With the growing awareness of the importance of the handloom sector, the ancient art of Kalamkari has made a comeback in the fashion scene. Wearing a Kalamkari printed saree is now considered fashionable after many celebrities have chosen them for important events. Along with the saree, Kalamkari blouse designs are also gaining popularity for their beauty and versatility. Thanks to many designers and fashion experts, the centuries-old hand-painting technique is witnessing a major revival. Introducing mix-and-match blouses using this form has helped bridge the gap between tradition and modernity. So if you are a Kalamkari saree blouse patterns fan and want to draw some style inspiration, read on!

What are the Features of Kalamkari Blouses?

Here are some of the characteristic features of these timeless classics:

  • Kalamkari blouses are known for their earthy colours and vibrant prints, made of pure cotton fabrics.
  • Pure Pen-Kalamkari art uses only natural dyes and hence is not very bright.
  • There are different styles of Kalamkari paintings, which feature many motifs and themes.
  • Each design is first created on a block, then dipped into the dye and printed on the fabric. This creates a basic outline.
  • Later, colours and details are filled to bring the images to life.
  • Once ready, the fabrics are cut into desired shapes and stitched as per measurements.

Which Sarees Are Suitable With Kalamkari Blouses?

The best part of these beautiful blouses is their versatility. They can be worn in a myriad of ways and create stunningly different looks each time. While plain sarees are a safe bet, you need not shy away from experimenting. In fact, experts suggest trying out a variety of combinations with these cholis and revealing your bold side. So, let’s take a quick look into some of the suitable saree options with Kalamkari blouses:

  • Plain Cotton Sarees
  • Checks and Stripes Sarees
  • Zari Sarees
  • Linen Sarees
  • Printed Tussar Sarees
  • Netted Sarees
  • Georgette Plain Sarees
  • Pure Silk Sarees
  • Kerala Kasavu Sarees

Latest Collection of Kalamkari Blouse Ideas with Images:

So, let’s start exploring some of the most popular saree and blouse combinations which use the Kalamkari art form:

1. Kalamkari Boat Neck Blouse Design:

This festive season takes the Kalamkari route and shows your love for Indian crafts. This Durga Ma face-printed blouse can get instant attention with its unique design and choice of colours. The front part is given a boat neckline, and the back is kept in a deep U-cut. The entire neckline is made pretty with the addition of pleated fabric.

  • Blouse Design: Black Divine Printed Boat neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Ethnic and festive Wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

2. Plain Saree With Kalamkari Blouse:

The combination of a plain saree and an exquisitely printed Kalamkari blouse is a match made in heaven! Here is one example that can never fail to make an impression. The maroon collar-necked blouse is effortlessly matched with a plain off-white cotton saree. Roll your hair into a bun and amp up your desi look with a nose pin and round bindi.

  • Blouse Design: Maroon Kalamkari Collar Neck Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Work and Ethnic Wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

3. Kalamkari Blouse With Kerala Saree:

Here is the best example of bringing the best of two regions – the artistic Kalamkari of Andhra and the simplicity of the Kerala Kasavu. The pair is an instant hit and go along with very well. The jacket-style blouse can dramatically change the cotton saree’s look and make it look fashionable. A neat drape with a statement choker can bring out the desi diva in you!

  • Blouse Design: Maroon Kalamkari Jacket Style Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Festivals and Smart Casuals
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

4. Cotton Saree With Kalamkari Blouse:

If you have a pretty cotton saree that you wish to carry off in style, then check out this picture. The printed drape is matched so well with the Kalamkari boat neck blouse. Instead of the running maroon sleeves, plain pink elbow sleeves are added to add a designer touch. You will earn tons of compliments with a sensuous backline and a dori!

  • Blouse Design: Maroon Kalamkari Boat Neck blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Festivals, Day Parties
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

5. Chettinad Sarees With Kalamkari Blouse:

Chettinad cotton is one of the most popular choices for South Indian women. They are known for bold colours and heavy-looking borders. As the rest of the body is kept plain, a strikingly brighter Kalamkari blouse piece can work like a charm. Instead of the muted tones in the saree, you can opt for something quirkier like bright yellow for attention-grabbing!

  • Blouse Design: Yellow Kalamkari Blouse with Set saree
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Ethnic and everyday wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Suits any body type

6. Handloom Sarees With Kalamkari Blouse:

Nothing can come close to a handloom saree’s grace and elegance. Especially when it is matched with a lovely Kalamkari blouse, it is total hypnotism! Look at this basic off-white and black saree uniquely matched with a maroon and blue choli. Try pairing it with German silver jewellery and a neat bun!

  • Blouse Design: Maroon and Blue Kalamkari Elbow Sleeves Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Work Wear, Small Gatherings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and broad-shaped women

7. Kalamkari Readymade Blouse:

A multi-colour Kalamkari blouse, such as this one, definitely deserves a special place in your wardrobe. This high-necked garment has all the basic colours, like olive green, navy blue and maroon, to suit any type of saree. It has a defined bust line with a princess cut and medium padding. Buy this one, and you will not regret sure!

