with partywear or designer sarees.

6. Simple Plain Design:

Image Source: Instagram

This is simple yet classic bilauj ki baju design to check out. If you wonder why are we talking about simple designs, you must realise how classic and elegant they always look. Even the celebrities think such designs are evergreen and are often spotted on them. These blouses can go with both traditional and modern designer sarees. They are versatile and a must have bilauj ki baju ki dijain for everyone.

7. Traditional Zari and Embroidery Design:

Image Source: Instagram

You must not miss this traditional yet intricate blouse mein baju ka design. This design features beautiful golden colour thread and zari work embroidery with half-hands sleeve. This is another one of a kind classic blouse design, perfect to match traditional pattu sarees. If you like simple, elegant and charming looks, you should try this blouse ke baju mein design.

8. Puff Sleeves Design:

Image Source: Instagram

You will also love this puff sleeves design in saree blouses. This blouse mein baju ki design features puff detailing. The brocade work uplifts and elevates the grandeur and style statement effortlessly. This baju ki design has been in trend from quite few seasons however, it still remains a classic choice for traditional sarees to date.

9. White Pearl Studded Design:

Image Source: Instagram

The white pearl studded belauj ke baju ka design is what you need right now if you prefer a luxurious, grandeur and rich style statement. This design gives a very elegant and royal vibes, brings the best of style statement and glamorous look. This design is suitable for designer sarees and will never disappoint you given the intricate detailing.

10. Golden Embroidered Blouse Mein Baju Ke Design:

Image Source: Instagram

If you wish to retain the traditionality yet prefer beautiful, elegant classy work such as the golden thread zari detailing, you can refer to this blauj ka baju dijain. This blouse is suitable to both designer sarees or traditional sarees effortlessly. The embroidered work exudes a grandeur style statement and this half sleeve design is perfect for alluring and contemporary style too.

11. High Embroidered Blouse Ka Baju Wala Design:

Image Source: Instagram

This traditional banaras saree paired with a highly embroidered blouse design looks perfect with a mesmerizing style statement. This blouse ka baju design looks indeed enthralling with glamour, classic traditional style, and beauty. The golden intricate vertical embroidery design all throughout baju feels luxe too. What do you think?

12. Simple Minimal Blouse Ke Baju Design:

Image Source: Instagram

You may not want to miss out this minimal yet stylish and beautiful blouse ki baju ki new design style here. This design is all about adding basic minimal embroidery to accentuate the glam and style statement of the blouse. It is also quick to achieve and can be paired with various sarees, making it versatile.

13. Short Silver Colour Blouse Ke Baju:

Image Source: Instagram

This blouse ke baju ka design perfectly blends between traditionality and modernity. This design features short sleeves with innate mono-colour embroidery. The colour and embroidery also gives a charming and aesthetic grand style effortlessly. This blouse ki baju ka design features a contemporary fashionable appearance, perfect for young millennial women who love a unique looks.

14. Short Blouse Ki Baju Design:

Image Source: Instagram

One of the popular variants in blouse baju designs few years back are these super short sleeves. We have this stunning and vintage design back in the trend currently. This blouse ke baju ka design is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, minimal, and comfortable style.

15. Border Embroidery Blouse Baju Design:

Image Source: Instagram

You can also check out this simplistic blouse me baju ki design. This may not be anything new but is definitely simple yet elegant and charming. This design features a simple border embroidery to seamlessly elevate and accentuate the style statement and glamour quotient. This blouse is perfect for different saree designs and can instantly bring out the best of your appearance.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these stunning and beautiful blouse ki baju ki designs trending around this season today. Let us know which baju ke design you enjoy most and why. We love to hear from you!

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