  • Blouse Design: Multi-color Kalamkari Readymade Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Work, Casual and Festive wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Slim and broad-shouldered women

8. Black Kalamkari Blouse:

With the hand motifs of Kalamkari making rounds in the fashion market, it’s time for you to try it too! The traditional design is given a modern twist by using the boat neck pattern. The neckline is highlighted with a golden lace that gives a different look. Wear it with a plain silk saree, and you are sorted for any event!

  • Blouse Design: Black Mudra Print Kalamkari Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Festivals
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad-shouldered women

9. Kalamkari Designer Blouse:

Here is one more must-try Kalamkari blouse specially made for fashionistas. The simple boat neck is made into a designer outfit by adding a centre button panel on the back. You can wear it with any plain saree and keep the drape loose for better focus on the blouse. Also, tie up your hair so you can make it more noticeable.

  • Blouse Design: Kalamkari Back Button Panel Designer Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Festivals
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad women

10. Kalamkari Printed Blouse:

Get inspired by the serenity of this Buddha motif blouse. Although a new concept, it has become one of the trendiest designs ever. The Buddha face has now become symbolic of modern Kalamkari art and is embraced by women of all generations. Here is one such piece in orange, which can be worn with contrast-coloured cotton sarees.

  • Blouse Design: Orange Buddha Printed Kalamkari Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Ethnic and Work Wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad women

11. Kalamkari Silk Blouse:

Bring out the ethnic goddess in you with this picture-perfect ensemble. The silk Kalamkari printed blouse is given a sophisticated touch with the addition of a sheer back panel. The beige body perfectly contrasts the black net, which comes with a centre button panel. You can use this multi-functional blouse with any bright-coloured sarees.

  • Blouse Design: Printed Kalamkari Silk Blouse
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Festive Gatherings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

12. Red Kalamkari Blouse:

This printed handloom blouse is quite a stunner! The classic red base of the fabric is added with hints of blue and olive in mango motifs. The neatly done silhouette of the blouse lends a smooth finish to the figure and brings out your true beauty! You can match this piece with any saree in lighter tones!

  • Blouse Design: Red Printed Kalamkari Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Any formal events
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

13. Kalamkari Patchwork Blouse:

Say hello to this beautiful Kalamkari work blouse using the patch technique. It looks smashing with its gorgeous florals and Ikkat combo. The all-black body of this piece features some bright colours on the sleeves and the side of the breasts. You can try combining various fabrics like this style and show your creative side.

  • Blouse Design: Black Patchwork Kalamkari Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Ethnic Wear and Small Gatherings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

14. Blue Kalamkari Blouse:

Check out this stunning Kalamkari crop top style blouse, which can be worn differently. The front, the metallic zippered piece, adds an oomph factor and makes it suitable for skirts and trousers. You can also pair it with a plain saree and drape it in a scarf style. Ditch your neckwear and choose simple Jhumkas for a fusion look!

  • Blouse Design: Blue Kalamkari Crop Top Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Ethnic Wear, Smart Casuals
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

15. Kalamkari Blouse with Saree:

Check out this breezy blue Kalamkari blouse, specially designed for handloom lovers. It is part of the main saree and has the same design and details. The floral-inspired motifs are perfect for balmy weather and keep you comfortable. The boat neck style adds a contemporary touch to this traditional outfit.

  • Blouse Design: Blue Floral Printed Kalamkari Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Suitable Occasions: Work and Ethnic Wear
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad Shouldered women

How to Style Kalamkari Blouses?

Follow these simple style hacks and wear your artistic blouse in multiple ways:

  • Choose a heavily printed pattern on the blouse for plain sarees or those with simple Butis. Instead of keeping it old-school, try a long-style blouse or Jacket style. Also, drape your saree in an unconventional style to make an impression.
  • If you plan to go with silk sarees or Kanjeevarams, we strongly recommend you pick a Kalamkari silk blouse instead of cotton. This can keep the grandeur intact and complement the saree.
  • You can even try these blouses on flowing, designer sarees. Try high necklines and boat necks with deep backlines. Go for subtle embellishments like mirrors, depending on the saree.
  • With cotton sarees, avoid wearing the same coloured blouses. It is always wise to try a contrasting colour for an elevated look.
  • Based on the type of saree and event, you can pick between Metallic or earthen jewellery like Terracotta.
  • Keep your hairstyle simple and basic. Let the outfit do the talking for you!

Fell in love with these gorgeous kalamkari Designs? Then, look further! Just go to your local stores which sell authentic hand-painted fabrics. Depending on the saree and the purpose of your outfit, get your blouse designed as per your measurements. Also, it is always wise to go with multi-purpose designs instead of choosing one design for every saree. This way, with just a couple of cholis, you can rock the handloom trend like a cakewalk!

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